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Early Parliamentary General Election (28 Oct 2019)

John Redwood: This Parliament is once again misjudging the mood of the public. We were elected here to do serious things on behalf of our public. Conservative and Labour MPs alike were elected to see Brexit through. Three years and four months later, there is no sign of that. Instead, we have this discordant, argumentative Parliament that will do nothing. It will not throw the Government out of office and...

Early Parliamentary General Election (28 Oct 2019)

John Redwood: My hon. Friend is right, but it is now about more than Brexit. It is about confidence in our parliamentary system to deliver orderly government that can do things for the people or to allow the public to decide who should be a better Government, because the House has no confidence in the Government. This Parliament needs to put through a Budget quite soon. Our economy needs a boost, and we...

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (22 Oct 2019)

John Redwood:, with the same people rehearsing the same arguments, as around half the Members of the House of Commons—we will find out whether it is more than half—are still trying to stop any kind of Brexit, and are forcing those of us who believe in Brexit to dilute what we are trying to do and delaying our enjoying the fruits of our Brexit vision. Let us look at the agreement, because it...

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (22 Oct 2019)

John Redwood: ...would preferably leave with a deal, but that if we cannot get a decent deal we will leave without a so-called deal. I think the language is totally misleading. There is no such thing as a no-deal Brexit. There is either leaving and signing a withdrawal agreement or leaving and not signing a withdrawal agreement. Were we to leave not signing a withdrawal agreement, there is an aviation...

Yemen: Exiting the European Union (Agriculture) (1 Oct 2019)

John Redwood: ...our animals so much better if we have UK rules. Yes, we can have a better international market in food if we can get down the tariffs on food from outside the EU.” These are all great bonuses of Brexit, and all we get today is, “Why don’t we waste another 21 to 24 months?” Please, Minister, cheer us up.

Leaving the European Union (22 May 2019)

John Redwood: ...should have kept their promise to take us out on 29 March with or without the draft treaty? What does she say to the millions of angry leave voters who do not see the agreement as any kind of Brexit, but a lock-in for many months with no clear way out?

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 5) Bill: Duties in connection with Article 50 extension (8 Apr 2019)

John Redwood: ...assure us that they are fully prepared for exiting without signing the withdrawal agreement. I find it very odd that Members of this House think that the withdrawal agreement is, in itself, Brexit or in any way helps Brexit because, of course, the withdrawal agreement is a massively long delay to our exit, with the added problem, which the Opposition have rightly identified, that it...

Business of the House (3 Apr 2019)

John Redwood: ...the electors to vote for, because they have more seats than anyone else in the House. The programme is presented by Her Majesty, usually annually—we are in a strange Parliament because we only do Brexit, so there was no need for a new annual speech because this Parliament has been on groundhog day for two years and nine months. As someone who used to be interested in this subject, I...

Business of the House (3 Apr 2019)

John Redwood: people with whom we are trying to negotiate. I also have a right to a view on it and I agree with the hon. Lady that if those MPs went there with the express intention of delaying or sabotaging Brexit—if they went there to weaken the pretty feeble position the Government had already adopted in the negotiations in order to make it more difficult for us to get any kind of agreement...

United Kingdom’S Withdrawal from the European Union (29 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: ...I and my party promised my electors in Wokingham and the wider electorate in the United Kingdom whom we serve? I and the national manifesto in 2017, which gave me my mandate, said that we would see Brexit through, that it would take two years after the formal notification had been received, that no deal was better than a bad deal, but that of course we would do our best to get a really...

Uk’S Withdrawal from the European Union (13 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: ...done at both ports to make things work. So let us come together and be practical, and let us understand that certainly all Conservative and Labour MPs were elected to this 2017 Parliament to get Brexit through. We all stood on national manifestos that said we would do that. The public cannot believe that so many Labour Members in particular are now saying, “We did not really mean it; we...

Leaving the European Union — [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair] (11 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: Ms McDonagh, I think what was at issue was the accuracy of the statement. The hon. Gentleman said that I have urged people to take their money out of Britain because of Brexit. I have never said that, it is completely false, and I wish it to be withdrawn.

Leaving the European Union — [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair] (11 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: ...that this Parliament so lacks confidence and courage that, two years and eight months on from the great people’s vote, it is still considering forgetting the impact of that vote and ditching Brexit altogether. The public are saying two things to us: “Get on with it!” and, from the majority who voted to leave, “What part of ‘leave’ did you not understand?” Leave voters deeply...

Leaving the European Union — [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair] (11 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: ...coming in with no new barriers. So what is the argument about drugs, other than a deliberate scare story to make the most vulnerable people in our country think that there is something wrong with Brexit? It is a disgrace, and we are fed up with it.

Leaving the European Union — [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair] (11 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: ...mistake of not keeping the two negotiations in parallel has led to a withdrawal agreement that most MPs could not possibly accept, because it is a surrender document and a disgrace—it is not Brexit as Brexiteers want it, and it is not something that remain voters want either. The Labour manifesto was also crystal clear that the Labour party accepted the verdict as a decision. It did not...

Leaving the European Union — [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair] (11 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: ...that we will be better off—not worse off—by leaving the European Union. I have consistently argued this before and after the referendum. The case is very easy to make. I would like us to have a Brexit bonus Budget as soon as we leave the European Union at the end of this month. Such a Budget should boost our economy by between 1% and 2% of GDP. Let me take the more modest version—a...

Leaving the European Union — [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair] (11 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: that we will spare because we are no longer making a huge tribute to the European Union through these very large sums of money. What’s not to like? How do MPs who got elected to implement Brexit think they will get away with telling the British people that they were wrong, and that they will delay or stop Brexit?

Leaving the European Union — [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair] (11 Mar 2019)

John Redwood: that the UK will grow faster this year than either Germany or Italy? Will he also confirm that there has been a general hit to the car industry because of diesel, which has nothing to do with Brexit.

Exiting the European Union (Agriculture) (20 Feb 2019)

John Redwood: ...were deliberately scare- mongering when they said that farmers would not be able to import any more after 29 March? Will he confirm that foreign suppliers are not cancelling contracts for after Brexit?

European Union (Withdrawal) Act: [6th Allotted Day] (10 Jan 2019)

John Redwood: ...British public and stand against them, because we are here to serve that public. We gave them the choice and they made that choice. I want us to be much more interested in the opportunities that Brexit provides and to have proper debates about all the things the Government should be doing for when we leave, as I trust we will on 30 March 2019. I see nothing in the withdrawal agreement...

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