Scottish Parliament debates

Wednesday, 12 May 1999

  • Introduction

    1 speech

    Scottish Parliament 12 May 1999 [THE TEMPORARY CLERK opened the meeting at 09:30]

  • Oaths and Affirmations

    11 speeches

    The following member made a solemn affirmation: Dr Winnie Ewing (Highlands and Islands) (SNP)

  • Presiding Officer

    11 speeches

    The voting period for the election of the Presiding Officer is now open. The following valid nominations for the position of Presiding Officer have been received: Mr George Reid Sir David Steel...

  • Deputy Presiding Officers

    13 speeches

    This time, members should remember to insert their cards in the machines, not only if they want to speak, but if they want to vote. The voting period for the election of the Deputy Presiding...

What is this?

The Scottish Parliament is the national legislature of Scotland, located in Edinburgh. The Parliament consists of 129 members known as MSPs, elected for four-year terms; 73 represent individual geographical constituencies, and 56 are regional representatives.

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