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Northern Ireland Assembly: Assembly Business: Standards of Debate (29 Apr 2024)

Edwin Poots: ..., moderation or respect towards other Members or their views. For instance, comments that were made that linked parties to the far right or that associated Members with figures such as Hitler and Mussolini and organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan and the National Front were entirely inappropriate. Similarly, extrapolating a party's position on previous legislation on human trafficking...

Armed Forces Readiness and Defence Equipment (21 Mar 2024)

George Galloway: ...those people over there not to send them to another Iraq or Afghanistan, and they are right not to trust them. The truth is that our country is in very real danger of falling into the same trap as Mussolini: going around the world, threatening people with Germany’s army. Our politicians go around the world threatening people with America’s army, but there is a big change coming, and...

Scottish Parliament: Holocaust Memorial Day 2024 (25 Jan 2024)

Ross Greer: ...demonised Jews. Sweden’s centre-right Government is entirely dependent on fascist members to stay in office, and Italy’s Prime Minister leads a party that traces its lineage straight back to Mussolini. Germany has just been rocked by revelations that senior figures from the AfD party attended a meeting with neo-Nazis that included a presentation on how they could go about deporting...

West Coast Main Line: Services (15 Dec 2022)

David Jones: ...and Trenitalia, as we have heard. Since then, matters have declined considerably. It is ironic that an Italian company is involved, because it used to be said that the only decent thing that Mussolini ever did was make the Italian trains run on time. It is no exaggeration to say that Avanti has performed deplorably for much of the year, and nowhere has that performance been more lamentable...

Tigray Province: Ceasefire Agreement - Question for Short Debate (15 Nov 2022)

Lord Boateng: ...British Museum in the form of the Ethiopian tabots—sacred Christian relics which were looted from that country and have yet to be returned. In the 20th century, Ethiopia was a valued ally against Mussolini and European fascism. In the late 20th century and this 21st century, Ethiopia has been a development partner and played a hugely important role under Prime Minister Meles in our...

Northern Ireland Protocol Bill - Committee (2nd Day): Amendment 4 (31 Oct 2022)

Lord Davies of Stamford: ...which is quite contrary to all democratic principles, and we should be quite upset about it. This is something which has disfigured European history in the last 100 years. A number of people, from Mussolini to Hitler to Marshal Pétain, have adopted this course of deciding to get through an assembly, which would be reasonably compliant, a Bill entitling the Government to write the law...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (6th Day) (18 May 2022)

Baroness Warsi: ...societies, is a political violent ideology from the late 1800s, underpins the far-right movement the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, is influenced and inspired by the ideologies of Hitler and Mussolini, and was banned by Indian Prime Minister Nehru. This lays out the tension in today’s India. On the one hand is a diverse, multifaith, secular India and on the other a country where...

Ukraine (15 Mar 2022)

Bernard Jenkin: ...that Putin’s invasion must fail, but we can show more confidence than that: it will fail and Putin will fail. Dictators and despots who mount illegal foreign wars all fail in the end. Hitler, Mussolini, Galtieri and Saddam Hussein, they all failed. However many die in this struggle, whatever the cost in the mangled bodies of innocent civilians and however many cities are flattened to...

6. Welsh Conservatives Debate: Ukraine ( 9 Mar 2022)

Adam Price: ...embargo together have the potential to bring the regime down. We may reach the point, if we do this, where Putin cannot afford even to pay his own troops. Half measures won't work. In 1935, when Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, the world imposed targeted sanctions but stopped short of an energy embargo. That enraged Mussolini, but didn't stop him. It propelled him to form an alliance with...

Russia’s Attack on Ukraine ( 3 Mar 2022)

Iain Duncan Smith: ...a trade deal with China and that they think that China can be an interlocutor with Russia. May I remind my right hon. Friend and the Government that a similar argument was advanced in 1940, whereby Mussolini was going to be the interlocutor with Hitler, and Churchill refused that? When will the lesson be learned?

Nationality and Borders Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 25 (28 Feb 2022)

Lord Russell of Liverpool: ...Party sits with the AfD, the laughingly named Sweden Democrats, who are effectively neo-fascists, and, from my wife’s native Italy, the Fratelli d’Italia, who are the direct descents of Mussolini, and the Lega Nord, led by the wonderful Mr Salvini, usually seen on the beach. These are not good bedfellows. Some of the comments that I hear from politicians, particularly from another...

Ethiopia: Humanitarian and Political Situation — [Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] (19 Jan 2022)

Laurence Robertson: much else there is to that amazing country, in terms of its history and potential. For example, Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest Christian civilisations. Apart from a brief spell under Mussolini, it has enjoyed independent status for centuries, and has never been colonised. It also claims to be the origin of coffee, the birthplace of Lucy—one of the world’s oldest human...

India: Persecution of Minority Groups — [Mr Laurence Robertson in the Chair] (12 Jan 2021)

Naseem Shah: ...not just attract a nationalist crowd with his populist rhetoric; he is directly involved. He is a life member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is inspired by the likes of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini and the ideas of an Aryan race. The RSS is built on an ideology of the superiority of Hindus, and the group’s mission statement calls for change to the policy of “endless...

Wuhan Coronavirus: Holocaust Memorial Day (23 Jan 2020)

Cat Smith: most tragically something that could happen again. I share his words with the House: “it is the duty of everyone to meditate on what happened. Everybody must know, or remember, that Hitler and Mussolini, when they spoke in public, were believed, applauded, admired, adored like gods…And we must remember that their faithful followers, among them the diligent executors of inhuman...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (3rd Day) ( 8 Jan 2020)

Lord Taverne: obey “the will of the people” as a denial of democracy. But that is the creed of Rousseau, the hero of Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety. and of almost any autocrat since, from Mussolini and Hitler to Erdoğan today. The Conservative Party seems to have swallowed Rousseau hook, line and sinker and forgotten its own history. Exit Locke and Burke; MPs must now be...

Brexit - Motion to Take Note ( 2 Oct 2019)

Lord Taverne: ...of law and the rights of the individual and minorities. Rousseau’s was the doctrine preached by Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety, much favoured ever since by every autocrat from Mussolini to Hitler to Erdoğan. Is this really the kind of campaign and party that once-moderate Tories are now ready to support? Locke and Burke must be turning in their graves.

Religious Persecution - Motion to Take Note (11 Jul 2019)

Lord Taverne: ...people and the dictatorship of the majority can be just as big a threat to individual and minority rights and faith as those who preach religious intolerance or populist autocrats such as Hitler, Mussolini or Erdoğan—all disciples of Rousseau. We in Britain should not be careless about how we treat democracy.

D-day: 75th Anniversary - Motion to Take Note ( 4 Jun 2019)

Lord Balfe: the countries of central and eastern Europe, or in the countries of the rest of Europe. Southern Europe had a variety of authoritarian regimes. If we start with Ataturk in Turkey, Venizelos, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar and swing round to the country my family came from, the Republic of Ireland, they were all quite authoritarian regimes. To my mind, what we got out of the Second World War...

Uk’S Withdrawal from the EU (27 Feb 2019)

David Lammy: ...agree that some in our country on the hard right who are suggesting that there will be social disorder forget that this is the country that faced down Mosley at home and faced down Hitler and Mussolini abroad? We can never give in to hard-right pressure.

Leaving the European Union (26 Feb 2019)

Barry Sheerman: ...she has said today. I believe that the Prime Minister has lost her sense of direction and lost the real message that every Prime Minister should have in mind. Forget about referendums—I think of Mussolini when I think of referendums. The responsibility of the Prime Minister is the national interest and the health, welfare and prosperity of the people we all represent. Will she remind...

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