Decision Time

Part of the debate – in the Scottish Parliament at 4:58 pm on 8th June 1999.

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Members' Travel Allowance:

(1) A member shall be eligible for the reimbursement of travelling expenses necessarily incurred by that member in performing his or her Parliamentary duties.

(2) In this paragraph -

"travelling expenses" means -

(a) the actual cost of any travel ticket purchased or fare paid in making a journey, or part of a journey, by public transport;

(b) where such a journey, or any part of such a journey, is made by means of a motor vehicle, motor cycle or pedal cycle, owned or wholly maintained by the member, such amount per mile travelled on the journey, or that part of the journey, by means of that motor vehicle, motor cycle or pedal cycle as is described in sub-paragraphs (3) to (5);

(c) in exceptional circumstances, with the approval of the SPCB, the actual cost of car hire and associated petrol costs; and

(d) tolls and carparking charges; "public transport" means any service or services provided to the public at large for the carriage of passengers by road, rail, air or sea but includes travel by taxi service only where the use of such a service is required for reasons of urgency or where it is not reasonably practicable for the member to use other forms of public transport.

(3) The rate of the motor vehicle mileage allowance will be the maximum set for local government under section 46 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 and shall apply to all motor vehicles irrespective of engine size or annual mileage.

(4) The rate of the motorcycle mileage allowance will be the corresponding maximum rate set for Scottish Office employees.

(5) The rate of the pedal cycle mileage allowance will be at the level of the maximum tax free allowance set by the Treasury.

(6) Any travel outside Scotland shall be eligible for reimbursement only where the travel concerned has been authorised in advance by the SPCB.