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Thursday, 18 May 2000

  • Introduction

    1 speech

    Scottish Parliament Thursday 18 May 2000 [THE PRESIDING OFFICER opened the meeting at 09:30]

  • Community Care

    132 speeches

    Today's debate provides a welcome opportunity to restate the importance of community care to the Scottish Executive's agenda of improving the lives of the people of Scotland. I want to report on...

  • Point of Order

    2 speeches

    On a point of order, Presiding Officer. In view of the strong feeling in the Scottish Parliament, across all parties, against Mike Tyson, convicted rapist, being permitted to fight in Glasgow,...

  • Business Motion

    3 speeches

    The next item on the agenda is consideration of business motion S1M-864, in the name of Mr Tom McCabe, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau.

  • Question Time — scottish executive

    • National Health Service

      11 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive how patient care in Scotland will be affected by changes at the heart transplant unit at Glasgow royal infirmary. (S1O-1735)

    • Quality Meat Scotland

      6 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive what steps it has taken to address the concerns expressed by livestock producers in relation to the new promotion body Quality Meat Scotland. (S1O-1712)

      Rural Economies (Capital Investment)

      6 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive what plans it has for capital investment in rural economies in the current year. (S1O-1723)

      Health Statistics

      12 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive whether all the information contained in "Scottish Health Statistics 1999" is accurate. (S1O-1714)

      Lead Solder

      8 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive what information it has regarding the possible health consequences of the use of lead solder in water and heating systems. (S1O-1711)

      Coach House Trust

      6 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive whether it is aware of the activities of the Coach House Trust in the areas of community care, social inclusion, lifelong learning and the environment in the Glasgow...


      9 speeches

      I ask this question as this is national breastfeeding awareness week. To ask the Scottish Executive what the most recent statistics are concerning the proportion of new Scottish mothers choosing...

      Salaried General Practitioners

      4 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive what priority is being given to the introduction of salaried general practitioners. (S1O-1745)

      Forestry Commission

      6 speeches

      Before I ask the following question, I remind the chamber that this is forest festival week. To ask the Scottish Executive whether it supports the proposal by Forest Enterprise to lease out part...

      Drugs Education

      10 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive what progress is being made in providing drugs education to Scotland's children. (S1O-1720)

      Postgraduate Students

      4 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive when it expects the consultation on financial support for postgraduate students to be completed. (S1O-1728)

      Social Inclusion

      8 speeches

      To ask the Scottish Executive what role it sees for information and communications technologies in actively promoting social inclusion. (S1O-1747)

  • First Minister's Question Time — Scottish executive

  • Points of Order

    10 speeches

    On a point of order. There is increasing confusion—last week it occurred on the Tory benches, this week with the Liberals—about supplementary questions. We have seen some...

  • Early Education and Child Care

    30 speeches

    We move now to a ministerial statement from Mr Sam Galbraith, who I know is always brief.

  • Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Amendment (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1

    18 speeches

    The next item of business is a debate on motion S1M-852, in the name of Tavish Scott, on the general principles of the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Amendment (Scotland) Bill.

  • Learning and Skills Bill

    Motion moved, That the Parliament agrees that the regulation-making powers relating to Scotland in respect of learning accounts in the Learning and Skills Bill should be devolved to the Scottish...

  • Parliamentary Bureau Motions

    6 speeches

    Motions moved, That the Parliament agrees that Rule 5.6.1(c) of the standing orders be suspended for the duration of the Meeting of the Parliament on Thursday 1 June 2000. That the Parliament...

  • Decision Time

    23 speeches

    The first question is, that amendment S1M-868.1, in the name of Kay Ullrich, which seeks to amend motion S1M-868, in the name of Iain Gray, on community care, be agreed to. Are we all agreed?

  • Prisons (Slopping Out)

    19 speeches

    We now move on to members' business. I ask members who are leaving to do so quickly and quietly. The final item of business today is a members' business debate on motion S1M-704, in the name of...

What is this?

The Scottish Parliament is the national legislature of Scotland, located in Edinburgh. The Parliament consists of 129 members known as MSPs, elected for four-year terms; 73 represent individual geographical constituencies, and 56 are regional representatives.

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