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Military Action Overseas: Parliamentary Approval (17 Apr 2018)

Jeremy Corbyn: the world—holds the Government to account not just on the immediate decision, but on the longer-term strategy and the implications of the actions that are taken. Going to Afghanistan and Iraq, bombing Libya and many others have long-term consequences. We all need to know what thought process has gone into those long-term consequences by the Government and the officials advising them....

Military Action Overseas: Parliamentary Approval (17 Apr 2018)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...basic democratic principle on the most serious and crucial issues of public policy that we are ever asked to take a decision on. As I said earlier, all those who were here during the debates on Iraq in 2003 remember them very well, just as they remember very well the questioning from the public about what they did and how they voted. That is why we are elected to Parliament. I hope that...

Syria: Syria (16 Apr 2018)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...actors have committed atrocities—chiefly the Assad Government, but also ISIS and a whole host of different warring groups. In a brief speech that drew on the history of the interventions in Iraq and Syria, the right hon. Member for New Forest East (Dr Lewis) described the situation in Syria as a choice between “monsters and maniacs”. I would not choose those words myself, but the...

Syria (16 Apr 2018)

Jeremy Corbyn: transform a now broken convention into a legal obligation. Her predecessor came to this House to seek authority for military action in Libya, and in Syria in 2015, and the House had a vote on Iraq in 2003. There is no more serious issue than the life-and-death matters of military action. It is right that Parliament has the power to support or stop the Government from taking planned...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (15 Nov 2017)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...Minister in wishing Her Majesty and Prince Philip a very happy platinum wedding anniversary. The thoughts of the whole House will be with the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Iran and Iraq on Monday, leaving hundreds dead and thousands without shelter. I hope the Government are offering all necessary emergency help and support that can be used to save life. I am sure that the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (1 Feb 2017)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...Member for West Lothian, and later Linlithgow, Tam Dalyell? A Labour MP and former Father of the House, he doggedly fought to expose official wrongdoing and cover-ups, from the miners strike to Iraq. I am sure the Prime Minister would agree that Tam’s scrutiny and contributions made this House a better place, and may I recommend to all Members his autobiography “The Importance of Being...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (11 Jan 2017)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...House, a happy new year? I hope the whole House will join me—I am sure it will—in paying tribute to 22- year-old Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington, who died in a “non-combat” incident in Iraq last Monday. I am sure the whole House will also join in sending its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of seven-year-old Katie Rough, who tragically died in York earlier this...

Report of the Iraq Inquiry (6 Jul 2016)

Jeremy Corbyn: Before addressing the issues raised in the Iraq inquiry report, I would like to remember and honour the 179 British servicemen and women who were killed and the thousands maimed and injured during the Iraq war, and their families, as well as the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died as a result of the invasion and occupation launched by the US and British Governments 13 years ago....

Report of the Iraq Inquiry (6 Jul 2016)

Jeremy Corbyn: Thank you, Mr Speaker. We have to be saddened at what has been revealed, and we must now reflect on it. In addition to all those British servicepeople and Iraqis, civilians and combatants, who lost their lives in the conflict, many members of this House who voted to stop the war have not lived to see themselves vindicated by this report. First and foremost, it would do us well to remember...

Business of the House: ISIL in Syria (2 Dec 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...on and speed it up slightly, something which appears to meet with your approval, Mr Speaker. There is no doubt that the so-call Islamic State has imposed a reign of sectarian and inhuman terror in Iraq, Syria and Libya. There is no question but that it also poses a threat to our own people. The issue now is whether extending British bombing from Iraq to Syria is likely to reduce or...

Business of the House: ISIL in Syria (2 Dec 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...comprehensive negotiated political settlement of the Syrian war? Such a settlement is widely accepted to be the only way to ensure the isolation and defeat of ISIL. ISIL grew out of the invasion of Iraq, and it has flourished in Syria in the chaos and horror of a multi-fronted civil war.

Business of the House: ISIL in Syria (2 Dec 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ..., these matters have to be analysed. British bombing in Syria risks yet more of what President Obama, in a very thoughtful moment, called the “unintended consequences” of the war in Iraq, which he himself opposed at the time. The spectre of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya looms over this debate.

Business of the House: ISIL in Syria (2 Dec 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...of its members want us to. Is it wrong for us here in Westminster to see a problem, pass a motion, and drop bombs, pretending we are doing something to solve it? That is what we did in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Has terrorism increased or decreased as a result of all that? The Prime Minister said he was looking to build a consensus around the military action he wants to take. I do not...

Business of the House: ISIL in Syria (2 Dec 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: All of our efforts should instead go into bringing the Syrian civil war to an end. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya: I ask Members to think very carefully about the previous decisions we have made. [Interruption.] What we are proposing to do today is send British bombers—

Women and Equalities: Syria (26 Nov 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...he proposes strengthens or undermines our security must be front and centre stage of our minds. There is no doubt that the so-called Islamic State group has imposed a reign of terror on millions in Iraq, in Syria and now in Libya. All that ISIL stands for and does is contrary to everything those of us on these Benches have struggled for over many generations. There is no doubt that it...

Isil: National Security and Defence (23 Nov 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...been learned from recent military interventions. Will the Prime Minister confirm that he will update and revise the review in the light of the forthcoming findings of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war? What is his response to this month’s United Nations report that all sides in the continuing conflict and anarchy in Libya are committing breaches of international law, including...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: G20 and Paris Attacks (17 Nov 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: .... At a time of such tragedy and outrage, it is vital that we are not drawn into responses that feed a cycle of violence and hatred. President Obama has said that ISIS grew out of our invasion of Iraq, and that it is one of its unintended consequences. Will the Prime Minister consider that as one of the very careful responses that President Obama has made recently on this matter? It is...

Isil: European Council (19 Oct 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...ISIL’s abhorrent brutality, which indeed threatens us here too. We need concerted action to cut off the supply of money, arms and fighters to ISIL, and a co-ordinated plan to drive it back from Iraq and Syria. I once again urge the Prime Minister to consider working with our allies to establish safe zones in Syria so that some of the millions of displaced people can return to their...

G7 (10 Jun 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: ..., crucially, so well armed with efficient, modern high-calibre weapons? Secondly, was there an opportunity for a longer discussion about the past 15 years of western foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other places, which appears to have created the circumstances under which an organisation such as ISIL can grow, and indeed is still growing? Was there an opportunity for...

Fifa: Britain in the World (1 Jun 2015)

Jeremy Corbyn: inequality. We might delude ourselves that the rest of the world love us—they do not. They think we have a predilection towards arms, intervention and wars, as we did in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Let us think about what influence in the world is about. Last week or the week before, I was in New York for the last two days of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty review...

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