People matching conservative party

Nadhim Zahawi

Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon (6 May 2010 – current)

Rishi Sunak

Conservative MP for Richmond (Yorks) (8 May 2015 – current)

Elizabeth Truss

Conservative MP for South West Norfolk (6 May 2010 – current)

Oliver Dowden

Conservative MP for Hertsmere (8 May 2015 – current)

Amanda Milling

Conservative MP for Cannock Chase (8 May 2015 – current)

James Cleverly

Conservative MP for Braintree (8 May 2015 – current)

Boris Johnson

Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Helen Whately

Conservative MP for Faversham and Mid Kent (8 May 2015 – current)

Tom Pursglove

Conservative MP for Corby (8 May 2015 – current)

Rehman Chishti

Conservative MP for Gillingham and Rainham (6 May 2010 – current)

James Morris

Conservative MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis (6 May 2010 – current)

Andrew Jones

Conservative MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough (6 May 2010 – current)

Brandon Lewis

Conservative MP for Great Yarmouth (6 May 2010 – current)

Helen Grant

Conservative MP for Maidstone and The Weald (6 May 2010 – current)

Chris Skidmore

Conservative MP for Kingswood (6 May 2010 – current)

Marcus Jones

Conservative MP for Nuneaton (6 May 2010 – current)

Maria Caulfield

Conservative MP for Lewes (8 May 2015 – current)

Kemi Badenoch

Conservative MP for Saffron Walden (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Ben Bradley

Conservative MP for Mansfield (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Mark Field

Former Conservative MP for Cities of London and Westminster (7 Jun 2001 – 6 Nov 2019)

Lord McLoughlin

Conservative Peer (8 Sep 2020 – current)

Theresa May

Conservative MP for Maidenhead (1 May 1997 – current)

Lord Feldman of Elstree

Conservative Peer (20 Dec 2010 – current)

Michael Fabricant

Conservative MP for Lichfield (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Bob Neill

Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst (30 Jun 2006 – current)

Michael Fallon

Former Conservative MP for Sevenoaks (9 Jun 1983 – 6 Nov 2019)

Graham Brady

Conservative MP for Altrincham and Sale West (1 May 1997 – current)

Baroness Warsi

Conservative Peer (15 Oct 2007 – current)

Lord Pickles

Conservative Peer (18 Jun 2018 – current)

Caroline Spelman

Former Conservative MP for Meriden (1 May 1997 – 6 Nov 2019)

Alistair Burt

Former Independent MP for North East Bedfordshire (9 Jun 1983 – 6 Nov 2019)

Lord Bates

Conservative Peer (7 Jul 2008 – current)

Lord Maples

Former Conservative Peer (24 Jun 2010 – 9 Jun 2012)

Lord Risby

Conservative Peer (11 Jan 2011 – current)

David Cameron

Former Conservative MP for Witney (7 Jun 2001 – 12 Sep 2016)

Bernard Jenkin

Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Baroness Browning

Conservative Peer (13 Jul 2010 – current)

Justine Greening

Former Independent MP for Putney (5 May 2005 – 6 Nov 2019)

Grant Shapps

Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield (5 May 2005 – current)

Lord Maude of Horsham

Conservative Peer (26 May 2015 – current)

Lord Flight

Conservative Peer (17 Jan 2011 – current)

Andrew Rosindell

Conservative MP for Romford (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Liam Fox

Conservative MP for North Somerset (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Lord Howard of Lympne

Conservative Peer (20 Jul 2010 – current)

Charles Hendry

Former Conservative MP for Wealden (9 Apr 1992 – 30 Mar 2015)

Andrew Turner

Former Conservative MP for Isle of Wight (7 Jun 2001 – 3 May 2017)

the Marquess of Lothian

Conservative Peer (22 Nov 2010 – current)

Iain Duncan Smith

Conservative MP for Chingford and Woodford Green (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Roger Gale

Conservative MP for North Thanet (9 Jun 1983 – current)

Shailesh Vara

Conservative MP for North West Cambridgeshire (5 May 2005 – current)

Gary Streeter

Conservative MP for South West Devon (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Robert Syms

Conservative MP for Poole (1 May 1997 – current)

Lord Spicer

Former Conservative Peer (12 Jul 2010 – 29 May 2019)

Nigel Evans

Conservative MP for Ribble Valley (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Lord Prior of Brampton

Non-affiliated Peer (29 May 2015 – current)

John Hayes

Conservative MP for South Holland and The Deepings (1 May 1997 – current)

Lord Lansley

Conservative Peer (26 Oct 2015 – current)

Richard Ottaway

Former Conservative MP for Croydon South (9 Jun 1983 – 30 Mar 2015)

Lord Lilley

Conservative Peer (18 Jun 2018 – current)

Tim Yeo

Former Conservative MP for South Suffolk (9 Jun 1983 – 30 Mar 2015)

Alan Duncan

Former Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton (9 Apr 1992 – 6 Nov 2019)

Lord Hague of Richmond

Conservative Peer (26 Nov 2015 – current)

Lord Freeman

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 1 Oct 2020)

Lord Hamilton of Epsom

Conservative Peer (28 Jun 2005 – current)

Christopher Chope

Conservative MP for Christchurch (9 Jun 1983 – current)

Lord Mawhinney

Former Conservative Peer (6 Jul 2005 – 9 Nov 2019)

Andrew Mitchell

Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield (11 Jun 1987 – current)

Lord Fowler

Non-affiliated Peer (4 Jul 2001 – current)

Lord Patten of Barnes

Conservative Peer (19 Jan 2005 – current)

Lord Cope of Berkeley

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 13 May 2020)

Lord Baker of Dorking

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – current)

Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville

Former Conservative Peer (22 Oct 2001 – 18 Sep 2015)

Lord Tebbit

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1991 – 31 Mar 2022)

Lord Onslow of Woking

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 13 Mar 2001)

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

Conservative Peer (3 Nov 1997 – current)

Lord Deben

Conservative Peer (21 Jun 2010 – current)

Lord Hunt of Wirral

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – current)

Lord Parkinson

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1991 – 14 Sep 2015)

Lord Howarth of Newport

Labour Peer (22 Jun 2005 – current)

Lord Moore of Lower Marsh

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1991 – 20 May 2019)

Baroness Thatcher

Former Conservative Peer (30 Jun 1992 – 8 Apr 2013)

Lord Prior

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1986 – 12 Dec 2016)

Lord Elliott of Morpeth

Former Conservative Peer (22 May 1985 – 20 May 2011)

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Midlands Metro Extension (26 Jan 2023)

Shaun Bailey: ...communities about the delays and the uncertainty around the extension. My community knows that this project is vital to unlock the untapped potential of the Black Country. I am a loyal member of my party, of course, but my loyalties are not to the combined authority, a Mayor, or anyone in particular; they are to the communities of the Black Country, and to Tipton and Wednesbury in...

Planning (26 Jan 2023)

Gagan Mohindra: ...use to put development in the wrong place. I think I speak on behalf of the whole House when I say that politicians are always conscious of unintended consequence. No politician, whatever their party, wants to put forward bad laws or policies. When it comes to encouraging councils to ensure a pipeline of future development, a hard five- year deadline would open up a massive can of worms;...

Holocaust Memorial Day (26 Jan 2023)

Andrew Western: .... It is also one of the keys to increased productivity. Work, family life, health, and education are all undermined by crowded houses.” Those are not my words, but those of Winston Churchill’s Conservative party in its 1951 manifesto. Given that Churchill’s grandson, Winston Churchill MP, represented both Stretford and Urmston’s predecessor constituencies before 1997, those are...

Armed Forces: Resilience - Motion to Take Note (26 Jan 2023)

Earl Attlee: ...why the Putin regime thought the time was right to invade Ukraine. Among these are—to some extent—Brexit, the accompanying instability and a weak UK Government caused by a hopelessly divided Conservative Party. The United States has its own problems. So far as the UK is concerned, there is also the false impression that we are no longer interested in defence and deterrence, despite the...

Business of the House (26 Jan 2023)

Deidre Brock: ...Day, and I pay tribute to the First Nations people of Australia and their long fight for recognition of the dreadful injustices they have suffered since European colonisation in the 1700s. A Conservative Member, who is clearly bent on establishing himself as some kind of Conservative poundshop Farage, reportedly shouted something loathsome at Prime Minister’s questions yesterday about...

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport: Topical Questions (26 Jan 2023)

Lucy Powell: Half the DCMS shortlisting panel for the BBC chair had close links to the Conservative party, but even they managed to put forward five candidates. So what does the Secretary of State think it was about the close confidante of the former Prime Minister who was helping with his personal finances that first attracted him to appoint Mr Sharp over the other four candidates? Does she have...

Scottish Parliament: Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 (26 Jan 2023)

Michael Matheson: ...member referred to four areas of the trunk road network: the A9, the A96, the A75 and the A77. He may not be aware of this, but I would have thought that he, as the transport spokesperson for the Conservative Party, would recognise that the A9 and the A96 are not within the scope of STPR2, because they are part of the previous STPR process. Now that I have pointed that out to the member,...

Scottish Parliament: Budget 2023-24 (Committees’ Pre-budget Scrutiny) (26 Jan 2023)

John Swinney: ...most revealing comment of the whole debate when she said that in today’s contributions we have looked at the substance, the scrutiny and the evidence, and in next week’s we will get into the party politics. I therefore ask members to forgive me if I pay slightly more attention to what some colleagues say today than I will do next week. That is a little warning. As he regularly does, Mr...

Britishvolt (25 Jan 2023)

Ian Lavery: ....” So he claimed. At the time, everybody wanted a piece of Britishvolt, which was hailed as the poster boy of levelling up and as a tribute to the vision of life post Brexit held by this new-look Conservative party. So where did it all go wrong? What actually happened? Why are we in this situation now? At what point did the Government go cold on Britishvolt, which was hailed only a year...

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill: Part 29A - Economic Crime (25 Jan 2023)

Layla Moran: ...feelings about where we are with the Bill. On the one hand, it is very clear that we are much further on than a year ago, which is surely a good thing. That has come off the back of strong cross-party working, and I echo what the right hon. Member for Barking said earlier about that restoring faith in the democratic process. If only our constituents could see that we do work together and...

Steel Industry: Contribution to the UK Economy — [Mark Pritchard in the Chair] (25 Jan 2023)

Jessica Morden: ...system to reward American manufacturers that invest in and use American manufacturing supply chains. If this Government will not take action, the next Labour Government will. I am pleased that my party is committed to asking every public body to give more contracts to British firms, big and small. We will use stretching social, environmental and labour clauses in contract design to raise...

Wagner Group: Sanctions Regime (25 Jan 2023)

Andrew Slaughter: Are the Government serious about tackling the use of SLAPPs? Threats of libel action by the Conservative party chairman over his tax affairs, use of the non-disclosure agreement by the Justice Secretary to silence journalists, and the Home Secretary’s attempt to stop the BBC reporting serious domestic violence by an agent of the security services when she was Attorney General, suggest that...

Public Procurement Processes — [Esther McVey in the Chair] (25 Jan 2023)

Mick Whitley: worst. This is not an abstract issue: it is, sadly, a real problem that has led to major scandals. While the country was rocked by the curse of covid, a VIP lane was opened to enrich friends of Conservative Ministers and donors to their party coffers. Taxpayers’ money was doled out without any proper scrutiny. As a result, orders of personal protective equipment were handed out to...

Scottish Parliament: United Kingdom and New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (Agriculture) (25 Jan 2023)

Fiona Hyslop: I preface my next question by paying tribute to Scotland’s most famous farmer and poet, Robert Burns, on his birthday—25 January. Is the cabinet secretary aware that Conservative Lord Hannan of Kingsclere and UK Government minister in the Department of International Trade Lord Johnson of Lainston both stated during a House of Lords debate that New Zealand lamb is better for the...

Scottish Parliament: Point of Order (25 Jan 2023)

Emma Roddick: On a point of order, Presiding Officer. I would like to raise a serious concern that proper parliamentary procedure has not been followed ahead of today’s Conservative Party debates. As you might know, members across the chamber, outwith the Conservative Party, did not have official advance sight of the second of today’s party business debates until after 1 pm yesterday, which was late in...

Scottish Parliament: Homelessness (25 Jan 2023)

Miles Briggs: ...the Government is failing to deliver on its outcomes and is failing the people of Scotland. One such example is the drug deaths crisis that our country is facing. As the health spokesman for the Conservatives, I led debate after debate in the chamber—at a time when the cabinet secretary was the health secretary—and warned ministers that they needed to stop and understand where drug...

Scottish Parliament: Business Motion (25 Jan 2023)

Neil Bibby: their constituencies and regions, including engaging with trade unions. That is the course of action being taken by the Welsh Parliament, as proposed by its Business Committee and agreed by all parties with the exception of the Welsh Conservatives. We should do the same here. There are a number of reasons why it would not be appropriate to go ahead with parliamentary business—not...

Animal Welfare in Overseas Tourism (24 Jan 2023)

Rebecca Pow: ...grateful to my hon. Friend the Member for Crawley (Henry Smith) for securing this debate, and for sharing a copy of his speech. We have something in common as I, too, was a member of the all-party parliamentary group for animal welfare—I think I co-chaired it. Many Members in this Chamber either have been in that all-party group or are in it now. There is strong cross-party engagement...

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill: New Clause 8 - Disqualification for persistent breaches of companies legislation: GB (24 Jan 2023)

Margaret Hodge: ...years on the Back Benches. We have co-operated well, and I look forward to that co-operation continuing now that he is a Minister. I am pleased to be working closely with his successor at the all-party parliamentary group on fair business banking, the hon. Member for Barrow and Furness (Simon Fell), who has tabled a number of the amendments put forward by the APPG. I join others in...

Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill - Committee (1st Day): Amendment to the Motion (24 Jan 2023)

Lord Dodds of Duncairn: ...a Government who are committed to the union—although their actions in recent times, both in the protocol and on this, would cause many unionists to doubt what exactly is now going on with the Conservative and Unionist Party. It is certainly not the case for all members of that party, and certainly not all parliamentarians, but at the centre there is something deeply and fundamentally...

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