Written Ministerial Statements

Thursday, 11 July 2013

  • House of Lords

    • Energy: Energy Efficiency

      The Government are today publishing their proposals for an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) for public consultation. The new scheme will enable companies to identify opportunities to save...

    • Srebrenica

      I wish to inform the House that the Department for Communities and Local Government is funding “Remembering Srebrenica” (http://www.srebrenica.org.uk/), an initiative dedicated to...

  • Business, Innovation and Skills

    • Higher Education Regulatory Reforms

      Today I am announcing reforms to how higher education in England is regulated. The White Paper “Students at the Heart of the System”, published in 2011, set out a plan to transform...

    • Professional and Business Services Industrial Strategy

      The Government have today published “Growth is Our Business: A Strategy for Professional and Business Services”. Last September I set out our new industrial strategy, and how we would...

      Regional Growth Fund

      Today my right hon. Friend the Deputy Prime Minister will announce that 102 projects and programmes have been awarded a total of £506 million in round 4 of the regional growth fund (RGF)....

  • Defence

    • Recruitment

      There has been a long tradition of Commonwealth citizens serving in the British armed forces and most recently on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. We continue to value their service which...

    • Service Complaints Commissioner's Fifth Annual Report

      I am pleased to lay before Parliament today the Ministry of Defence (MOD) response to the Service Complaints Commissioner’s (SCC) fifth annual report on the fairness, effectiveness and...

  • Energy and Climate Change

    • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

      The Government are today publishing their proposals for an energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS) for public consultation. The new scheme will enable companies to identify opportunities to save...

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

  • Home Department

    • Independent Police Complaints Commission

      I am pleased to announce that today my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary and my hon. Friend the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury are publishing the annual report of the Independent Police...

    • Independent Safeguarding Authority

      The 2012-13 annual report and accounts for the Independent Safeguarding Authority for the eight-month period up to 30 November 2012 is being laid before the House today and published on:...

      Firearms (England and Wales)

      My right hon. Friend the Home Secretary is today publishing the statistics on police use of firearms in England and Wales for the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012. These show that: The...

  • Justice

  • Transport

    • Dartford/Thurrock River Crossing (Fees)

      On 5 November 2012 the Highways Agency published detailed proposals to introduce post-payment and enforcement measures that would support the introduction of “free-flow” charging at...

    • Motoring Services Strategy

      I am pleased to announce today the next phase of the project to explore establishing a new commercial model for the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Departments have been challenged to think...

      Rail Franchising

      I am today laying before the House the Government’s response to the Brown review of the rail franchising programme. Richard Brown’s review was one of two independent reviews I...

What is this?

Written Ministerial Statements were introducted in late 2002 to stop the practice of having “planted” or “inspired” questions designed to elicit Government statements.

They are just that – statements on a particular topic by a Government Minister.

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