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Orders of the Day — Procedure Rules.: Government Proposals. (18 Feb 1919)

...will come when we shall find the Members of this House striking for an eight-hour day. I can assure hon. Members that they will find an occasional all-night sitting infinitely preferable to the slavery that is going to be imposed upon them by these new Rules. Several Members have said that these Committees are an absolute necessity. That may be so, but there is one thing about these...

Orders of the Day — Prevention of Unemployment Bill. (21 Mar 1919)

Colonel Josiah Wedgwood: ...the wealth of the world. I believe at the present time that it is going to be more and more realised that the great cause of unrest in this country is not poverty but a sense of injustice and of slavery among the working classes. Therefore it is of vital importance that we in this House should apply our minds to the problem of getting rid of the evil and not merely of dealing with the...

Supply. — [7TH Allotted Day.]: Chief Secretary for Ireland. ( 3 Apr 1919)

Mr Edward Carson: ...of the Commission. It is all very well to talk of the children growing up disloyal and being this, that or the other. Why, they were taught by people who were ground down to a position almost of slavery by the wretched pittance with which they had to try to appear in a state of respectability before their classes, and then, when their work was over, they had to go out and, as best they...

Orders of the Day — Women's Emancipation Bill. ( 4 Apr 1919)

Mr Robert Young: their duty, rather than to work in the factories and workshops, to educate their children in the interests of the State. That is my point of view; it is not that of an increase of the economic slavery of women. I do not desire to enable a woman so much to go into the workshop to earn her own livelihood as that she may help her husband to secure by his sole effort that sufficiency which...

Russia.: Bolshevik Government (Recognition). ( 9 Apr 1919)

Lieut-Colonel Walter Guinness: ...with the Bolsheviks. The country would be behind them in refusing any measures of the kind. We have to remember that our Russian Allies are living in an absolute inferno, an inferno of slavery, torment, and starvation. It is for us to knock down the gates. It is certainly not for us to succour or to feed or in any way to help the devils who hold the keys.

Orders of the Day — Coal Output.: Statement by Sir a. Geddes'. (14 Jul 1919)

Mr William Graham: .... The Noble Lord the Member for Hitchin indicated in a speech which commended itself to every Member on the Labour Benches, his great fear that nationalisation involves in effect the serfdom or slavery of masses of the workers. He said even if you got efficiency as the result of national ownership there would remain the great danger of a bureaucracy operating on the people. But I do think...

Orders of the Day — Treaty of Peace Bill (21 Jul 1919)

Commander Hon. Joseph Kenworthy: addition to the live stock that she has to give at this time. All these things taken together, with others which I will not mention, are crushing, and condemn generations of Germany to economic slavery. I quite agree that the transferring of Shangtung from Germany to Japan is a great blunder and a great violation of the rights of self-determination. Proof of the failure of this Peace...

Orders of the Day — MERCHANT SHIPPING (WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY) BILL [Lords].: Lieut-Colonel Amery's Statement. (30 Jul 1919)

Mr Benjamin Spoor: ...that we will shortly need in this Empire of ours a new Wilberforce to combat the tendency towards what might be described by many people, not as ordinary working conditions, but as very real slavery. I do not believe that this method of administering a country like Rhodesia is one that would commend itself for a single moment to the public of this country were they aware of the actual...

Oral Answers to Questions — Rhodesia.: Land Inquiry (Costs). ( 7 Aug 1919)

Lieut-Colonel Leo Amery: ...and people of Rhodesia to the Privy Council; out the total cost of the case presented by the elected members amounted ultimately, I understand, to about £10,000. The costs incurred by the Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society in respect of the case presented by them on behalf of certain natives amounted, I believe, to about £7,000.

Oral Answers to Questions — Gambia (Musa Molloh). ( 6 Nov 1919)

Lieut-Colonel Leo Amery: Yes, Sir, Musa Molloh is being deported because it was found that he was in the habit of keeping a large number of women in a condition of slavery. No formal trial was held but the matter was very fully investigated by the Governor and his officers and Musa Molloh had the opportunity of explaining his conduct, if it had been susceptible of any satisfactory explanation.

Orders of the Day — Premium Bonds. ( 1 Dec 1919)

Mr Horatio Bottomley: ...of reform in this country. Not on one subject has it ever been right. The history of the Bench of Bishops, the history of all the churches and chapels on every great reform, from the Abolition of Slavery down to the granting of the Franchise, has always been the same. The Church has its work to do in another sphere; let it keep out of this House. We have our work to do here. Tear up the...

Orders of the Day — Captain REV. T. J. O'DONNELL.: Motion for Adjournment. ( 4 Dec 1919)

Mr Joseph Devlin: ...serious matter, and therefore, if you do not object, I will allow the progress of the Indian Emancipation Bill to proceed, pending the time when we are able to discuss the latest phase of Irish slavery. I would like your ruling on this point. [At this point Mr. Churchill entered the House.] I am glad to see that the right hon. Gentleman the Minister for War has now arrived, with a red...

Orders of the Day — King's Speech.: Peace Settlement. (12 Feb 1920)

Mr Ronald McNeill: ...State, have been the only part of the Balkans that from first to last successfully defended its independence from the Turks. For 600 years, while the rest of the Balkan States were in a state of slavery to the Turks, they have defended their independence. Of that they are extremely proud, and naturally so. Consequently, in order to carry out their scheme, the Serbian intriguers set about,...

Orders of the Day — MR. Churchill's Statement. (23 Feb 1920)

Mr Benjamin Spoor: ...which is prepared to lead other nations of the world along the path that will bring us freedom from the burden of armaments and militarism, and all that these involve. We have had enough of the slavery of the past, and I would like to see the right hon. Gentleman who represents the Government indicate to us some way out of this morass of loose thinking, some way that would lead us, not...

Orders of the Day — Turks and Constantinople. (26 Feb 1920)

...west end of this Armenian plateau to the mountains, 700 miles down to the Ægean Sea. In the mountains of Kurdestan you will find Christian minorities living under conditions of terrible grinding slavery. You find these Christian communities, most of them of the Chaldean race and divided up into Chaldean Catholics, Nestorians, Jacobites, all living as slaves of these Kurdish villages....

Orders of the Day — Shops (Early Closing) Bill. (19 Mar 1920)

Mr Frank Briant: ...fourteen and fifteen hours a day, and even on Saturday nights after closing at twelve there was some work to be done when the shop was closed and they had to work again on Sunday morning. That was slavery. It is a singular result of rapidly-acquired experience that under the Act of 1912 butchers themselves quite voluntarily have asked and obtained an Order by which they shall close at...

Orders of the Day — Government of Ireland Bill. (31 Mar 1920)

Mr Thomas Harbison: ...O'Neill, and the latter was not very popular in Ireland. All that I can say is that the land of the O'Neills will never submit, no matter what Statute is passed, to being put into bonds of enternal slavery amongst the men who swore they would never coalesce with their brother Irishmen.

Easter Recess (Adjournment). (31 Mar 1920)

.... I have had sent to me a paper—"The Child's Guardian," for April—apparently published in London. The front page deals almost entirely with a subject the heading of which is, "Does child-slavery exist in a British Colony?" Perhaps I had better read one quotation which will explain what I want the authorities to gather. I am now quoting from the "Hong Kong Telegraph":— Whether slavery...

Orders of the Day — Supply. [7TH Allotted Day.]: Colonial Office. (26 Apr 1920)

Mr Benjamin Spoor: ...issued by Mr. Ainsworth, apparently with the approval of the Governor, and with regard to certain suggestions in that circular I find it extremely difficult to discriminate between them and veiled slavery, if, indeed, an adjective is necessary. This circular has been sent out to the administrative officers in the area. One paragraph states— As regards native policy, we must recognise in...

Supply.: Colonial Office. (26 Apr 1920)

...his proper title, laid down an obiter dictum, which was strange to the ears of an Englishman who had not been long in the colonies. It was to the effect that it was extremely doubtful as to whether slavery and the buying and selling of human bodies was not legal in Hong Kong. Since by the Proclamation taking over the territory of Hong Kong we agreed to observe Chinese customs; and slavery...

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