Time for Reflection

– in the Scottish Parliament at 1:00 pm on 13th February 2002.

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Photo of George Reid George Reid Scottish National Party 1:00 pm, 13th February 2002

Good afternoon. The leader of today's time for reflection is Ms Kathryn Hendry, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University representative of the Scottish Inter Faith Council.

Ms Kathryn Hendry (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Representative, Scottish Inter Faith Council):

Om shanti. That is a greeting of peace. "Om" means "I am a soul" and "shanti" means "my original nature is peace".

Peace is a great gift. Everyone is striving for it in the world today—within the self, in the home and the family, on the street or in our world in general. Sometimes we can feel a little hopeless, not knowing what to do to bring peace into our relations. Each and every one of us can start by bringing peace into the self.

The Scottish Parliament has created this time for reflection. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to use a few moments to reconnect with the peace that lies below the surface of feelings and emotions—the peace that lies within—and to experience the peace that comes from a connection with the supreme soul, God.

I want members to try something—to follow me on a journey inwards. Sit comfortably in your chairs. Just relax. Feel all your muscles sinking into the chair. Feel all your weight pressing down on the chair. For a few moments, you do not have to do anything or go anywhere. Allow yourself to be here in the present.

Using the eye of your mind, imagine a shining spark of light radiating in the centre of your forehead. That is the place where thoughts come from; it is the position of I, the soul. The true nature of I, the soul, is peace, love and truth.

Choose a thought—a thought of peace. Allow that feeling to flow through your whole being, like a soothing balm that flows through you and out into the atmosphere. Hold on to that thought and enjoy the feeling of peace. From that position of peace, I can allow my mind to reach out towards the supreme soul, God, the source of all treasures, of peace, love and truth. In that place of peace, I realise that this is what I am. I am a being of peace. This is my true nature.

When I remember that, I become aware of the power of my thinking. I realise that When I sow a thought,

I reap a feeling.

When I sow a feeling,

I reap a word or an action.

When I sow a word or an action,

I reap my character.

When I sow my character,

I reap my destiny.

The power of thinking is the greatest power that we have. Therefore, I must learn to keep my mind peaceful. It is from that position of peace that I am able to experience the vibrations of peace and love that flow from the supreme soul, God, who is the source of all the powers and treasures that I need to sustain me throughout the day.

I ask members to stay in an atmosphere of peace and to send vibrations of peace, sympathy and love to the soul of Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret and to all members of the royal family.

Om shanti.