Scottish Parliament debates

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

  • First Minister’s Question Time

    3 speeches

    Good afternoon. Before questions to the First Minister, I invite the First Minister to give a statement.

  • Covid-19 (2m Distancing Rule)

    8 speeches

    1. I appreciated advance sight of today’s additional statement and noted the announcements that the First Minister has just made. We will examine the details over the coming days, but...

  • Care Homes (Covid-19)

    6 speeches

    2. I thank the First Minister for advance sight of her statement. We all welcome the news that the number of Covid-19 deaths continues to fall and that we can look forward today to an easing of...

  • Jobs Guarantee (Young People)

    4 speeches

    3. I thank the First Minister for advance sight of her statement. My thoughts are with each and every person who has lost a loved one during this pandemic. Half of working Scots are concerned...

  • Full-time Schooling

    4 speeches

    4. I know that we have our differences, but I want to thank the First Minister for her work and personal efforts over the past three months. Daily press conferences and extensive...

  • Meat Processing Facilities

    4 speeches

    5. To ask the First Minister what guidance the Scottish Government has provided to meat processing facilities to ensure the health and safety of their workforce, in light of recent closures of...

  • Community Sport

    5 speeches

    6. To ask the First Minister how the Scottish Government will support community sport restarting as lockdown restrictions are lifted. (S5F-04254)

  • Court System (Backlog of Cases)

    4 speeches

    7. To ask the First Minister what action is being taken to minimise the backlog of cases in the court system. (S5F-04251)

  • Financial Scams

    2 speeches

    Does the First Minister agree that those who prey on vulnerable people, using financial scams related to the coronavirus pandemic, are the lowest of the low? What can the Scottish Government do...

  • Childcare (1,140 Hours)

    2 speeches

    I return to the important issue of childcare. The measures that have been announced today to reopen more nursery settings are welcome, but opening nurseries is not the same as ensuring their...

  • Economic Recovery

    2 speeches

    A contrast is emerging between people who have already returned to work and those who are still waiting patiently at home in the hope that they can return to work. Many furloughed workers are not...

  • Coaches and Personal Trainers

    2 speeches

    Will the First Minister advise whether consideration is being given to allowing coaches and personal trainers to work with more than two households a day, when physical distancing can be...

  • Business Rates (North East Scotland)

    2 speeches

    On Monday, yet another established retailer on Aberdeen’s Union Street, Molton Brown, announced its closure. It is another business lost to Aberdeen and more local people unemployed during...

  • Glasgow Airport (Job Losses)

    2 speeches

    Swissport has announced today that 4,500 jobs are to go at United Kingdom airports. That is yet more bad news and means that there are likely to be more job losses at Glasgow airport. The First...

  • Ferries (Social Distancing Measures)

    2 speeches

    Even when it is deemed completely safe to visit our islands, residents and businesses will remain disadvantaged. Ferry sailings have decreased markedly, and social distancing has diminished...

  • Economic Recovery (Collaboration)

    2 speeches

    One of the key findings of the advisory group on economic recovery—led by Benny Higgins—was that there needs to be much more communication and collaboration between the Scottish...

  • Mesh Implant Removal

    2 speeches

    In November, after eight years without meeting mesh-injured women, the First Minister asked for a meeting in the middle of the general election campaign. She said all sorts of sympathetic things...

  • Covid-19 Lockdown (Pace of Easing)

    2 speeches

    The Fraser of Allander institute economic commentary that was published today states that if there were to be a second wave of Covid-19 infections, the economy might not recover until 2024 at the...

  • Covid-19 Lockdown (Short-term Lets with Communal Stairways)

    2 speeches

    The First Minister gave an indicative date of 3 July for opening self-contained self-catering accommodation without shared facilities. She also mentioned the risk of imported cases. Can she...

  • Shops Reopening (Public Guidance)

    2 speeches

    Further to the First Minister’s announcement, many shops will be preparing to open next Monday, and they will be following Government guidance. To support consumer confidence, will the...

  • Covid-19 Shielding Groups (Return to Schools)

    3 speeches

    Yesterday’s announcement on the return to our schools will be welcome news for many parents, but for one group it creates a whole new layer of anxiety. Lockdown has been hardest for...

  • Farmers and Crofters (Financial Stability)

    37 speeches

    I remind members that social distancing measures are in place in the chamber and across the Holyrood campus, and I ask that members take care to observe those measures over the course of this...

  • Social Security Administration and Tribunal Membership (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1

    18 speeches

    As no members appear to want to sit on the front benches, apart from the Government front benches, I will proceed. The next item of business is a stage 1 debate on motion S5M-22121, in the name...

  • Social Security Administration and Tribunal Membership (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution

    1 speech

    The next item of business is consideration of motion S5M-21907, in the name of Kate Forbes, on the Social Security Administration and Tribunal Membership (Scotland) Bill’s financial...

  • Business Motions

    2 speeches

    The next item is consideration of business motion S5M-22128, in the name of Graeme Dey, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, setting out a business programme. Motion moved, That the Parliament...

  • Parliamentary Bureau Motions

    2 speeches

    The next item of business is consideration of nine Parliamentary Bureau motions. I call Graeme Dey, on behalf of the bureau, to move motions S5M-22130, S5M-22131,on designation of lead...

  • Decision Time

    4 speeches

    The first question is, that motion S5M-22121, in the name of Shirley-Anne Somerville, on the Social Security Administration and Tribunal Membership (Scotland) Bill at stage 1, be agreed to....

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The Scottish Parliament is the national legislature of Scotland, located in Edinburgh. The Parliament consists of 129 members known as MSPs, elected for four-year terms; 73 represent individual geographical constituencies, and 56 are regional representatives.

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