[Mr. Martin Caton in the Chair] — HMRC (Office Closures)

Part of the debate – in Westminster Hall at 9:30 am on 11th March 2009.

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Photo of Anthony D Wright Anthony D Wright Labour, Great Yarmouth 9:30 am, 11th March 2009

As you can see, Mr. Caton, I brought my fans along as well—[Interruption.] Unfortunately, I cannot control them, as I am sure the record will show.

I am pleased to have secured this debate, but it is unfortunate that we have to discuss the possibility of up to 200 offices of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs throughout the UK closing. Many Members have turned up today, but I know that many others would have loved to be here to join the debate and make their arguments on why it is wrong of HMRC to close many of its offices.

The possibility of up to 200 offices closing was announced two or three years ago. Some have closed already and more closures were announced in December. To give an idea of how many offices are to close: the eastern region would lose 18, the south-west 19, Yorkshire and Humber 9, Northern Ireland 5, Scotland 20, Wales 11 and the north-west 11. The spread of closures will have a huge impact on all parts of the United Kingdom.

I am sure that other hon. Members will relate stories from their own constituencies, so I shall concentrate mainly on the proposal to close Havenbridge house in my constituency. As a result, not only will people suffer poorer service, but staff in Great Yarmouth will be faced with the prospect of losing their jobs, which many of them have been doing for more than 20 years. The situation in many constituencies throughout the UK that are facing similar closure proposals will be identical.

Against that background is the fact that we in Great Yarmouth have already suffered from public sector job moves. In the past two years, we have lost the criminal justice unit—approximately 50 jobs moved to Norwich—and the Department for Work and Pensions has streamlined its Jobcentre Plus services, resulting in the closure of the office in Yarmouth house, Yarmouth way.


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Parliamentary Representative
Anthony D Wright MP: Yes, absolutely. As I said earlier, everything that is
happening to us in Great Yarmouth is replicated throughout the country.
I shall prove that point when I develop my argument about the issues
that were not taken into account when assurances were given.