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Public Bill Committee: National Security and Investment Bill: Examination of Witness (24 Nov 2020)

Chi Onwurah: Q I think you addressed the core of my question. I really like your phrase “defence of technology”, rather than the technology of defence, because the question was around how you distinguish in the industrial strategy between specific security concerns and the development of technologies that give us capability in those sectors. Can we identify at what point that becomes a national...

Public Bill Committee: Financial Services Bill: Examination of Witnesses (19 Nov 2020)

Alison Thewliss: Q Lastly, Jesse, I think the phrase you coined, accountability deficit, is quite useful. Can I ask a wee bit more about the risks that moving everything over to the regulators might have?

Public Bill Committee: Financial Services Bill: Examination of Witness (19 Nov 2020)

Julie Marson: Thank you for your evidence; it is really interesting and this is an important area. We have heard reference to—you used the phrase—the UK outsourcing the prosecution of financial crime to the US. I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong—I do not have it in front of me—but on Transparency International UK’s own list of corruption, the UK comes out 12th out of 198, whereas the US...

Public Bill Committee: Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill: Examination of Witnesses (6 Oct 2020)

Chris Evans: Q Could I just come in with one word there? The phrase is “consider” derogation. Do you think it is significant that that has been written into the Bill? Sorry to interrupt there; I could see that you were in full flow.

Public Bill Committee: Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill: Examination of Witnesses (6 Oct 2020)

Carol Monaghan: Q Do you think the phrase “industrial scale” has been misused?

Public Bill Committee: Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill: Examination of Witness (30 Jun 2020)

Conor McGinn: Q I think you have said that although you support stronger sentences, their imposition alone will not resolve this issue. It is about—you have used this phrase—breaking the whole. I have some sympathy with what you said about the appropriateness of the Parole Board dealing with these types of offenders. Do you think that removing any assessment and taking the Parole Board out of the...

Public Bill Committee: Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill: Examination of Witness (25 Jun 2020)

Chris Philp: ...members want to ask questions. You mentioned that the state holds all the cards, but is it not the case that a judge looks at a TPIM prior to it coming into force and if it is—I forget the phrase—“manifestly unreasonable”, or some test like that, they will strike it down? Secondly, there is, of course, a right of appeal against TPIMs, so anyone made the subject of a TPIM has those...

Public Bill Committee: National Insurance Contributions (Termination Awards and Sporting Testimonials) Bill: Examination of Witnesses (14 May 2019)

Peter Dowd: Q In relation to the point you made about national insurance contributions, one of the questions asked earlier, which you may have heard, was about the loss—or whatever phrase we want to use—to the charity sector. Do you accept, do you think or do you believe that there will be a loss to the charity sector as a result of this legislation?

Public Bill Committee: Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill: Examination of Witnesses (12 Feb 2019)

Caroline Nokes: students rose by 9%. I want to clarify your comment that EU students have a lot of choice. We will agree on that. They can go all over the continent for their university education. The phrase you used was, “We seem to make it difficult for them to come”. But we have free movement, so is that us—the Government—making it difficult for them, or is it the universities?

Public Bill Committee: Fisheries Bill: Examination of Witness (4 Dec 2018)

David Duguid: ...future arrangement. I presume you would agree that it is important that, as an independent coastal state, we have full control of that access so that we can use it as leverage. I hesitate to use the phrase “bargaining chip”, but when we go into future annual negotiations, that has to be the leverage that we have.Q

Public Bill Committee: Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill: Examination of Witness (26 Jun 2018)

Ben Wallace: very much for coming today. May I ask your view of clause 1, which is obviously the part of the Bill that talks about expressions of support, and the challenge around that? Critics have used the phrase “thought police”. Obviously, we are trying to grapple with the threat from inspiring—people who do not specifically stand up and say, “Join ISIS”, but use their position...

Public Bill Committee: Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill: Examination of Witnesses (26 Jun 2018)

Simon Hoare: Thank you, gentlemen, for your representations. My question is to Mr McGill because he has his CPS hat on. Clause 3(2)(c) uses the phrase:Q “on three or more different occasions the person views by means of the internet a document or record containing information of that kind.” Does that provide the necessary discretion to prosecutors? Is it clear enough, or would you need greater...

Public Bill Committee: Tenant Fees Bill: Examination of Witnesses (7 Jun 2018)

Melanie Onn: Q I will be brief. I wanted to ask about holding deposits and whether you think that the phrase “reasonably entitled” is sufficient to make it possible to enforce the provision. Do you think that removing the criminal offence from the original draft Bill, following the Government’s response to the Select Committee, was the right decision? Finally, under clause 21, what will be the...

Public Bill Committee: Trade Bill: Examination of Witnesses (25 Jan 2018)

Barry Gardiner: Q I want to marry up two things that Mr Stephenson and Ms Dickson said. I was struck by your phrase, Mr Stephenson, that there will be no “lift and shift”. In that context, looking at the way the existing agreements have to be transposed into corresponding agreements, I wonder whether you might comment on the Government’s ability to do that, given their red lines with the Norwegian...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Regulations to deal with deficiencies arising from withdrawal - Independent Report (12 Dec 2017)

Eleanor Laing: ...)”. This amendment would remove the ambiguity in Clause 7 which sets out a definition of ‘deficiencies in retained EU law’ but allows Ministers significant latitude. By removing the qualifying phrase ‘but are not limited to’, subsection (2) becomes a more precise prescribed set of circumstances where Ministers may and may not make regulations. Amendment 277,...

Public Bill Committee: Prisons and Courts Bill: Examination of Witnesses (28 Mar 2017)

Chris Philp: Q The phrase I have heard several of you use is this idea of a one-way bet. Given that it is a one-way bet, it is no surprise that the floodgates have opened in the past few years. I would like to come on to the pre-med offer point, which is important. In clauses 64 and 65, legislation contemplates essentially banning pre-med offers where there has been a whiplash claim—a whiplash claim is...

Public Bill Committee: Prisons and Courts Bill: Examination of Witnesses (28 Mar 2017)

Nick Thomas-Symonds: ..., you were taking about what the prisoners themselves have to offer in this. I know that the RSA has spoken about things such as rehabilitation culture—I think “rehabilitation capital” is the phrase that is used by the prisons. Can I pick up on that and, in a general sense, ask you whether you think the Bill incorporates that sort of culture and those sorts of measures in the way you...

Public Bill Committee: Commonwealth Development Corporation Bill: Examination of Witnesses (6 Dec 2016)

Rory Stewart: Q Just as a quick follow-up, Sir Paul, you have used the phrase “public risk capital”; would you expand a little bit on what you are saying about the need for public involvement?

Public Bill Committee: Technical and Further Education Bill: Examination of Witnesses (22 Nov 2016)

Gordon Marsden: a creative tension—hopefully it is creative and not destructive—between the needs of the education administrator and the traditional needs of the creditors. I was struck particularly by a phrase in your submission, Mr Harris, where you said, “I note also that the Bill contains measures such that a creditor or appropriate national authority may apply to court if it is dissatisfied...

Public Bill Committee: Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill: Examination of Witness (8 Nov 2016)

Andrew Selous: Q I am tempted to have another go, because you used the phrase “reasonable return” in your answer to Dr Whitford. You would not give me a figure on that earlier. Are you prepared to say anything further on that?

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