Written Ministerial Statements

Thursday, 30 April 2009

  • House of Lords

  • Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

    • Regional Development Agency

      I am pleased to announce that I have decided to appoint two new business position RDA board members to East of England Development Agency and East Midlands Development Agency. RDA Board...

  • Treasury

    • Consolidated Fund

      The sum of £1,555,162,313 was paid out of the Consolidated Fund on 30 March 2009 under section 228(5) of the Banking Act 2009. The Treasury is satisfied that the need for this expenditure...

  • Children, Schools and Families

    • Primary Curriculum Review

      As part of the Children's Plan, we committed to a fundamental review of the primary curriculum, and I was delighted that Sir Jim Rose accepted my invitation to carry out this important work. The...

  • Defence

    • Call Out Order (Cyprus)

      A new call-out order has been made under section 56 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 to enable members of the reserve forces to continue to be called out into permanent service and deployed to...

    • Defence Vetting Agency Key Targets Financial Year (2009-10)

      Key targets have been set for the chief executive of the Defence Vetting Agency for financial year 2009-10. These are provided below. Key target 1: External validation of quality To achieve at...

      Puma Review

      I am today placing in the Library of the House and on the MOD website, a copy of two reports "The Puma Force—A Review of Contemporary Operating Issues" and the earlier report "A Strategic...

  • Energy and Climate Change

    • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

      I would like to inform the house that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has successfully concluded its auction process for the disposal of land adjacent to three existing nuclear sites...

  • Health

    • Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust

      On 17 March 2009 the Healthcare Commission, the independent health regulator, published its comprehensive report into the severe failings in emergency care provided by Mid Staffordshire NHS...

  • Home Department

    • Animal Procedures Committee

      On behalf of the Home Secretary and the Minister for the Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety for Northern Ireland, I am very pleased to announce the appointment of...

  • Justice

    • Bradley Report

      On 5 December 2007, my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor announced that my right hon. and noble Friend Lord Bradley, reporting jointly to the Department of...

  • Work and Pensions

    • Discretionary Social Fund

      In order to offer further support to families on low incomes during the recession, the Chancellor's Budget report on 22 April included the announcement that additional funding has been made...

What is this?

Written Ministerial Statements were introducted in late 2002 to stop the practice of having “planted” or “inspired” questions designed to elicit Government statements.

They are just that – statements on a particular topic by a Government Minister.

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