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Brexit - Motion to Take Note (19 Oct 2019)

Lord Rooker: ...current EU rules, we already have control—if we wish to exercise it—of our laws, borders and money. That is a fact. We should look not at next week, next month or next year, but a decade ahead. Brexit fatigue makes it tempting for some people to grab what they think is a comforting end, but it is not. What looks okay in the short term can look very negative in the long term. If the...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (4th Day) (17 Oct 2019)

Lord Rooker: ...a hard-right bully. At the Treasury Select Committee in 2016, the now Leader of the House of Commons opined that standards that were good enough for India would be good enough for the UK after Brexit. I have never been to India but I have enormous respect for the world’s largest democracy. There are thousands of members of my professional institution, the Institution of Engineering and...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (4th Day) (17 Oct 2019)

Lord Rooker: ...that they owned, many of which were unsafe, but expected workers to make do and mend. Calling for such changes in deregulation, knowing the actual consequences, is the same as saying that extra Brexit deaths due to less red tape are worth having. I know that is a serious charge, but the reality is that we have to watch what happens with deregulation like a hawk. The Leader of the House of...

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill - Report: Amendment 1 (6 Sep 2019)

Lord Rooker: look at it again. I do not see any contradiction in the fact that they have rejected the agreement three times. It is their choice—the meaningful vote is theirs, not ours—and it is a soft Brexit. It is Brexit in name only—there is no question about that. They are free at any time they want in the Commons to fix their business to do it. It is nothing to do with us because we are...

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill - Second Reading (5 Sep 2019)

Lord Rooker: My Lords, I move this Motion on behalf of the elected House. I am not here to debate leave, remain or Brexit. The Bill is about how Brexit is carried through so that the UK does not leave without a deal and that, once a deal is there to be voted on, we will leave, if the House of Commons agrees, via its meaningful vote. Of course, this House does not have a meaningful vote. The Bill has come...

Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 Committee - Motions to Approve (6 Jun 2019)

Lord Rooker: Can I ask a question about this? I am constantly reading rumours from the other place that various candidates to be Prime Minister intend to prorogue Parliament to get Brexit through. If that is allowed to happen, is there any flexibility in changing the dates for these four Select Committees to report, or to allow them to sit during Prorogation?

Brexit: Food Prices and Availability (EUC Report) - Motion to Take Note (25 Apr 2019)

Lord Rooker: ...he can do anything about it is a different kettle of fish. My second and final point involves the Minister. At one time, I kept a list of all the comments he had made about food standards and Brexit. He has hung himself out at the Dispatch Box on probably a dozen occasions in the past couple of years. I draw his attention to the Government’s response to this report. Paragraph 48 states:...

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 5) Bill - Second Reading (4 Apr 2019)

Lord Rooker: ...of walking out without any arrangements in place are very worrying. I will touch on another aspect: the food issue, which my noble friend Lord Howarth mentioned. We were due to have a debate on Brexit-related food prices and on the effects of leaving without a deal. Some 30% of our food comes from the EU, 50% is made here, and 20% comes from elsewhere. A 22% average increase in tariffs...

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 5) Bill - Second Reading (4 Apr 2019)

Lord Rooker: Yes. The NFU has been the quiet dog on this issue for three years. It never had a position on Brexit. It did not campaign—it was split. Many took one view and many took another. I know NFU members, ex-presidents, who worked their socks off travelling the country, trying to organise for remain. But the organisation was split—it never put its corporate voice into the debate.

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 5) Bill - Second Reading (4 Apr 2019)

Lord Rooker: ...political parties; it is not a Labour Party exercise, despite the constant refrain from a couple of noble Lords earlier. We are not in a normal situation; nobody is arguing that. The timetable of Brexit is an internal timetable in the UK but there is an external timetable, which we do not control, in the European Union. Our role is not to rubber-stamp the elected Commons at any time; I...

Further Developments in Discussions with the European Union under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union - Motion to Take Note (Continued) (11 Mar 2019)

Lord Rooker: ...since 23 June 2016. There are still arguments about the way that result was achieved. I accept it is a bad deal and, as I said in December, I have read part of every page of the deal and it is Brexit in name only. It stops a trade deal with the United States of America, which I think is a good thing at present, but we will become rule-takers. There is no question about that. We were told...

Further Developments in Discussions with the European Union under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union - Motion to Take Note (Continued) (11 Mar 2019)

Lord Rooker: down for today’s debate was that I thought something might have changed. But I also knew, by the middle of last week, that I was going to a sixth-form college on Friday to have a chat about Brexit and to listen. I was at Hereford Sixth Form College with a group of about 100 students. The straw poll at the beginning of our discussion mirrored exactly what that BMG poll said—it was...

Brexit: Healthy and Nutritious Food - Question (20 Dec 2018)

Lord Rooker: Will the Minister have a word with the secret society that runs this place and find out why the European Union Committee report Brexit: Food Prices and Availability, published in May this year, has never been debated on the Floor of this House? There is a conspiracy not to debate this issue by those who run this place.

Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration - Motion to Take Note (1st Day) (Continued) (5 Dec 2018)

Lord Rooker: ...of 66 million over the days in the year. It is exactly 39p per person per day. It is not massive in the way that the Prime Minister puts it across. Finally, the Government’s finance papers on Brexit assume trade deals all over the world, including the food-poisoning capital of the western world, the United States of America, where food poisoning rates are 10 times the rate per head of...

The Politics of Polling (Political Polling and Digital Media Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note (3 Jul 2018)

Lord Rooker: ...of poll—or, more correctly, no exit poll information to any section of the public before close of poll. Does it matter? Is anyone interested? Well, thanks to the Bloomberg report entitled The Brexit Short: How Hedge Funds Used Private Polls to Make Millions”, which was published only on Monday last week, we know a lot more than we did. I have no problem with people buying polling...

Brexit: Energy Security (European Union Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note (6 Jun 2018)

Lord Rooker: told, “Oh, there is no confirmation; it is only a rumour”—is the story in the Times this morning: “After economic collapse, food shortages and even Armageddon one might have thought that Brexit was running out of dire consequence. But under one contingency, Britain’s exit from the EU results in blackouts. Plans to use tens of thousands of electricity generators to keep...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Committee (7th Day) (14 Mar 2018)

Lord Rooker: ...the Minister for Food and Rural Affairs also thinks that we should keep them. I invite noble Lords to look at Question Time on 11 January this year. There were six questions on food standards and Brexit. The noble Lord, Lord Gardiner of Kimble—a good Minister—listened to the House and did his best to respond to the points made. He said these six things: “Our current high standards,...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Committee (6th Day) (Continued) (12 Mar 2018)

Lord Rooker: ...’s infant formula market is controlled by the dairy industry on the island of Ireland. The animal feed situation, which is crucial, is controlled by the ports around the island of Ireland. After Brexit, the EU will be ultra-sensitive—do not forget that we are the country that gave the world BSE—about the imports of animal feed. Given that there already exists an all-Ireland animal...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Second Reading (30 Jan 2018)

Lord Rooker: My Lords, can the Lords stop Brexit? No. Can we ask the Commons to think again and stop Brexit? Yes. First, we have to recognise the causes of Brexit. I have been back through the cuttings for the period before the referendum. Will Hutton in the Observer had it in a nutshell the week before. He listed loads of benefits of EU membership, but he went on to list a set of issues that the less...

Food Safety Standards: Brexit - Question (11 Jan 2018)

Lord Rooker: ...will not deviate from our standards. That is to be commended, and of course it is noted. That being the case, will he have a word with his colleagues in the other departments who keep saying that Brexit will lead to cheap food? It is inconsistent to talk about cheap food, because the only way that can arise is if our own poultry industry, pig industry and beef industry are decimated by...

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