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2. Questions to the Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution: Questions Without Notice from Party Spokespeople ( 6 Jul 2022)

Rhys ab Owen: .... He said that, despite there being a strong consensus in Wales for further powers, there's obviously no appetite for it in the Westminster Government and he said that there's no evidence from Keir Starmer that he supports further powers for the Senedd. In fact, if I remember correctly, he said in an ITV interview that he wasn't pressured at all to give further powers to this Senedd....

1. Questions to the First Minister: Questions Without Notice from the Party Leaders (12 Mar 2024)

Rhun ap Iorwerth: ...will rightly be asked by the COVID inquiry itself. The Times Radio interview that I referred to earlier has been revealing in contexts other than just COVID. Speaking of the UK Labour leader, Keir Starmer, the First Minister said, 'If I ever need to speak to him, I send a text and within an hour we're on the phone, speaking.' So, on Sunday, when the would-be Labour Chancellor, Rachel...

5. Statement by the Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution: The Constitutional Commission (19 Oct 2021)

Rhys ab Owen: ...forever. You have seen the joy of Wales voting for this place in 1997. I'm coming to my questions—I apologise, Llywydd. It's a disappointment for me, therefore, to hear the comments of Sir Keir Starmer that it's only possible that Wales will get additional powers under a Labour Government in Westminster. He said that devolution wasn't his priority, wasn't an important priority for him....

Scottish Parliament: Honesty and Integrity in Government (23 Nov 2023)

...the improvements that we have made in responding to requests, because we take our obligations very seriously. Anas Sarwar talks about trust and values. I am sorry, but I do not know what Sir Keir Starmer’s values are when it comes to the United Kingdom Labour Party. Actually, I take that back—I do know what the values of Sir Keir Starmer are. The values of Sir Keir Starmer are to make...

Scottish Parliament: Fair Pay (University of Dundee) (21 Sep 2023)

Shona Robison: ...way that other institutions should. We would urge them to get around the table with their union partners to find a resolution. I would say to Mercedes Villalba that what we are seeing from Keir Starmer is a complete retreat from workers’ rights and a U-turn on every commitment on workers’ rights, so perhaps she should have a word with Keir Starmer—although I suspect that she probably...

1. Questions to the First Minister: Further Powers for Wales (11 Oct 2022)

Mark Drakeford: Thank you very much to Rhys ab Owen for that supplementary question. I had an opportunity to meet with Keir Starmer in Liverpool in the Labour Party conference, and I had an opportunity to spend a day with Gordon Brown in Scotland in the week following the conference. That was an opportunity to discuss with Gordon Brown the report that he is putting together for Keir Starmer about...

1. Questions to the Minister for Finance and Local Government: Questions Without Notice from Party Spokespeople ( 6 Dec 2023)

Peredur Owen Griffiths: ...which essentially amounts to austerity 2.0. By pledging not to turn on the spending taps and continuing down the road of austerity, despite its devastating consequences over the past 13 years, Keir Starmer is condemning our public services to a highly uncertain future, and the implications for Wales are particularly dire. As I've mentioned many times in this Chamber, we are already short...

1. Questions to the First Minister: Questions Without Notice from the Party Leaders (12 Sep 2023)

Rhun ap Iorwerth: .... At the heart of my positive vision for Wales, Government needs resources in order to invest in infrastructure, and so far, the UK Labour Party have shown little interest in doing that. Keir Starmer seems pretty committed to doing whatever it takes to get into Downing Street, but what about the commitment to Wales? There's no commitment to giving Wales its £6 billion fair share of HS2...

11. Plaid Cymru Debate: The Crown Estate (12 Jul 2023)

Rhun ap Iorwerth: We've become accustomed, haven't we, over the past few years, unfortunately, to Keir Starmer being virtually silent on what he has to offer for Wales, but this is another one of those times when that's not good enough and when we need some urgency, as Delyth emphasised in opening the debate. And as my colleague Ben Lake recently alluded to in the House of Commons, there's real urgency, for...

1. Questions to the First Minister: Rail Transport (21 Mar 2023)

Jane Dodds: ...this is on top of decades, as you said, First Minister, of underinvestment in rail. I do want to think constructively, though, and I hope that, in your role and your relationship, I hope, with Keir Starmer, and given that there will probably be a UK Labour Government next in power, would you restore this lost funding to Wales, or, given the recent comments by Keir Starmer, has that train...

1. Questions to the First Minister: Brexit Negotiations (25 Sep 2018)

Mr Neil Hamilton: ...the EU without a deal, and there isn't much time left to negotiate a free trade agreement such as the one that was agreed with Canada. Where does the Labour Party stand in all this? Sir Keir Starmer, the Brexit spokesman for Labour in the UK, seems to have said that Labour will vote against anything that Theresa May comes up with, or is allowed to come up with, between now and next...

2. Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Education: Questions Without Notice from Party Spokespeople (12 Jun 2024)

Cefin Campbell: ...forward very much to working with you and, of course, to scrutinising the work of the Government in this particular sector too.  My first question is this: last month, the Labour leader, Keir Starmer, visited Wales, as part of the election campaign. Now, during the visit, he made six pledges for Wales, to be implemented were he to win the general election. Now, one of those was to recruit...

1. Questions to the First Minister: Questions Without Notice from the Party Leaders (16 Nov 2021)

Mark Drakeford: Well, Llywydd, I think Sir Keir Starmer, who led for Labour during those long months of the exit negotiations, will have been pointing to a distinction that the UK Government was so reluctant to recognise. The United Kingdom has left the European Union. That battle is over. There was an opportunity to strike a new economic relationship—no longer part of the political union, no longer part...

Public Bill Committee: Investigatory Powers Bill: Review of operation of Act ( 3 May 2016)

Keir Starmer: ...that I would naturally support in principle, but if the vote on new clause 23 was not carried—and having looked at the voting record so far, I am not confident that it would be— Order. Mr Starmer, would it be helpful to say that you could table amendments to clause 222 on Report, if you wished to?

Scottish Parliament: Net Zero Targets (United Kingdom Government Announcement) (21 Sep 2023)

Màiri McAllan: doing that via a just transition. I want to make two points in response to Sarah Boyack. First, Labour’s position here is not credible, given the major commitments that its leader, Keir Starmer, has been so keen to shed as he seeks to ready himself to enter number 10. It seems that the closer that Keir Starmer gets to number 10, the more he abandons Labour principles. That includes...

Public Bill Committee: Investigatory Powers Bill: Warrants that may be issued under this Chapter (12 Apr 2016)

Keir Starmer: which is comprised in, included as part of, attached to or logically associated with the communication”, so it has an integral link to the communication and thus to the content. Order. Mr Starmer, if you could keep your comments to clause 13 with just passing reference to clause 14 and further clauses, that would be great.

5. Statement by the Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution: The Public Order Act — Implications for Wales (23 May 2023)

Peredur Owen Griffiths: ...piece of legislation. I'd like to turn to an aspect of my question last week that you neatly sidestepped, however. We can condemn this all we like from this Senedd, but, if your party leader, Keir Starmer, wins power at the next general election and does not repeal this legislation, can you tell me what the difference is between Labour and the Tories in Westminster on this matter? It is...

1. Questions to the First Minister: Questions Without Notice from the Party Leaders (27 Jun 2023)

Rhun ap Iorwerth: ...are still expected to contribute towards the high speed 2 line. That is the very definition of economic injustice. This is a rail development completely outside of Wales, but Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer seem content with that injustice. At the recent Welsh Labour conference, the Labour leader refused to commit to granting Wales its fair share of HS2 funding, should he enter No. 10. Will...

Preamble ( 9 Jan 1924)

Sir Charles Walter Starmer, County of York, North Riding (Cleveland Division).

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