Nuclear Power: Carbon Emissions

Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform written question – answered on 29th January 2008.

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Photo of Dai Davies Dai Davies Independent, Blaenau Gwent

To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform whether the analysis of the potential contribution of nuclear power for reducing carbon emissions, set out at paragraphs A5-A12 of Annex A to the White Paper on Nuclear Power, Cm 7296, includes an assessment of carbon emissions accruing from (a) uranium mining, milling, processing and environment, (b) the construction and decommissioning of nuclear power plants and (c) the management of radioactive waste arising from nuclear power plants.

Photo of Malcolm Wicks Malcolm Wicks Minister of State (Energy), Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform

The analysis of the potential contribution of nuclear power to reducing carbon emissions in annex A of the White Paper on Nuclear Power covers emissions arising at the point of generation. The issue of the full life cycle emissions from different electricity generation technologies is covered in the answer to question two from the consultation on nuclear power and is summarised in paragraphs 2.10 to 2.25 of the White Paper. The estimated full life cycle emissions from a nuclear power station (7-22gCO2/kWh) are equivalent to between 2 per cent. and 6 per cent. of those of a gas-fired station for every unit of electricity generated. These include all emissions from uranium processing, through construction and decommissioning to the management of radioactive waste.

The cost-benefit analysis of nuclear power published with the 2007 Energy White Paper included the full costs of nuclear, including those for waste and decommissioning.

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Jona Hug
Posted on 31 Jan 2008 6:24 pm (Report this annotation)

Such nuclear power consultation have been a further SHAM of missleading Goverment infomation and a large majority of the Genral Public not readily invited to have their say.

Jona Hug
Posted on 31 Jan 2008 7:09 pm (Report this annotation)

Putting aside for one moment, what Should be the Governments main priority, being the health and safety of the General Public, environment, ecology and moral obligation of duty of respect to other regines of the World, who's health, environment and ecology could also be effected by such exploitation of Nuclear fuel, from Mining, to transportation and international security of which Moral obligations should be paramount in decision making.

The building, runing and marinating of a Nuclear Power station use more Unrewnewable materials than just highly toxic and rahadioactive Uranium. For instance, just the fabrication of a Nuclear Power Station from varies undeniable materials, like tin from monitoring equipment, copper from pipes, Aluminum from cladding, lead from reactor lining, steel from building fabrication and zirconium alloy composition, which is its self another highly radioactive waste after use. Such, in many cases, low availability undeniable elements them self's cause deaths to minors and communities, as well as causing environmental contamination of Rivers, lakes and the sea, coursing damage to the ecology, killing fish and other biology. The manufacturing of such materials used in Nuclear establishments, such as release of highly acidic tailings into Kafue river; high concentrations of copper, manganese, cobalt in river water; drinking water supply of downstream communities shut down and Fish killed when acidic water spilled into Archie Creek . The processing of such materials used to manufacture Nuclear Power stations, also emit large amounts of dangerous chemicals and polluting gases like CO2, in large amounts. These have to be accounted for, in addition to the continuous operational use of Nuclear Power stations, which discharge harmful polluting gases and liquids continuously from their operational life span.

Why is not as much infusiasam sought in sourcing, funding and developing Green Renewable Projects like hydro, bio, wave & wind and more research spent on incentive electronic technologies to reduce energy?

Many manufacturing industries are in the ideal position to harnes enviromentaly renwable energy which could be harnesd from a sustatainabl mixture of solar power from roof tops for sunny weather, small wind turbines from windy weather and wet weather could harnes energy from the use of turbines used to produce electricity from drainage of rain water. Such a comprerhensive mix of wasted harnasble eneregy could make a significant contribution to industrie itself, for all wethers, with out the risks, polution and unsolved waste problems of Nuclear.

Upton 60% of energy created at centralized power stations is lost just in transmission, so why are industries and communities not further encouraged and supported in on projects to help them create their own electricity solar, biogas or turbine using natural sources of energy like water flow and wind?

Nuclear Energy would Not save on CO2 emissions from the construction and fabrication of a nuclear Power station, from the exploitation and transport of its fuel, only save a minimiscal amount, at a great expense & risk, leaving behind a further Nuclear Legacy for our children’s children to clean up and take care of.

On the news today 30-01-08, they had a spoksewoman for nuclear energy saying that their is a seriouse staff shortage of skilled people in the industrie and implying that children should be brainwashed into from primary shcools to secondary, so as to meet staff short falls, since many staff who work in the Nuclear industri are dew to retire, though of course many of them are terminaly ill with cancers like thyriod and prostrate.

The task of just decomisioning Nuclear Power Stations is proving ever dangourse and ever dificut with lots of differnt grades of radioactive waste that pose hazourd to the health of the decomishioning workforce, public health and enviromental ecology. There is not a Nuclear Power Station yet that has been sucsessfully decomisioned, so as the tull of it Radioactivity has not left clusters of Cancer rates, enviromental polution and ecological radioation to for instance marine life as well as higher than normal levals of radiation in our Water tables, yet the Goverment seeks to comission the building of more of these obtrocities.

Nuclear workers them selfs may have faced radiation damage to their chromosome of their DNA, thus passing down the effects of mutagenesis to their children, if they are still able to have them.

Mothers can pass radioactive substances, such as Cesium to their babies through breast milk. Children can be affected by cesium in the same ways as adults. Stable cesium is not likely to affect the health of children, but large amounts of gamma radiation, from sources such as radioactive cesium, could damage cells and might also cause cancer. Short exposure to extremely large amounts of radiation might cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, coma, and even death. In addition, if babies were to be exposed to enough radiation while in their mother's womb during the time when their nervous system is rapidly developing, they could experience changes in their brains that could result in changes in behavior or decreased mental abilities. However, it is unlikely that children or babies would be exposed to enough gamma radiation from a radioactive cesium source to do such damage to their bodies.

After the April 1986 nuclear reactor accident at Chernobyl in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, samples of human placenta and breast milk were tested for 1 year to determine the levels of radioactivity.^The radionuclide iodine 131 was never beyond the detection limit of our gamma detector for both matrices.^As to cesium isotopes 134 and 137, the highest levels detected in breast milk (6 Bq.L-1) and placenta (15.8 were recorded in March 1987.^Study data for breast milk and placenta are in agreement with the values calculated by means of double-compartment food-milk and food-placenta models.^With regard to placental content, the cesium contribution to the average dose during the year after the Chernobyl accident was calculated to be 40 to 60 microSv.

The ever treturouse activities of Nuclear Exploiting Technologies, that are sadly passed round internationally as Diplomatic tokens of a shared problem, do little but cause the irradiation damage to exposed organisms exposed, other than killing cells mutagenesis of DNA decrease the damage to normal tissues and increase the damage to a tumors where as Plants show Retarded cell growth, that threatens their cycle of life, pose the potential risk of a thermo nuclear explosion, simultaneously combusting the surrounding hydrosphere from the epicenter sending radioactively charged particles in the earths atmosphere Globally where as the capitalist mining of radioactive minerals, elements and compounds, scars the environment, as Nuclear Power Stations periodically emit more Radiation into their surrounding environment, water table and atmosphere.

Countries may desire expensive hazardous and polluting in manufacture of stock piles of ageing Nuclear Weapons which need expensive care in their security and pose environmental and diplomatic unanswered questions in their after care as highly dangourise nuclear radioactive waste, as a kind of international status symbol of power and clout but what does that achieve for a sustainable future?

I think the Government should take a good look at the amount of terminally ill people, from cleaning up your past Nuclear Reactors, all 30 of them and account for all of the accidents and leaks in their day to day operation and consider the build up of there continues operational radioactive discharges, rather than giving the go ahead for private company’s to build new ones of these atrocities!

Jona Hug
Posted on 31 Jan 2008 8:03 pm (Report this annotation)

A study was conducted to investigate Cancer in children of nuclear industry employees available at where there is everdance to show a proven link.


Nuclear establishments operated by the Atomic Energy Authority, Atomic Weapons Establishment, and British Nuclear Fuels. SUBJECTS:39 557 children of male employees and 8883 children of female employees. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Cancer incidence in offspring reported by parents. Employment and radiation monitoring data (including annual external dose) supplied by the nuclear authorities. RESULTS: 111 cancers were reported, of which 28 were leukaemia.)