MPs in constituencies matching field

Lee Anderson

Conservative MP for Ashfield (13 Dec 2019 – current)

Joy Morrissey

Conservative MP for Beaconsfield (13 Dec 2019 – current)

Gary Sambrook

Conservative MP for Birmingham, Northfield (13 Dec 2019 – current)

Toby Perkins

Labour MP for Chesterfield (6 May 2010 – current)

Feryal Clark

Labour MP for Enfield North (13 Dec 2019 – current)

Bambos Charalambous

Labour MP for Enfield, Southgate (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Barry Sheerman

Labour/Co-operative MP for Huddersfield (3 May 1979 – current)

Michael Fabricant

Conservative MP for Lichfield (9 Apr 1992 – current)

David Rutley

Conservative MP for Macclesfield (6 May 2010 – current)

Yvonne Fovargue

Labour MP for Makerfield (6 May 2010 – current)

Ben Bradley

Conservative MP for Mansfield (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Paul Howell

Conservative MP for Sedgefield (13 Dec 2019 – current)

Paul Blomfield

Labour MP for Sheffield Central (6 May 2010 – current)

Olivia Blake

Labour MP for Sheffield, Hallam (13 Dec 2019 – current)

Louise Haigh

Labour MP for Sheffield, Heeley (8 May 2015 – current)

Andrew Mitchell

Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield (11 Jun 1987 – current)

Simon Lightwood

Labour MP for Wakefield (24 Jun 2022 – current)

Grant Shapps

Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield (5 May 2005 – current)

Clive Betts

Labour MP for Sheffield South East (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Gill Furniss

Labour MP for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough (6 May 2016 – current)

People matching field

Lord Field of Birkenhead

Crossbench Peer (11 Sep 2020 – current)

Mark Field

Former Conservative MP for Cities of London and Westminster (7 Jun 2001 – 6 Nov 2019)

the Bishop of Manchester

Former Peer (30 Nov 1997 – 30 Sep 2002)

Lord Thomas of Macclesfield

Former Labour Peer (5 Nov 1997 – 18 May 2016)

Baroness Denton of Wakefield

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1990 – 5 Feb 2001)

Lord Hanningfield

Non-affiliated Peer (31 Jul 1998 – current)

the Bishop of Sheffield

Former Peer (4 Mar 2003 – 16 Jul 2008)

Lord Fyfe of Fairfield

Former Labour Peer (24 May 2000 – 1 Feb 2011)

Lord Davies of Coity

Former Labour Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 4 Mar 2019)

Lord Plant of Highfield

Labour Peer (30 Nov 1991 – current)

Lord Northfield

Former Labour Peer (20 Jan 1976 – 18 Apr 2013)

Lord Cockfield

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1977 – 8 Jan 2007)

Lord Butterfield

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1987 – 22 Jul 2000)

Lord Charteris of Amisfield

Former Crossbench Peer (30 Nov 1977 – 23 Dec 1999)

Baroness Greenfield

Crossbench Peer (26 Jun 2001 – current)

the Bishop of Lichfield

Former Peer (30 Nov 1988 – 13 May 2003)

the Bishop of Manchester

Former Peer (7 Jul 1997 – 17 Jan 2013)

Karen Whitefield

Former Labour MSP for Airdrie and Shotts (6 May 1999 – 23 Mar 2011)

Sir Charles Wingfield

Former MP for Gravesend (17 Nov 1868 – 26 Jan 1874)

Mr Richard Wingfield

Former MP for Essex Southern (27 Mar 1857 – 26 Jan 1874)

Mr Nathaniel Bousfield

Former MP for Bath (31 Jan 1874 – 24 Mar 1880)

Mr William Crosfield

Former MP for Lincoln (4 Jul 1892 – 8 Jul 1895)

Mr Edward Field

Former MP for Eastbourne (24 Nov 1885 – 25 Sep 1900)

Mr Joshua Fielden

Former MP for Yorkshire (West Riding) Eastern (17 Nov 1868 – 24 Mar 1880)

Mr Thomas Fielden

Former MP for Middleton (1 Jul 1886 – 5 Oct 1897)

Mr Charles Freshfield

Former MP for Dover (11 Jul 1865 – 18 Nov 1885)

Mr George Hadfield

Former MP for Sheffield (7 Jul 1852 – 26 Jan 1874)

Mr John Wingfield-Digby

Former MP for Dorset Northern (4 Mar 1885 – 25 Dec 1904)

Mr William Bousfield

Former MP for Hackney North (4 Jul 1892 – 8 Jan 1906)

Mr Arthur Brookfield

Former MP for Rye (24 Nov 1885 – 30 Nov 1903)

Mr William Field

Former MP for Dublin St Patrick's (4 Jul 1892 – 25 Nov 1918)

Sir Moses Manfield

Former MP for Northampton (12 Feb 1891 – 8 Jul 1895)

Mr John Banfield

Former MP for Wednesbury (26 Jul 1932 – 25 May 1945)

Miss Margaret Bondfield

Former MP for Wallsend (6 Dec 1923 – 7 Oct 1931)

Mr Beriah Botfield

Former MP for Ludlow (23 May 1840 – 28 Aug 1863)

Mr William Bromfield

Former MP for Leek (14 Dec 1918 – 15 Jun 1945)

Mr Frederick Corfield

Former MP for Gloucestershire South (26 May 1955 – 8 Feb 1974)

Mr Thomas Duffield

Former MP for Abingdon (10 Dec 1832 – 0 1845)

Mr Edward Fielden

Former MP for Manchester Exchange (1 Oct 1900 – 25 Oct 1935)

Mr Terry Fields

Former MP for Liverpool Broadgreen (9 Jun 1983 – 16 Mar 1992)

Mr Leslie Huckfield

Former MP for Nuneaton (9 Mar 1967 – 13 May 1983)

Lord Huntingfield

Former MP for Eye (6 Dec 1923 – 10 May 1929)

Mr Frederick Linfield

Former MP for Mid Bedfordshire (15 Nov 1922 – 9 Oct 1924)

Captain John Litchfield

Former MP for Chelsea (8 Oct 1959 – 10 Mar 1966)

Mr Robert Longfield

Former MP for Mallow (28 Apr 1859 – 6 Jul 1865)

Mr William Mansfield

Former MP for Cleveland (30 May 1929 – 7 Oct 1931)

Mr Horace Mansfield

Former MP for Spalding (1 Oct 1900 – 10 Jan 1910)

Captain William Maxfield

Former MP for Great Grimsby (10 Dec 1832 – 29 Dec 1834)

Mr John Oldfield

Former MP for Essex South Eastern (30 May 1929 – 7 Oct 1931)

Mr William Oldfield

Former MP for Manchester, Gorton (11 Mar 1942 – 6 May 1955)

Lieut-Colonel Wentworth Schofield

Former MP for Rochdale (25 Oct 1951 – 16 Dec 1957)

Mr Sidney Schofield

Former MP for Barnsley (25 Oct 1951 – 21 Jan 1953)

Mr William Scholefield

Former MP for Birmingham (29 Jul 1847 – 9 Jul 1867)

Mr Joshua Scholefield

Former MP for Birmingham (10 Dec 1832 – 4 Jul 1844)

Sir Berkeley Sheffield

Former MP for Brigg (26 Feb 1907 – 10 May 1929)

Marquess of Titchfield

Former MP for Newark (15 Nov 1922 – 26 Apr 1943)

Mr Edward Wakefield

Former MP for West Derbyshire (23 Feb 1950 – 7 Mar 1962)

Flight Lieut Wavell Wakefield

Former MP for St Marylebone (14 Nov 1935 – 15 Nov 1963)

Mr John Whitfield

Former MP for Dewsbury (9 Jun 1983 – 18 May 1987)

Mr John Fielden

Former MP for Oldham (10 Dec 1832 – 23 Jul 1847)

Mr James Freshfield

Former MP for Penryn and Falmouth (2 Aug 1830 – 21 Mar 1857)

Mr William Scourfield

Former MP for Haverfordwest District of Boroughs (6 Jan 1835 – 17 Jul 1837)

Mr Arthur Crosfield

Former MP for Warrington (12 Jan 1906 – 28 Nov 1910)

Mr Harry Manfield

Former MP for Northamptonshire Mid (12 Jan 1906 – 25 Nov 1918)

Mr Fielding West

Former MP for Hammersmith North (30 May 1929 – 6 Oct 1935)

Mr William Field

Former MP for Paddington North (20 Nov 1946 – 27 Oct 1953)

Mr Barry Field

Former MP for Isle of Wight (11 Jun 1987 – 8 Apr 1997)

Mr Benjamin Bloomfield

Former MP for Plymouth (22 Jun 1812 – 14 Feb 1818)

Mr William Busfield

Former MP for Bradford (16 Sep 1841 – 31 Dec 1851)

Mr Richard Longfield

Former MP for County Cork (24 Jan 1835 – 18 Aug 1837)

Mr John Mansfield

Former MP for Leicester (16 Jun 1818 – 23 Jun 1826)

Mr William Scourfield

Former MP for Haverfordwest District of Boroughs (18 Jun 1818 – 13 Jun 1826)

Mr William Stansfield

Former MP for Huddersfield (29 Jul 1837 – 22 Apr 1853)

the Bishop of Wakefield

Former Peer (22 Jun 2009 – 20 Apr 2014)

the Bishop of Lichfield

Former Peer (3 Nov 2009 – 30 Sep 2015)

Paul Blomfield

Labour MP for Sheffield Central (6 May 2010 – current)

Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield

Crossbench Peer (25 Nov 2010 – current)

Lord Lingfield

Conservative Peer (20 Dec 2010 – current)

Lord Wood of Anfield

Labour Peer (18 Jan 2011 – current)

Baroness Tyler of Enfield

Liberal Democrat Peer (1 Feb 2011 – current)

the Bishop of Oxford

Peer (14 Oct 2013 – current)

Maria Caulfield

Conservative MP for Lewes (8 May 2015 – current)

Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist

Conservative Peer (13 Sep 2016 – current)

Martin Whitfield

Labour MSP for South Scotland (8 May 2021 – current)

Rosie Duffield

Labour MP for Canterbury (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Baroness Fullbrook

Conservative Peer (7 Sep 2020 – current)

Lord Ashcroft

Former Conservative Peer (24 Oct 2000 – 3 Apr 2015)

Glossary items matching field

“Macclesfield Borough Council”

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Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Dogs: Animal Welfare (30 Sep 2022)

Scott Mann: ..., we recently held a consultation on proposed changes to the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 to consider whether a microchip database record should include a ‘back-up support’ field to record the contact details of a person who may offer the animal an alternative to euthanasia in certain circumstances. We are currently analysing the consultation responses and will...

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Dogs: Electronic Training Aids (30 Sep 2022)

Scott Mann: ...from the research was published separately in two different reputable scientific journals, which required additional independent peer review exercises involving scrutiny from experts in the same field prior to publication. This gives HM Government further confidence that the results are robust.   In addition, we have considered Professor Elliffe’s independent commentary on our...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Uganda: Development Aid (29 Sep 2022)

Gillian Keegan: ...with humanitarian assistance, including relieving hunger and treating malnutrition among women and children. The programme's effectiveness is assessed, and its spending monitored, through regular field visits, feedback from beneficiaries, FCDO scrutiny of implementing partners' financial reports, annual audits and annual programme reviews - the latter are published online at...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Uganda: Development Aid (29 Sep 2022)

Gillian Keegan: ...with humanitarian assistance, including relieving hunger and treating malnutrition among women and children. The programme's effectiveness is assessed, and its spending monitored, through regular field visits, feedback from beneficiaries, FCDO scrutiny of implementing partners' financial reports, annual audits and annual programme reviews - the latter are published online at...

Scottish Parliament: National Health Service Waiting Times (28 Sep 2022)

Jackie Baillie: ...planning, the cutting of the number of hospital beds and training places for nurses and the underfunding of the NHS and social care. It is all coming home to roost . An array of experts in their field—including those from the Royal College of Nursing, the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College...

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: Farms: Safety (27 Sep 2022)

Alex Burghart: ...power lines. HSE continues engagement activity with a full range of stakeholders through the Farm Safety Partnerships. The latest activity includes work on child safety, management of cattle in fields with public rights of way, farm transport and the safe use of quad bikes. HSE also regularly holds formal consultations with the industry about its initiatives through the Agriculture...

Scottish Parliament: Scotland’s Population (27 Sep 2022)

Emma Roddick: ...their energy bills are more than their income, which is because the price is tied to the cost of a source of energy that they are not even using. It should not be the case that food is rotting in fields or that scallops are going off in the back of a lorry because the people who used to carry out that work are not sure that they are welcome in the UK any more. The Highlands and Islands are...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Midwives (26 Sep 2022)

Dr Caroline Johnson: ...for supervision and assessment, the ‘Practice Educator and Assessor Preparation’ module is designed to prepare educators and assessors in all nursing, midwifery and allied health profession fields.

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Cannabis: Prescriptions (26 Sep 2022)

Lord Field of Birkenhead: To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Kamall on 22 July (HL1593), how many (1) NHS, and (2) private, (a) licensed, and (b) unlicensed, prescriptions for cannabis medicines were made for severe treatment-resistant epilepsy in 2022.

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Mexico: Drugs (23 Sep 2022)

Jesse Norman: ...The British Embassy in Mexico City regularly engages on this with the Mexican authorities and with civil society, including monitoring violence trends in the country and offering assistance in the field of rule of law. Colleagues from the International Policing Assistance Services (IPAS), accompanied by officials from the British Embassy in Mexico City, visited Mexico in March 2020 to...

Ukraine (22 Sep 2022)

Alyn Smith: ...war criminals aware that there will be no amnesty and no hiding place. The UK can do more about that—the UK has a developed legal system and a number of practitioners who are very active in this field—so we need to put more resources into it. The SNP is part of this coalition. I am proud that we have been able to work together on this point, because this transcends boundaries and...

Business of the House (22 Sep 2022)

Hannah Bardell: Can we have a debate on the treatment of British citizens in Spanish prisons? My Livingston constituent Jamielee Fielding is nearly seven months pregnant and has gestational diabetes, but despite having paid the fine, the Spanish authorities in Tenerife are holding her, removing vital food and medication, and breaching her human rights. She has a very short window to get home to have her...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Fungi: Infectious Diseases (22 Sep 2022)

Dr Caroline Johnson: ...: NHS Digital Notes:Person IDs. The Master Person Service (MPS) person identifier. This is a unique identifier for each individual patient, generated via the MPS. This identifier replaces the HESID field and allows an individual’s care to be tracked across years and continuous periods to be identified.Primary Diagnosis. The primary diagnosis is the first of up to 20 (14 from 2002/03 to...

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Plastics: Inland Waterways and Rivers (22 Sep 2022)

Trudy Harrison: ...since introducing our a 5p and single-use carrier bag charge. In May 2021 we increased the charge to 10p and extended it to all retailers to build on its success to date and create a level playing field for all businesses. We recently consulted on proposals to ban the supply of single-use plastic plates, cutlery, balloon sticks, and expanded and extruded polystyrene food and drink...

Written Answers — Treasury: Monetary Policy (22 Sep 2022)

Lord Field of Birkenhead: To ask Her Majesty's Government what was the extent of quantitative easing for each quarter since the beginning of 2021.

Scottish Parliament: Flooding (Pakistan) (22 Sep 2022)

Kaukab Stewart: ...welcomed to Parliament a delegation from the regional government of Balochistan, which is one of the regions that has been worst affected by the flooding. This week, the UNICEF Pakistan chief field officer in Balochistan reported: “We don’t have enough food, we don’t have shelter,” and there is not enough healthcare, adding that “Roads and bridges have been washed away ... the...

Scottish Parliament: Short-term Lets Legislation (21 Sep 2022)

Shona Robison: ...member will also know, many short-term lets already comply with those conditions. For those that do not, it is important that those conditions are met as soon as possible to ensure a level playing field and safety across Scotland. There is a transition period for existing operators, which have until 1 April 2023 to apply for a licence and may continue to operate while their licence is...

Scottish Parliament: Oil and Gas Exploration Licences (21 Sep 2022)

Mr Mark Ruskell: secretary to her making no reference to climate in her first speech on energy, this is climate denial at its worst. Does the cabinet secretary agree that the development of the Rosebank oil field, alongside Cambo and Jackdaw, undermines both the Paris agreement and the Glasgow pact and will do nothing to reduce the energy bills that people are facing?

Scottish Parliament: Economic Transformation (21 Sep 2022)

Ivan McKee: Scotland is an outward-facing nation; we take our place in the world seriously and work hard to build our links with international partners. That is true in the field of internationalising our economy, which the Scottish Government takes seriously, and it is why we published “A Trading Nation—a plan for growing Scotland’s exports” three years ago and “Scotland’s Inward Investment...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Summer events (3): Summer events (3) (21 Sep 2022)

Sadiq Khan: ...), Museum of Youth Culture (£2k), National Gallery (£10k), Royal Opera House (£13k), Royal Parks (£10k), Science Museum (£5k), Somerset House (£9k), Southbank Centre (£17k), St Martin-in-the-Field Church (£15k), and the Tate Modern (£2k).   The campaign was expanded in May 2022 to deliver to international, domestic, and local Londoner audiences. The campaign continued to...

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