Scottish Parliament debates

Thursday, 26 October 2017

  • General Question Time

  • Transport Poverty

    8 speeches

    1. To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to the Sustrans report, “Transport Poverty in Scotland”. (S5O-01365)

  • Sport and Physical Activity (Deprived Communities)

    10 speeches

    2. To ask the Scottish Government what action it takes to encourage people from deprived communities to get involved in sport and physical activity. (S5O-01366)

  • Transport Scotland (Meetings)

    10 speeches

    3. To ask the Scottish Government when it last met Transport Scotland and what issues were discussed. (S5O-01367)

  • Fire Prevention (Sprinklers)

    6 speeches

    4. To ask the Scottish Government what assessment it has made of the importance of sprinklers in preventing deaths from fire. (S5O-01368)

  • Income Tax

    7 speeches

    5. To ask the Scottish Government whether it will confirm its position on income tax ahead of its budget. (S5O-01369)

  • First Minister’s Question Time

  • National Health Service

    8 speeches

    1. This morning’s Audit Scotland report says that reform of the national health service is progressing, but that major challenges still lie ahead. Nobody underestimates the work that is...

  • National Health Service

    9 speeches

    2. It is worth remembering that a few weeks ago, Professor Jim Gallagher published a report that showed that spending per head of population in Scotland compared to England has fallen as a direct...

  • A75 and A77 (Dualling)

    2 speeches

    The A77 was closed for 24 hours over the weekend due to severe flooding. Paul Grant, Stena Line’s trade director, said: “It’s quite clear from this and other incidents that the...

  • Freight Ferry Fares

    2 speeches

    The First Minister may be aware that the conclusions of the Government’s review of freight ferry fares, which was due out by the end of the summer, has still not been published. Pending the...

  • Health and Safety at Work

    2 speeches

    The First Minister will be aware of the recent gas explosion at a derelict building in Lanarkshire that resulted in the tragic death of worker Pawel Urbanski, who was from Coatbridge. Will the...

  • National Health Service (Pay Settlement)

    4 speeches

    3. Nobody who has looked at today’s report on the challenges that the national health service faces should pretend that there is a simple quick fix that would solve every problem at a...

  • Colleges (Part-time Courses)

    6 speeches

    4. The Government’s policy of prioritising full-time college courses has resulted in a cut of 150,000 part-time places and deprived thousands of people—particularly women and older...

  • Universal Credit

    2 speeches

    Today’s Daily Record has figures showing that a quarter of Scottish councils are already spending almost £9 million mitigating the impact of universal credit. Does the First Minister...

  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

    2 speeches

    Does the First Minister believe that cutting yet more firefighter posts and closing fire stations will a) make our communities safer or b) put more lives at risk? If she does not know the answer,...

  • Superfast Broadband

    4 speeches

    5. To ask the First Minister what progress is being made with the reaching 100 per cent programme to connect premises that have not received support from the previous programmes for access to...

  • National Health Service Boards (Waiting Time Targets)

    6 speeches

    6. To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Government is taking to hold to account national health service boards that do not meet their waiting time targets. (S5F-01631)

  • Public Sector Pay

    4 speeches

    7. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s position is on whether public sector workers should be given a real-terms pay increase in 2018-19. (S5F-01636)

  • Scottish Disability Sport

    8 speeches

    The next item of business is a members’ business debate on motion S5M-07684, in the name of Jeremy Balfour, on Scottish Disability Sport. The debate will be concluded without any question...

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Strategy

    25 speeches

    Our first item of business this afternoon is a statement by Shirley-Anne Somerville on the science, technology, engineering and mathematics strategy for education and training. The minister will...

  • Diet and Obesity Strategy

    31 speeches

    The next item of business is a statement by Aileen Campbell on developing a new diet and obesity strategy for Scotland.

  • Hydro Nation

    39 speeches

    The next item of business is a debate on motion S5M-08378, in the name of Roseanna Cunningham, on the hydro nation: maximising the abundant benefits of our w ater resources.

  • Parliamentary Bureau Motions

    2 speeches

    The next item of business is consideration of two Parliamentary Bureau motions. I ask Joe FitzPatrick to move motions S5M-08416, on committee membership, and S5M-08421, on substitution on...

  • Decision Time

    4 speeches

    There are five questions to be put as a result of today’s business. The first question is, that amendment S5M-08378.1, in the name of Donald Cameron, which seeks to amend motion S5M-08378,...

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The Scottish Parliament is the national legislature of Scotland, located in Edinburgh. The Parliament consists of 129 members known as MSPs, elected for four-year terms; 73 represent individual geographical constituencies, and 56 are regional representatives.

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