Adoption: General Certificate of Secondary Education

Children, Schools and Families written question – answered on 22nd October 2008.

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To ask the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families

(1) how many children who were adopted aged (a) under one, (b) one to four, (c) five to nine and (d) 10 to 15 years old achieved five or more A* to C grades at GCSE in each of the last 10 years;

(2) how many children who, at the time they sat GCSEs, were (a) adopted, (b) in foster care, (c) in foster care with relatives or friends and (d) in children's homes achieved five or more A* to C grades at GCSE in each of the last 10 years.


linda mcDermott
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 11:14 am (Report this annotation)

Tim, we were under the impression that only 4 year olds went to adoption. A mother brought me up her bundles and I was shocked to see that the children were as old as 7 years old and up wards. The judge bought a cake put candles on it to celebrate them getting a new mummy and daddy .
The photographs showed the children wearing Canadian clothes, they may be living abroad now. This is why the government must set up a data base for a global search for future donors for these children missing in care.
The children came from a large family, the mother has not been able to stop shaking after the police came to take them away. The legal guardian took the older child to McDonalds whilst she rang the police.
We had the same solicitors the same experts the same legal guardians .
The internet is very good at meeting up and discussing the reality of closed court cases concerning miscarriages of justice.

The rest is down to the MPS to collate many years down the line the data just how many stolen children under the guise of child protection.

barbara richards
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 11:31 am (Report this annotation)

That information ought to be made available by the minister in charge of children schools and families. If children are going to be stolen in illegal secret courts by the state, from their natural parents, then the least the state can do is to make sure these children are properly looked after and educated.

I speak with the authority of being a victim of the Pindown regime - I was denied any education for a year. I was a grammer school child - my education and career prospects were shattered by the state. I was put into "care" because I had been sexually abused - so they put me into a home which was being run by pedophiles! It was not my parents who were abusing me, but the state marched in with hobnail booyts and gave me to be locked up with pedophiles. Please do not say this is just historic abuse and nothing like this could ever happen again - it can and it does!

Catherine Mills
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 2:20 pm (Report this annotation)

I see, once again that information of this nature is selective, just like the selective memories of social workers and other so called child protection workers.

If Corporate Care is so much better than natural parents, then there has to be proof of this and the minister responsible must make it her business to know, as she is the Corporate Mother, and mothers know all about their children.

Barbara, abuse of children in Corporate care was happening up to recently in another city and was known to be happening by the Judge who did nothing to have the children removed to a safe placement.

Nothing was done until one social worker bothered to take real action.

Another point for our MP's is the way some yellow files have been removed, and therefore the child has been gotten rid of on paperwork, so the child will never be able to trace his/her Natural parents and siblings.

Surely this is illegal, but it has been done.


If the courts were open, this would not have happened.

It is a disgrace and of course Strasbourg are shocked at the number of miscarriages of justice and maladministration in just one single case.

As one child leaving care told the MP's

"Care is the one place, where you can legally abuse a child and get paid for it."

Catherine Mills
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 3:16 pm (Report this annotation)

Linda- in truth each child only has ONE mother.

All other women may care for the child but by the law of nature and the Universe cannot be the child's natural mother.

I so wish people on Earth would realise this fact.

Each child chooses its parents long before being born to the natural mother, in order to experience certain things.

So, who are any of us to play God in this matter.?

Yes, if there is real abuse, then naturally the child needs to be looked after, but the mother does not have to be written out of the picture.

Money is mere paper, and there is plenty of it in this world to support all mothers and their children, instead of wasting it on foster carers/adopters.

People must also wake up to the fact that adopted children can never feel whole/complete until re-united with the mother who created them and brought them into this world.

So, will by that fact alone under achieve in most cases.

It is an invisible bond, but not understood by many.

It is far easier to still use the old barbaric method of snatching the baby from its mother's arms, just like the barbarains did as they made their way across Europe to UK and Ireland, destroying the Goddess Mother in their path.

And all because they are scared of the feminine energy, yet without it, we all die on this planet.

Portia Barrett
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 4:19 pm (Report this annotation)

Linda, that is a good point you make about the mother never recovering. And she is going to be a burden and a cost to the tax payer for years, until she is reunited with her children, and the healing begun for mother and children involved.
Like USA, she is cast aside like a leper.
How can she be sure the children have gone to a "good" home?
How can she sleep at night worrying?
With 20,000 children disappearing each year from the care system, there is every reason to worry about all children in care.
Sadly, patriarchal thinkers have lost the ability to feel, and Charles Pragnell is corect when he says- in a few years from now, history will say- my God- Man's Inhumanity To Man" all over again.
After Hitler we swore- never again- yet here we are -doing it allover each day and no one bothering to do anything.
Let us hope also that none of the adopted children are being sold after adoption, as happens in USA.
We have to be realistic and face the facts that it has happened and may well be happening, unless the adopted children are being checked on at least every year.

Portia Barrett
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 4:32 pm (Report this annotation)

Barbara, perhaps it would be a good idea for the Minister to come to your home and speak with you- that is what happens in France anyway, as even the Judges in France come to the child's home to check before removing them from loving family.He does not take the word of a social worker with a mere diploma.
You could teach her so much.
Only by speaking with survivors of abuse can these MP's ever learn the truth, however painful it may be for them to hear it and feel it.
Really abused children yearn to be rescued but rarely are, because abusers are often psychopaths who fool 99% of the professionals on a daily basis.
The abusers always find a way to have access to children, and because looked after children have NO VOICE, then they are at the mercy of these brutal beings, whom I cannot call human.
Those trained in child protection only learn to tick boxes, and rarely use intuition, because that is not taught to them.
Also, their egos are often too big to ever admit they get it wrong and apologise.
Then and only then will service users have respect for social workers etc.

linda mcDermott
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 7:17 pm (Report this annotation)

We hear so much about the department of schools & education,could this department send a questionaire out to the schools . The school need not wait for the expert witness for court to send it they can fill it in .

This is what is wrong with the system the information is made up or requested in a statement were non existed before the referral.

This could be ready for when the so called multi-agency groups flag up a family or the GPs or whoever the other 2 parties are .
I suggest this form could go out at the exact time the expert witness:child & adult psychiatrist is about to target the child for adoption.You could see then how looked after from the cradle to the grave children really are. As a service user there is so much I could tell you about the faults and pit falls of being a looked after child,however I would like to say go into the schools and ask the children who have been through the system and have been removed . If they are old enough for sex education at 7 years old and shoved into same sex foster care ,then they could with stand being asked about the extra specialist help needed to weather the experience and not the other way around . Let the children say what is needed. We have all heard of the welfare check list put never seen anything on there that is of benefit to any looked after child.
I have no suggestions for collecting the data of younger children not school age.
This I found on a fax being sent to a solicitor. mentioning a questionaire for a school or teacher in our case.
The core meetings the MPS could certainly flag this data to see if the so called corporate parent spends the money on special needs or IEP to empower a child .
This would need to be done every month . You could make this mandatory for Local Authorities to show they actually support these children.

The MP's do have the power to make significant changes within the system please feel free to ask the children do they get this help why not let the children access this they work for you site in schools .
Or do they not want to empower the looked after child who will want to be educated and prepared for the real world of commerce.

Portia Barrett
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 7:54 pm (Report this annotation)

Excellent idea Linda.

But the truth is looked after children have no voice.
Oh yes, the law states they have, but ask the solicitor general and she will tell you truth.
One has to get past the social worker first, and even NSPCC are being blocked- Fact.
Children are our teachers in fact, and if we are willing to listen to them, then it makes for a successful future for society.
However being labelled a *looked after child* carries a terrible stigma for life for the child and the family and for the next generation who will also be targeted as we are seeing already.
Looked after children are third class citizens and treated as such.Few listen to them , few believe them re abuse in care, few bother to help further their future.
They are the future drug addicts, prostitutes and criminals, and WE AS A SOCIETY ARE CREATING THEM.!
That is because many social workers and professionals come from middle class families with no experience of life in the poverty lane or how difficult it is just to survive.
However, these middle and upper class citizens tend to judge the lower classes and treat them as trash.
However, with so much monopoly money about, there is no need for poverty in 2008, and the poor getting poorer and more under the control of corporate parent.
The future is clearly visible with even one eye- that these looked after children are going to be asking questions soon and demonstrating with their votes and on the streets, because this archaic system is now out of date.

Love is the only answer.

linda mcDermott
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 10:55 pm (Report this annotation)

Portia , I agree with you did you meet the children on the Hercules bus demo. There is a new child growing up in the UK and will be educating their peers in school all about the social work and the real children's advocates who do not drive off on holiday the next time a social worker is off or a legal guardian maybe make it a new law to ring a hotline to the secretary for schools & education. Or would that be the health secretary ? they are all working together I take it.
The children would not be so reasonable to be accepting the fob off letters sent out by Harriet Harman & Jack Straw .
I would like to see children take a more active role in political discussion , the questions raised about education is a start .

We must never insult the ability of any child to take on board what significant changes a word in the wrong ear in court can do to make long term plans for them in todays society orf being removed from a birth family for the duration of their childhood.
To gag the children as well as the parents and extended family is going to far .