Households Below Average Income

Work and Pensions written statement – made on 9th March 2006.

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Photo of John Hutton John Hutton Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions, The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Today I have published the Households Below Average Income (HBAI) report for 1994–95 to 2004–05. This is a report published under National Statistics arrangements with results that cover Great Britain. Copies have been placed in the Library.

The report shows the position during the financial year 2004–05. It reports on the levels of low-income among all client groups and the progression being made towards reducing poverty.

I am also publishing today our Poverty Progress Report which demonstrates the huge progress we have made in raising aspirations and breaking the cycle of deprivation in Britain. Copies have been placed in the Library.

With income measured in absolute terms, that is compared with 60 per cent. of 1996–97 median income, between 1996–97 and 2004–05 over seven million people have been lifted out of poverty; the number of children living in poverty has fallen by half; the number of working-age adults living in poverty has fallen by over a third; and, over 2 million fewer pensioners are living in poverty.

With income measured in relative terms that are compared with 60 per cent. of contemporary median income, between 1996–97 and 2004–05 there were over 2 million lifted out of poverty. Of which, 800,000 were children, 600,000 were working-age adults and 1 million were pensioners.

We have made significant progress on our journey to eradicating child poverty by 2020, the historic target we set in 1999. However, these figures also show how much more there is to do. We must now redouble our efforts in the years ahead; to focus relentlessly on the remaining barriers that hold people back in a new drive against social exclusion that will enable everyone to share in the nation's growing prosperity.

Seven years on from setting the target of eradicating child poverty within a generation, we remain absolutely committed to our goal. By continuing to target support for those who need it most; by ensuring work for those who can; breaking the cycle of deprivation and working to deliver high quality public services we are building a long-term approach to deliver long-term change. Not just to tackle child poverty—but to offer every individual and every generation the opportunity and support to raise, and fulfil, their aspirations.


Peter Edwards
Posted on 10 Mar 2006 10:19 am (Report this annotation)

They work for you. (House Rules)

I note one.

Material you would not want your granny to view..!

Sorry, there a lot of "Grannies" were butter would'nt melt in their mouth..!

I don't see the point of a right too reply, with so many items of censorship.

What happened too "FREE SPEECH"..!

I accept, there has too be standards, but it is about time MP's were reminded who and why they were elected.

Peter Edwards
Posted on 10 Mar 2006 10:22 am (Report this annotation)

Be nice to each other.

Hmm. Bit difficult when we are being ripped of by the elected.