Scottish Parliament debates

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

  • First Minister’s Question Time

    2 speeches

    G ood afternoon, colleagues. We begin with First Minister’s question time. Before we turn to questions, I invite the First Minister to update Parliament on the situation with Covid-19.

  • Pandemic Preparedness

    8 speeches

    1. Over the past 10 months and even before that, Governments across the world made mistakes in their planning for and handling of the pandemic, but today’s report by Audit Scotland...

  • Pandemic Preparedness

    6 speeches

    2. I, too, send my condolences to all those who have lost loved ones to Covid. The issues highlighted by Audit Scotland’s report are so important that I make no apology for covering the...

  • Food Provision (Glasgow)

    4 speeches

    3. We have all seen the pictures of hundreds of people queueing in the snow for emergency food in Glasgow’s George Square last week. That people are experiencing that level of desperation...

  • Education (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Report)

    5 speeches

    4. How can the people of Scotland judge the First Minister on her record on education if she will not publish the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report until after the...

  • Child Poverty

    4 speeches

    5. To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Government is taking to tackle child poverty. (S5F-04830)

  • Education (Disruption)

    4 speeches

    6. To ask the First Minister what additional and urgent measures will be taken to ensure that pupils catch up on learning lost as a result of the disruption to their education. (S5F-04825)

  • Unsafe Cladding (Replacement)

    4 speeches

    7. To ask the First Minister how the consequentials from the recently announced £3.5 billion of funding to replace unsafe cladding in England will be allocated, and whether buildings under...

  • Learning Disabilities (Covid-19 Vaccinations)

    2 speeches

    Following the publication of mortality data for people who have a learning disability in Scotland, the cross-party group on learning disability and Enable have asked the Government to ensure that...

  • QCovid Risk Assessment Tool (Shielding)

    2 speeches

    Does the Scottish Government plan to utilise the QCovid risk prediction model that has been developed by the University of Oxford to expand the criteria for those who are placed on the shielding list?

  • Scottish Child Payment (Applications)

    2 speeches

    As at last Sunday, the Scottish Government had received only 77,000 applications for the Scottish child payment. That means that, even if all the applications are approved, only 44.5 per cent of...

  • National Care Service

    2 speeches

    Unsurprisingly, and despite calling for the establishment of a national care service, yesterday Labour members chose to vote with the Tories against the Scottish Government’s motion that...

  • Covid-19 Quarantine Regulations (Offshore Workers)

    2 speeches

    Following the announcement of the extended quarantine regulations, constituents in the oil and gas sector have raised concerns that offshore workers who support overseas projects on a two-two...

  • National Child Payment

    2 speeches

    My question is a supplementary to question 5 from Sandra White. Scottish Labour welcomes the introduction of the national child payment, albeit that its introduction will be later than we would...

  • Brexit (Logistics Sector)

    2 speeches

    Only this morning, a survey by Logistics UK of its members, most of whom are hauliers or manufacturers, showed that, since Brexit, almost half—48.4 per cent—had transport operations...

  • Covid-19 (Hospital-acquired Infection)

    3 speeches

    Serious concerns are being raised regarding the soaring number of patients in Scottish hospitals who are acquiring Covid-19 while being treated for an unrelated illness. Public Health Scotland...

  • Education

    29 speeches

    I remind members that social distancing measures are in place in the chamber and across the Holyrood campus. I ask that members take care to observe the measures, including when entering and...

  • Mental Health

    24 speeches

    The next item of business is a Liberal Democrat debate on motion S5M-24138, in the name of Alex Cole-Hamilton, on mental health. I ask members who wish to contribute to the debate to press their...

  • Business Motions

    2 speeches

    The next item of business is consideration of business motion S5M-24155, in the name of Graeme Dey, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, setting out a business programme. Motion moved, That the...

  • Parliamentary Bureau Motions

    3 speeches

    The next item of business is consideration of nine Parliamentary Bureau motions. I call Graeme Dey, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, to speak to and move motions S5M-24160 to S5M-24164, on...

  • Decision Time

    48 speeches

    The first question is, that amendment S5M-24137.3, in the name of John Swinney, which seeks to amend motion S5M-24137, in the name of Willie Rennie, on education, be agreed to. Are we agreed?

What is this?

The Scottish Parliament is the national legislature of Scotland, located in Edinburgh. The Parliament consists of 129 members known as MSPs, elected for four-year terms; 73 represent individual geographical constituencies, and 56 are regional representatives.

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