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Deputy Prime Minister written question – answered on 4th February 2004.

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Photo of Keith Vaz Keith Vaz Labour, Leicester East

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister who the members of the (a) Advisory Committee Justices of the Peace in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, (b) Better Regulation Task Force, (c) New Millennium Experience Company and (d) Civil Service Appeals Board were on 1 January; what their term of office is in each case; and whether they are remunerated.

Photo of Douglas Alexander Douglas Alexander Minister of State (Cabinet Office) and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

I have been asked to reply.

The information requested is as follows:

Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside

Chairs and members receive no remuneration except expenses. (See Table A)

Better Regulation Task Force

Chairs and members receive no remuneration except expenses. (See Table B)

Responsibility for New Millennium Experience Company rests with my hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Civil Service Appeals Board

The Chair, Deputy Chairs and members all receive remuneration. (See Table C)

Table A: Advisory Committees on Justices of the Peace in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside
Position Name of appointee Term ofappointment held
Chairman Mr. R. Bracegirdle, JP 1999–2007
Member Mrs. B. Parker, JP 1996–2004
Member Reverend G. Rainford 1998–2006
Member Mrs. E. A. Midgley 2000–08
Member Mr. S. F. Shipway , JP 2001–09
Member Mr. B. Rigby, JP 2002–10
Member Mrs. S. E. Edwards , JP 2002–10
Member Mr. A. J. Wallace 2002–10
Member Mrs. C. A. Hamilton, JP 2003–11
Chairman Mr. J. R. Bisby, JP 2001–09
Member Mr. J. P. A. Tuley 1996–2004
Member Mrs. C. Beesley, JP, BA 1998–2006
Member Mrs. M. A. McCaldin, JP 1998–2005
Member Mr. M. J. Fisher 1999–2007
Member Miss H. M. Pape-Hughes 2000–08
Member Dr. R. B. Henig, CBE, JP 2001–09
Member Dr. E. A. M. Roberts, JP 2001–06
Member Mrs. C. Lomas , JP 2002–10
Chairman Mr. D. Winthrop, JP 1999–2007
Member Mr. R. T. G. Lord 1996–2004
Member Mrs. U. J. B. Walton, JP 1997–2005
Member Mr. J. E. Hurst 1999–2007
Member Mrs. J. H. Rigby, JP 2000–06
Member Mrs. M. A. P. McKenzie-Murdoch, JP 2001–09
Member Mr. T. A. Harris 2000–07
Member Mr. J. A. Lark, JP 2002–10
Member Mrs. C. Rourke, JP 2002–10
Chairman Mr. P. F. Robinson 1996–2004
Member Mr. E. Bolton, JP 1997–2005
Member Mrs. A. N. W. Chapman, JP 1997–2005
Member Mr. B. Holden, JP 2000–04
Member Mr. P. W. Watkins 2003–07
Member Mr. G. R. Hill, JP 2001–09
Member Mrs. G. N. Rostron, JP 2002–10
Member Mr. C. J. Clark 2002–10
Member Mrs. V. Whittam, JP 2003–11
Chairman Mrs. E. A. Parkinson, JP 1999–2007
Member Mrs. B. Duxbury, JP 1998–2004
Member Mrs. M. Fishwick, JP 1998–2004
Member Mr. B. M. Mulligan, JP 1999–2007
Member Mr. M. J. Povey, JP 1999–2007
Member Mr. J. M. Edwards 2000–08
Member Mr. J. A. McGowan, JP 2001–09
Member Mrs. D. M. Dunne , JP 2002–10
Member Mrs. G. Lewis 2002–10
Member Mr. M. R. Malik 2002–10
Chairman Mr. M. Cresswell, JP 1996–2005
Member Mrs. J. Armistead, JP 1996–2005
Member Mrs. J. M. Winstanley, JP 1996–2005
Member Mrs. H. S. Harvey 2000–08
Member Councillor K. J. Helsby, MBE, 2000–08
Member Revd. F. D. Smith 2002–11
Chairman Mr. E. G. Hubert 1997–2007
Member Mr. J. P. Hyndman , JP 1999–2004
Member Mrs. V. S. McGrory, JP 2002–04
Member Mrs. J. E. Hinkley, JP 1997–2007
Member Mr. E. Ahmed, JP 1999–2007
Member Mrs. J. R. Smale 1999–2008
Member Mr. I. D. Hurdley, JP 2002–10
Member Mrs. L. B. Sable, JP 2002–10
Member Miss B. E. Farragher 2003–10
Chairman Mrs. J. L. Berry, JP 1998–2005
Member Mrs. B. E. Creme , JP 1999–2005
Member Mr. S. Terry, JP 1999–2008
Member Mrs. B. H. Warnock, JP 1999–2008
Member Mr. M. M. Elder 1999–2005
Member Mr. G. Sable 1999–2008
Member Mr. M. J. Taylor 2000–08
Member Mr. R. S. Rees 2003–11
Member Ms A. R. Malach 2003–11
Member Ms K. A. Rigby, JP 2003–11
Member Mrs. K. J. Heppleston-Baines, JP 2003–11
Member Mr. M. B. Enderby, JP 2003–11
Member Ms G. D'Silva, JP 2003–11
Member Mr. L. W. T. Collier, JP 2003–11
Chairman Mrs. A. Sykes, JP 1995–2004
Member Mrs. J. Cooper, JP 1996–2007
Member Mr. M. J. Garner, JP 1996–2004
Member Mr. M. Flacks, JP 1998–2007
Member Mr. D. R. Jones 1998–2007
Member Mrs. M. C. Bray, JP 2001–10
Member Mrs. J. H. Molineux, JP 2001–10
Member Mr. A. K. Hazell 2001–10
Member Mr. I. P. Armstong 2002–10
Chairman Mr. R. Matthews, JP 1997–2004
Member Mrs. D. Ainsworth, JP 1995–2004
Member Mrs. M. C. Ashworth 1999–2004
Member Mr. J. M. Coupe 2001–07
Member Mr. R. Needham, JP 1996–2007
Member Dr. A. Rauf, JP 1999–2007
Member Mrs. C. V. Ashworth-Lord, JP 2001–10
Member Mrs. G. J. Wilde, JP 2001–10
Member Mr. J. K. Davies 2003–10
Chairman Mrs. P. A. Holt, JP 1999–2008
Member Mr. F. Sullivan 1994–2005
Member Mr. J. Connor, JP 1994–2005
Member Mr. B. Ball 1996–2008
Member Mr. D. Bentham, JP 1997–2005
Member Mrs. S. Portman, JP 1999–2008
Member Ms C. R. Borders, JP 2002–11
Member Mr. R. S. Smith, JP 2002–11
Member Mrs. J. L. Dunn 2002–11
Member Mr. D. Marsh 2002–11
Chairman Mr. A. Roberts 1995–2005
Member Mr. S. B. Berry 1996–2004
Member Mr. D. J. Wildgoose, JP 1994–2005
Member Mrs. M. A. Evans, JP 1995–2008
Member Mrs. D. A. Manton, JP 1995–2008
Member Mrs. H. C. Jenkins 1999–2008
Member Mrs. P. P. King, JP 2002–11
Member Mr. J. T. Jackson, JP 2002–11
Member Dr. C. S. Raju 2002–11
Chairman Mr. D. Baggott, JP 1995–2004
Member Mrs. B. E. Ilett, JP 1995–2004
Member Mrs. J. Hurlston 1997–2006
Member Mrs. S. Marston, JP 1997–2006
Member Mrs. A. Saltsman, JP 1997–2006
Member Mrs. J. A. Watson 1999–2008
Member Mr. M. Watson 2002–10
Member Mr. A. Bridge, JP 2002–10
Member A. J. H. Van Weerdenburg, MBE, JP 2002–10
Chairman Mrs. J. Brown. JP 1995–2004
Member Mr. M. J. Harkin, JP 1995–2004
Member Mrs. G.L. Williams, JP 1995–2004
Member Mr. J. F. Connor, JP 2000–07
Member Mrs. M. Lucas, JP 2000–07
Member Dr. R. J. M. Gray 2001–10
Member Mr. G. Homer, JP 2001–10
Member Mr. J. R. Marsh 2001–10
Member Miss. K. J. Holder 2001–10
Chairman Mrs. M. Wall, JP 1996–2005
Member Mr. C. B. F. J. D'Souza 2000–08
Member Mrs. C. E. Hitchmough 2000–08
Member Mrs. M. Griffin, JP 2001–04
Member Mr. G. Cunliffe, MBE, JP 2002–11
Member Mr. T. M. Gregory, JP 2002–11
Member Mr. A. Bent, JP 2003–11
Member Mr. J. Winter, JP 2003–11
Chairman Mr. B. R. Worster-Davis, QBE, JP 2002–07
Member Mrs. M. H. Davitt, JP 1995–2004
Member Mr. J. Alexander, JP 1997–2004
Member Mr. J. G. Moore. JP 1996–2007
Member Mrs. C. E. Humphries 1999–2007
Member Mrs. K. P. Pye, JP 2002–10
Member Mr. A. D. Disley 2003–11
Member Mrs. L . Murray 2003–11
Member Mr. E. G. Grimes 2003–06
Chairman Mr. M. W. Evans 1998–2007
Member Mrs. S. E. Mashiane-Talbot , JP 1998–2007
Member Mrs. D. E. Morton, JP 1998–2007
Member Mrs. D. Bogle, JP 2002–10
Member Mr. B. M. Cave, JP 2002–10
Member Mr. G. Green, JP 2002–10
Member Mrs. M. K. Kakar, JP 2002–10
Member Prof. J. L. Verbov, JP 2002–04
Member Prof. R. S. Jones, QBE, JP 2002–07
Member Miss J.G. Keller 2003–10
Chairman Mr. G. H. Lloyd, JP 1996–2005
Member Mrs. E. A. Barnett, JP 1994–2005
Member Mr. D. J. Allman, JP 1999–2008
Member Mrs. A. Shute,JP 1999–2008
Member Dr. A. D. Havard 1999–2008
Member Mr. F. J. Hyland, JP 2003–11
Member Ms D. Bridson, JP 2003–11
Member Dr. P. A. Downham, 2003–11
Member Mrs. J. R. Carver 2003–11
Chairman Mrs. H. Williams, JP 1996–2004
Member Mr. S. Cooper, JP 1996–2004
Member Mrs. J. M. Dawkins, JP 1996–2005
Member Mr. B. Corbin 1998–2007
Member Mr. D. McCaughrean 2000–09
Member Ms. J. A. Ash 2000–09
Member Mrs. E. A. Sinker, JP 2001–09
Chairman Mr. B. T. Spencer 1998–2004
Member Mrs. M. Brooks, JP 1995–2004
Member Dr. P. J. Tunstall, JP 2002–04
Member Mrs. D. M. Hi1ton, JP 1998–2007
Member Mr. D. Wainwright, JP 1998–2007
Member Mr. E. Hazeldine 1998–2007
Member Mr. B. W. Bawden, JP 2002–10
Member Mr. A. G. Dudley, JP 2002–10
Member Miss C.A. Roberson 2002–10
Chairman Mr. M. H. Middleton, JP 1997–2005
Member Mr. R. J. Pullin, JP 1995–2004
Member Mrs. S. Spencer, JP 1995–2004
Member Mrs. P. M. Snowden, JP 1997–2007
Member Cdr. C. J. Arthurs, JP 2002–11
Member Mrs. C. A. Alien, JP 2002–11
Member Mrs. D. S. Shaw 2003–11
Member Mr. R. McWilliams 2003–11
Table B: Better Regulation Task Force
Position held Name Term of appointment
Chair Mr. D. Arculus 2002–05
Deputy Chair Ms T. Graham QBE 1997–2006
Member Ms M. Alderson 1999–2004
Member Mr. S. Falder 1999–2004
Member Mr. M. Gibbons 2002–06
Member Dr. K. Hawkins 2002–06
Member Ms D. Hutton CBE 1999–2006
Member Mr. S. Petch 2000–04
Member Dr. I. Peters 2000–06
Member Dr. P. Rowlatt 2000–06
Member Ms J. Russell 1998–2006
Member Ms S. Stubbs 2002–06
Member Mr. T. Sweeney 2002–06
Member Mr. R. Symons CBE 2002–06
Member Mr. S. Ward 1999–2004
Member Ms V. Younghusband 2003–05
Table C: Civil Service Appeal Board
Position held Name Term of appointment
Chairman Mr. J. H. Davies 1999–2005
Deputy Chair Mr. M. E. G. Fogden CB 1997–2005
Deputy Chair Mr. J. Sheldon 2001–04
Member Mr. G. Bertram CB 2001–04
Member Ms S. Brown 1998–2004
Member Mr. J. F. Carling 1999–2005
Member Mr. E. McGivern CB 1998–2004
Member Mr. D. W. Rayson 1999–2005
Member Mr. G. L. Reid CB 1999–2005
Member Mr. A. Turner CBE 1999–2005
Member Mr. J. Turner CB 2000–05
Member Mr. I. Ward 2001–04
Member Mrs. C. Alderson 2000–06
Member Mr.A. J. Audley 2001–07
Member Mrs. L. J. Clare 1998–2004
Member Mrs P. Cryer 1999–2005
Member Mr. D. Evans 2000–06
Member Mrs. D. Hall Hall 1996–2004
Member Mr. P. J. Kelly 1999–2005
Member Mr. T. Thomson 1998–2004
Member Mr. F. Winrow 1999–2005

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