The environment

From melting ice caps and global warming, to the extinction of animals and the destruction of the rainforests, the environment is a topic that is often debated in parliament.

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Recent votes on the environment

  • The majority of MPs voted not to express support for a series of policy proposals put forward by the leader of the Scottish National Party Ian Blackford MP. The policies in question were: protecting workers' rights, doing more in respect of the cost of living and climate change; increasing benefits; imposing windfall taxes; retaining existing EU derived law and retaining the existing Human Rights Act. Show debate 18 May 2022
  • The majority of MPs voted in favour of laws enabling the government to direct funds from electricity consumers, via electricity suppliers, to help pay for, and encourage private investment in, new nuclear power stations. Show debate 10 Jan 2022
  • The majority of MPs voted not to require the benefits of any subsidies to outweigh any negative effects on the UK's aim of net zero emissions of targeted greenhouse gases by 2050. Show debate 13 Dec 2021
  • The majority of MPs voted in favour of the northern rail investment plan, including three new high speed rail lines and upgrades to existing lines. Show debate 8 Dec 2021
  • The majority of MPs voted for NHS reforms and reorganisations intended to ensure integration and coordination both within the NHS and between the NHS and local councils as well as to make virginity checking and hymen reconstruction an offence. Show debate 23 Nov 2021

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