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Wednesday, 14 January 2004

  • Introduction

    Scottish Parliament Wednesday 14 January 2004 (Afternoon) [THE PRESIDING OFFICER opened the meeting at 14:30]

  • Time for Reflection

    2 speeches

    Good afternoon. Our first item of business is time for reflection. We welcome Marilyn Douglas, a parish assistant from Cumbernauld.

  • Sexual Health and Relationship Strategy

    58 speeches

    The next item of business is a debate on the subject of developing a sexual health and relationship strategy for Scotland.

  • Business Motion

    1 speech

    The next item of business is consideration of business motion S2M-783, in the name of Patricia Ferguson, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau. Motion moved, That the Parliament agrees the...

  • Parliamentary Bureau Motions

    1 speech

    The next item of business is consideration of two Parliamentary Bureau motions—S2M-799, on May 2004, and S2M-780, on the designation of a lead committee. Motions moved, That the Parliament...

  • Motion without Notice

    1 speech

    I am minded to accept a motion without notice, under rule 11.2.4 of standing orders, to bring forward decision time to 4.57 pm. Motion moved, That Decision Time on Wednesday 14 January be taken...

  • Decision Time

    2 speeches

    There are two questions to be put as a result of today's business. The first question is, that motion S2M-779, in the name of Patricia Ferguson, on May 2004, be agreed to. Motion agreed to. That...

  • Social Work

    40 speeches

    The final item of business is a members' business debate on motion S2M-642, in the name of Brian Adam, on social work review. Motion debated, That the Parliament notes with concern the shortage...

What is this?

The Scottish Parliament is the national legislature of Scotland, located in Edinburgh. The Parliament consists of 129 members known as MSPs, elected for four-year terms; 73 represent individual geographical constituencies, and 56 are regional representatives.

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