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James Cleverly

Conservative MP for Braintree (8 May 2015 – current)

Boris Johnson

Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Helen Whately

Conservative MP for Faversham and Mid Kent (8 May 2015 – current)

Tom Pursglove

Conservative MP for Corby (8 May 2015 – current)

Rehman Chishti

Conservative MP for Gillingham and Rainham (6 May 2010 – current)

James Morris

Conservative MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis (6 May 2010 – current)

Andrew Jones

Conservative MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough (6 May 2010 – current)

Brandon Lewis

Conservative MP for Great Yarmouth (6 May 2010 – current)

Helen Grant

Conservative MP for Maidstone and The Weald (6 May 2010 – current)

Chris Skidmore

Conservative MP for Kingswood (6 May 2010 – current)

Marcus Jones

Conservative MP for Nuneaton (6 May 2010 – current)

Maria Caulfield

Conservative MP for Lewes (8 May 2015 – current)

Kemi Badenoch

Conservative MP for Saffron Walden (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Ben Bradley

Conservative MP for Mansfield (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Mark Field

Conservative MP for Cities of London and Westminster (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Patrick McLoughlin

Conservative MP for Derbyshire Dales (8 May 1986 – current)

Theresa May

Conservative MP for Maidenhead (1 May 1997 – current)

Lord Feldman of Elstree

Conservative Peer (20 Dec 2010 – current)

Michael Fabricant

Conservative MP for Lichfield (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Bob Neill

Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst (30 Jun 2006 – current)

Michael Fallon

Conservative MP for Sevenoaks (9 Jun 1983 – current)

Graham Brady

Conservative MP for Altrincham and Sale West (1 May 1997 – current)

Baroness Warsi

Conservative Peer (15 Oct 2007 – current)

Lord Pickles

Conservative Peer (18 Jun 2018 – current)

Caroline Spelman

Conservative MP for Meriden (1 May 1997 – current)

Alistair Burt

Conservative MP for North East Bedfordshire (9 Jun 1983 – current)

Lord Bates

Conservative Peer (7 Jul 2008 – current)

Lord Maples

Former Conservative Peer (24 Jun 2010 – 9 Jun 2012)

Lord Risby

Conservative Peer (11 Jan 2011 – current)

David Cameron

Former Conservative MP for Witney (7 Jun 2001 – 12 Sep 2016)

Bernard Jenkin

Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Baroness Browning

Conservative Peer (13 Jul 2010 – current)

Justine Greening

Conservative MP for Putney (5 May 2005 – current)

Grant Shapps

Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield (5 May 2005 – current)

Lord Maude of Horsham

Conservative Peer (26 May 2015 – current)

Lord Flight

Conservative Peer (17 Jan 2011 – current)

Andrew Rosindell

Conservative MP for Romford (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Liam Fox

Conservative MP for North Somerset (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Lord Howard of Lympne

Conservative Peer (20 Jul 2010 – current)

Charles Hendry

Former Conservative MP for Wealden (9 Apr 1992 – 30 Mar 2015)

Andrew Turner

Former Conservative MP for Isle of Wight (7 Jun 2001 – 3 May 2017)

the Marquess of Lothian

Conservative Peer (22 Nov 2010 – current)

Iain Duncan Smith

Conservative MP for Chingford and Woodford Green (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Roger Gale

Conservative MP for North Thanet (9 Jun 1983 – current)

Shailesh Vara

Conservative MP for North West Cambridgeshire (5 May 2005 – current)

Gary Streeter

Conservative MP for South West Devon (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Robert Syms

Conservative MP for Poole (1 May 1997 – current)

Lord Spicer

Conservative Peer (12 Jul 2010 – current)

Nigel Evans

Conservative MP for Ribble Valley (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Lord Prior of Brampton

Conservative Peer (29 May 2015 – current)

John Hayes

Conservative MP for South Holland and The Deepings (1 May 1997 – current)

Lord Lansley

Conservative Peer (26 Oct 2015 – current)

Richard Ottaway

Former Conservative MP for Croydon South (9 Jun 1983 – 30 Mar 2015)

Lord Lilley

Conservative Peer (18 Jun 2018 – current)

Tim Yeo

Former Conservative MP for South Suffolk (9 Jun 1983 – 30 Mar 2015)

Alan Duncan

Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Lord Hague of Richmond

Conservative Peer (26 Nov 2015 – current)

Lord Freeman

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – current)

Lord Hamilton of Epsom

Conservative Peer (28 Jun 2005 – current)

Christopher Chope

Conservative MP for Christchurch (9 Jun 1983 – current)

Lord Mawhinney

Conservative Peer (6 Jul 2005 – current)

Andrew Mitchell

Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield (11 Jun 1987 – current)

Lord Fowler

Conservative Peer (4 Jul 2001 – current)

Lord Patten of Barnes

Conservative Peer (19 Jan 2005 – current)

Lord Cope of Berkeley

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – current)

Lord Baker of Dorking

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – current)

Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville

Former Conservative Peer (22 Oct 2001 – 18 Sep 2015)

Lord Tebbit

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1991 – current)

Lord Onslow of Woking

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 13 Mar 2001)

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

Liberal Democrat Peer (30 Nov 1996 – current)

Lord Deben

Conservative Peer (21 Jun 2010 – current)

Lord Hunt of Wirral

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – current)

Lord Parkinson

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1991 – 14 Sep 2015)

Lord Howarth of Newport

Labour Peer (22 Jun 2005 – current)

Lord Moore of Lower Marsh

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1991 – current)

Baroness Thatcher

Former Conservative Peer (30 Jun 1992 – 8 Apr 2013)

Lord Prior

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1986 – current)

Lord Elliott of Morpeth

Former Other Peer (22 May 1985 – 20 May 2011)

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Questions to the Mayor of London — Priorities for London: Priorities for London (29 Jul 2019)

Sadiq Khan: make London a fairer city where all Londoners get the opportunities that our city gave to me and my family. I am proud that despite years of Government cuts and austerity supported by the Conservative Assembly Members around the Chamber, which devastated our city and our public services, we are delivering the changes that Londoners want to see. We have prioritised tackling violent crime...

Summer Adjournment (25 Jul 2019)

Lloyd Russell-Moyle: ...schools in my constituency: Moulsecoomb primary school and Peacehaven community school. They are at opposite ends of my constituency and in different local authorities, one Labour-controlled, one Conservative-controlled. Moulsecoomb primary school has had a total funding cut of £388,000, equivalent to £595 per pupil, since 2015, and in the last 12 months it has lost 11 staff,...

Priorities for the Government - Statement (25 Jul 2019)

Baroness Smith of Newnham: I am grateful to the Minister for repeating what appeared to be the Prime Minister’s, or the Conservative Party’s, election manifesto—whenever the election comes. There were so many priorities that it was difficult to see any priority. But one issue that came out, as my noble friend Lord Newby pointed out, is that of a points-based immigration system. The Prime Minister indicated that...

Mental Health Act 1983 — [Ms Karen Buck in the Chair] (25 Jul 2019)

Neil Coyle: ...decision is made.” Our right to make bad decisions is enshrined in legislation. I apologise to any smokers present, but they make a bad choice every time they light a cigarette, and arguably the Conservative party has chosen badly in selecting the right hon. Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip (Boris Johnson). The fourth and fifth principles are: “An act done, or decision made,...

United Kingdom’s Ambassador to the United States: Leaked Messages - Question for Short Debate (25 Jul 2019)

Baroness Smith of Newnham: ...10 yesterday and in the House of Commons earlier today. However, we have heard no real commitment to foreign policy. When the leak happened, the response of Boris Johnson—then a candidate for the Conservative leadership—was strange. I would have assumed that, in the context of a leak, the person who is at fault is not the one who has been leaked but the one who has done the leaking. As...

Priorities for Government (25 Jul 2019)

Boris Johnson: ...—a policy promulgated by this Government—have increased by £4,500, for those who are on it, since 2010, and wages are now rising faster than inflation for the first time in a decade. It is the Conservative party that is committed to higher wages and higher skills; the Labour party wants higher taxes and fewer jobs.

Speaker’S Statement: Business of the House (25 Jul 2019)

Valerie Vaz: ...for Aylesbury (Mr Lidington), who has stood down from his Front-Bench post after 20 years. He started as a special adviser to Douglas Hurd. I hope we see the like of those people again in the Conservative party. I, too, want to pay tribute to Paul Evans, who has been absolutely fantastic. He has had a distinguished career in the House. He has been very supportive when I have asked him...

Council of Europe: House of Lords Members’ Contribution - Question for Short Debate (24 Jul 2019)

Lord Russell of Liverpool: ...describe it as very educational. I am the only member of the UK delegation who is politically unaffiliated—I am the only representative of the 180-odd Cross-Benchers. I sit with the European Conservatives Group because that happens to be the political grouping of the Government of today. Should there be a general election and our new Prime Minister gets it wrong, as he is quite capable...

Birmingham Commonwealth Games Bill [HL] - Report: Amendment 2 (24 Jul 2019)

Lord Snape: ...million gap, which must be closed before the Commonwealth Games go ahead. If the gap cannot be closed in this way, how will it be closed? Perhaps the noble Lord who speaks on behalf of the Liberal party should not knock an idea that seems enormously attractive to me. I fought three elections as a local councillor, only one of which was successful. If I were still a member of my local...

Arrangement of Business - Announcement (24 Jul 2019)

Baroness Smith of Basildon: I am grateful to the Chief Whip for that response—probably. I can tell him that I had a letter from one of the candidates in the Conservative Party leadership election who was not very happy about the idea of a Joint Committee, but that was Jeremy Hunt and he lost, so I was rather hoping that the new Prime Minister might be a little more sympathetic. In his final hours as Chief Whip, might...

Local Housing Allowance and Homelessness — [Mr Adrian Bailey in the Chair] (24 Jul 2019)

Eddie Hughes: I frequently agree with her. I felt the need to speak in this debate because I was concerned that too many Opposition Members would make it seem like a world of doom and gloom, as if the Conservative party was doing nothing to support homeless people—I understand it to be the opposite. Immediately before coming to Parliament, I had been with YMCA Birmingham for three years. Just...

Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland: 20 Years of Devolution (24 Jul 2019)

David Mundell: If that was a question about a separate English Parliament, I should say that I am clear, as is the new leader of the Conservative party, that England does not need its own separate Parliament.

Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland: Leaving the EU: Effect on the Union (24 Jul 2019)

Ian Murray: his promises, it would be his last day in office, so I wish him well and thank him for his unstinting courtesy in that role. The new Prime Minister’s election yesterday means that the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party is now the Scottish Conservative and Brexit party, which means that it is abandoning Unionism. Is not the new Prime Minister now as big a threat to the Union,...

Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland: Leaving the EU: No Deal (24 Jul 2019)

Tommy Sheppard: Let me read this for fear of misquoting the Secretary of State. He told the last Scottish Conservative party conference: “Unfortunately Mr Johnson seems to behave in a way that suggests he is only focused on his own self interest and not on the interests of our country, and I find that very disappointing.” Has the Secretary of State now overcome his disappointment, and will he continue to...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (24 Jul 2019)

Theresa May: I am pleased to hand over to an incoming leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister who I worked with when he was in my Cabinet, and who is committed, as a Conservative who stood on a Conservative manifesto in 2017, to delivering on the vote of the British people in 2016 and to delivering a bright future for this country.

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (24 Jul 2019)

Theresa May: I thank my hon. Friend for his question. I also thank him and my right hon. Friend the Member for Chesham and Amersham (Dame Cheryl Gillan) for the dignified way in which they conducted the Conservative party leadership election. He has been an advocate for the Government doing more on mental health during his time in this House, and he has championed the need for us to do more on mental...

Transport Links: Nottinghamshire — [Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] (23 Jul 2019)

Ben Bradley: drive that change. I hope that the potential for a focus on regional infrastructure will come good under a new Prime Minister. It is unfortunate that this debate coincides with the new Conservative party leader’s speech to the 1922 Committee, which I am sure has distracted many colleagues this afternoon. I thank all my constituents for their engagement on this debate. Many commented...

Universal Credit: Managed Migration - Statement (23 Jul 2019)

Baroness Buscombe: One reason I became a Conservative was that there was an incredible advertisement in 1979 that said, “Labour Isn’t Working”. It showed lines and lines of people outside what we then called the employment exchange. That was a long time ago, but in 2010—the noble Lord knows this—20% of working-age households were still entirely workless. We have got that down to 13.9%. It is still not...

Child Maintenance Service — [Sir Edward Leigh in the Chair] (23 Jul 2019)

Marion Fellows: ..., I introduced a private Member’s Bill, the Child Maintenance Bill, based on the many issues that were highlighted as I tried to help constituents. The CMS has been roundly criticised by all parties in this place, which should signal to the Minister that it is time for sweeping reforms and an urgent root-and-branch review. The Government have a clear responsibility not just to parents or...

UK Trade and Investment Strategy — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (23 Jul 2019)

Graham Stuart: ...for Hornchurch and Upminster. She asked about the 100 days. We will continue to prepare for no deal to be the outcome, which is not the avowed intent of either of the leadership contenders for the Conservative party. We prepared and were in a good position ahead of 29 March, and we are working with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to be able to meet questions...

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