People matching Defence

Leo Docherty

Conservative MP for Aldershot (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Hywel Williams

Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Lord Touhig

Labour Peer (30 Jun 2010 – current)

Khalid Mahmood

Labour MP for Birmingham, Perry Barr (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Sharon Hodgson

Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West (5 May 2005 – current)

John Healey

Labour MP for Wentworth and Dearne (1 May 1997 – current)

Jeremy Quin

Conservative MP for Horsham (8 May 2015 – current)

Stephen Morgan

Labour MP for Portsmouth South (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Martin Docherty

Scottish National Party MP for West Dunbartonshire (8 May 2015 – current)

Angela Crawley

Scottish National Party MP for Lanark and Hamilton East (8 May 2015 – current)

James Heappey

Conservative MP for Wells (8 May 2015 – current)

Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Conservative MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed (8 May 2015 – current)

Baroness Smith of Newnham

Liberal Democrat Peer (21 Oct 2014 – current)

Johnny Mercer

Conservative MP for Plymouth, Moor View (8 May 2015 – current)

Baroness Goldie

Conservative Peer (11 Nov 2013 – current)

Ben Wallace

Conservative MP for Wyre and Preston North (5 May 2005 – current)

Penny Mordaunt

Conservative MP for Portsmouth North (6 May 2010 – current)

Stuart Andrew

Conservative MP for Pudsey (6 May 2010 – current)

Douglas Chapman

Scottish National Party MP for Dunfermline and West Fife (8 May 2015 – current)

Guto Bebb

Former Independent MP for Aberconwy (6 May 2010 – 6 Nov 2019)

Gavin Williamson

Conservative MP for South Staffordshire (6 May 2010 – current)

Jamie Stone

Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross (9 Jun 2017 – current)

Lord Campbell of Pittenweem

Liberal Democrat Peer (5 Nov 2015 – current)

Gerald Jones

Labour MP for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney (8 May 2015 – current)

Gavin Robinson

DUP MP for Belfast East (8 May 2015 – current)

Stewart McDonald

Scottish National Party MP for Glasgow South (8 May 2015 – current)

Tobias Ellwood

Conservative MP for Bournemouth East (5 May 2005 – current)

Lord Lancaster of Kimbolton

Conservative Peer (16 Sep 2020 – current)

Wayne David

Labour MP for Caerphilly (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Fabian Hamilton

Labour MP for Leeds North East (1 May 1997 – current)

Nia Griffith

Labour MP for Llanelli (5 May 2005 – current)

Lord Tunnicliffe

Labour Peer (21 Jun 2004 – current)

Harriett Baldwin

Conservative MP for West Worcestershire (6 May 2010 – current)

Mike Penning

Conservative MP for Hemel Hempstead (5 May 2005 – current)

Clive Lewis

Labour MP for Norwich South (8 May 2015 – current)

Kate Hollern

Labour MP for Blackburn (8 May 2015 – current)

Emily Thornberry

Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury (5 May 2005 – current)

Toby Perkins

Labour MP for Chesterfield (6 May 2010 – current)

Rachael Maskell

Labour/Co-operative MP for York Central (8 May 2015 – current)

Maria Eagle

Labour MP for Garston and Halewood (1 May 1997 – current)

Baroness Jolly

Liberal Democrat Peer (11 Jan 2011 – current)

Brendan O'Hara

Scottish National Party MP for Argyll and Bute (8 May 2015 – current)

Earl Howe

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1983 – current)

Philip Dunne

Conservative MP for Ludlow (5 May 2005 – current)

Yvonne Fovargue

Labour MP for Makerfield (6 May 2010 – current)

Jeffrey M. Donaldson

DUP MP for Lagan Valley (1 May 1997 – current)

Ian Lucas

Former Labour MP for Wrexham (7 Jun 2001 – 6 Nov 2019)

Anna Soubry

Former Independent MP for Broxtowe (6 May 2010 – 6 Nov 2019)

Julian Brazier

Former Conservative MP for Canterbury (11 Jun 1987 – 3 May 2017)

Michael Fallon

Former Conservative MP for Sevenoaks (9 Jun 1983 – 6 Nov 2019)

Lord Coaker

Labour Peer (3 Feb 2021 – current)

Russell Brown

Former Labour MP for Dumfries and Galloway (1 May 1997 – 30 Mar 2015)

Mark Francois

Conservative MP for Rayleigh and Wickford (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Andrew Murrison

Conservative MP for South West Wiltshire (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Lord Robathan

Conservative Peer (9 Nov 2015 – current)

Lord Rosser

Labour Peer (28 Jun 2004 – current)

Lord Hammond of Runnymede

Conservative Peer (30 Sep 2020 – current)

Alison Seabeck

Former Labour MP for Plymouth, Moor View (5 May 2005 – 30 Mar 2015)

Kevan Jones

Labour MP for North Durham (7 Jun 2001 – current)

Michael Dugher

Former Labour MP for Barnsley East (6 May 2010 – 3 May 2017)

Gemma Doyle

Former Labour MP for West Dunbartonshire (6 May 2010 – 30 Mar 2015)

Jim Murphy

Former Labour MP for East Renfrewshire (1 May 1997 – 30 Mar 2015)

Elfyn Llwyd

Former Plaid Cymru MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd (9 Apr 1992 – 30 Mar 2015)

Lord Astor of Hever

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1983 – current)

Peter Luff

Former Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire (9 Apr 1992 – 30 Mar 2015)

Gerald Howarth

Former Conservative MP for Aldershot (9 Jun 1983 – 3 May 2017)

Nick Harvey

Former Liberal Democrat MP for North Devon (9 Apr 1992 – 30 Mar 2015)

Liam Fox

Conservative MP for North Somerset (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Bob Ainsworth

Former Labour MP for Coventry North East (9 Apr 1992 – 30 Mar 2015)

Baroness Taylor of Bolton

Labour Peer (14 Jun 2005 – current)

Lord Luke

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1995 – 24 Jun 2015)

Lord Drayson

Labour Peer (8 Jun 2004 – current)

Lord Lee of Trafford

Liberal Democrat Peer (12 Jun 2006 – current)

Willie Rennie

Former Liberal Democrat MP for Dunfermline and West Fife (10 Feb 2006 – 12 Apr 2010)

Lord Addington

Liberal Democrat Peer (30 Nov 1981 – current)

Adam Price

Former Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr (7 Jun 2001 – 12 Apr 2010)

Lord Davies of Stamford

Labour Peer (8 Jul 2010 – current)

Lord Hutton of Furness

Labour Peer (1 Jul 2010 – current)

Derek Twigg

Labour MP for Halton (1 May 1997 – current)

Tom Watson

Former Labour MP for West Bromwich East (7 Jun 2001 – 6 Nov 2019)

Lord Browne of Ladyton

Labour Peer (27 Jul 2010 – current)

Mark Harper

Conservative MP for Forest of Dean (5 May 2005 – current)

Gregory Campbell

DUP MP for East Londonderry (7 Jun 2001 – current)

the Marquess of Lothian

Conservative Peer (22 Nov 2010 – current)

Bob Russell

Former Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester (1 May 1997 – 30 Mar 2015)

Julian Lewis

Independent MP for New Forest East (1 May 1997 – current)

Michael Moore

Former Liberal Democrat MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk (1 May 1997 – 30 Mar 2015)

Lord Reid of Cardowan

Labour Peer (22 Jul 2010 – current)

Paul Keetch

Former Liberal Democrat MP for Hereford (1 May 1997 – 12 Apr 2010)

Nicholas Soames

Former Independent MP for Mid Sussex (9 Jun 1983 – 6 Nov 2019)

Keith Simpson

Former Conservative MP for Broadland (1 May 1997 – 6 Nov 2019)

Bernard Jenkin

Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Lord Bach

Labour Peer (30 Nov 1997 – current)

David Laws

Former Liberal Democrat MP for Yeovil (7 Jun 2001 – 30 Mar 2015)

Desmond Swayne

Conservative MP for New Forest West (1 May 1997 – current)

Angus Robertson

Former Scottish National Party MP for Moray (7 Jun 2001 – 3 May 2017)

Lord Moonie

Non-affiliated Peer (5 Jul 2005 – current)

John Spellar

Labour MP for Warley (28 Oct 1982 – current)

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean

Labour Peer (30 Nov 1995 – current)

Iain Duncan Smith

Conservative MP for Chingford and Woodford Green (9 Apr 1992 – current)

Richard Ottaway

Former Conservative MP for Croydon South (9 Jun 1983 – 30 Mar 2015)

Lord Young of Cookham

Conservative Peer (12 Oct 2015 – current)

Lord Gilbert

Former Labour Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 2 Jun 2013)

Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

Labour Peer (24 Aug 1999 – current)

Lord Murphy of Torfaen

Labour Peer (24 Nov 2015 – current)

Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom

Conservative Peer (20 Oct 2015 – current)

Lord Freeman

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 1 Oct 2020)

Lord Anderson of Swansea

Labour Peer (19 Jul 2005 – current)

the Marquess of Salisbury

Former Conservative Peer (29 Apr 1992 – 8 Jun 2017)

Lord Clark of Windermere

Labour Peer (2 Jul 2001 – current)

Malcolm Rifkind

Former Conservative MP for Kensington (28 Feb 1974 – 30 Mar 2015)

Lord King of Bridgwater

Conservative Peer (17 Oct 2001 – current)

Lord Hamilton of Epsom

Conservative Peer (28 Jun 2005 – current)

Lord Stewartby

Former Conservative Peer (20 Jul 1992 – 12 Nov 2015)

Lord Lamont of Lerwick

Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1997 – current)

John Stanley

Former Conservative MP for Tonbridge and Malling (28 Feb 1974 – 30 Mar 2015)

Lord Heseltine

Non-affiliated Peer (23 Oct 2001 – current)

Lord Hayhoe

Former Conservative Peer (21 Aug 1992 – 7 Sep 2013)

Lord Pym

Former Conservative Peer (28 Oct 1987 – 7 Mar 2008)

Lord Judd

Former Labour Peer (30 Nov 1990 – 17 Apr 2021)

Lord Rodgers of Quarry Bank

Liberal Democrat Peer (30 Nov 1991 – current)

Lord Mason of Barnsley

Former Labour Peer (30 Nov 1986 – 19 Apr 2015)

Lord Gilmour of Craigmillar

Former Conservative Peer (30 Nov 1991 – 21 Sep 2007)

Lord Maclennan of Rogart

Former Liberal Democrat Peer (16 Oct 2001 – 17 Jan 2020)

Lord Hattersley

Former Labour Peer (30 Nov 1996 – 19 May 2017)

Lord Owen

Independent Social Democrat Peer (30 Jun 1992 – current)

Lord Morris of Aberavon

Labour Peer (4 Jul 2001 – current)

Lord Healey

Former Labour Peer (30 Nov 1991 – 3 Oct 2015)

Results 1–20 of 100000 for defence

Debate on the Address. (11 Feb 1919)

Colonel Josiah Wedgwood: The Noble Lord is usually an apostle of the doctrine of liberty in this House, but to-day he exasperates me and all of us by bringing forward a defence of the loaves and fishes of the Church of England. Surely there was no occasion more important in the history of this country for sound advice such as he could give to new Members on the principles of liberty and political economy, and it is...

Orders of the Day — Imperial Productive Enterprise. (13 Feb 1919) the British House of Commons are trustees of an estate of untold wealth." The wealth is untold, and I want to use those resources not only for the production of wealth, but as a weapon in the defence of our working classes that we have heard so much debated in the last two days. I know no means of fighting the battle for labour and the safeguarding of the wage limit if you have no...

King's Speech.: Agriculture. (14 Feb 1919)

Mr Henry Cautley: ..., the price has never got anywhere near the figures I have named as fixed in the Corn Production Act. The Government, in order to protect the consumers, fixed a maximum price for cereals under the Defence of the Realm Act. The existing controlled price, which has been in operation for some time, taking wheat alone—I only propose to deal with wheat, the other cereals vary in...

Oral Answers to Questions — Food Supplies.: Allotment Holders' Tenure. (17 Feb 1919)

Mr Arthur Griffith-Boscawen: Yes, that is the position. As regards land acquired by the Board under the Defence of the Realm Act and the Corn Production (Amendment) Act, the Board intend to retain possession of land taken for allotments for a period of two years from the end of the War, unless they are satisfied that the land is urgently required for building or other special purposes, or, secondly, where the...

Aerial Navigation Bill. (17 Feb 1919)

Mr. DENNISS: Yes, every word of it. The other Act was in 1913 which brings under the Defence of the Realm Act the coastlines and territorial waters of the realm. This is not a Bill to legalise military flying because that has already most elaborate provision. The object of this Bill is to deal with commercial or civilian aircraft, and that being so, I look at this measure with a great deal...

Housing.: Notices to Quit. (17 Feb 1919)

Mr Arthur Hayday: ...their agents and saying that the agents have preferred this advice to them. The men who went from these homes and left their wives and children behind; the parents who sent their sons did so in defence of the homeland and of the homes of England. They did so in defence of the womankind, not expecting that the Government, by its inactivity, was going to make all their fighting in vain and...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prisoners (Public Defender). (18 Feb 1919)

Mr Edward Shortt: Provision is already made under the Poor Prisoners Defence Act for supplying such prisoners as require it, with legal assistance at the public cost, and I am not aware of any sufficient ground for altering those provisions.

Oral Answers to Questions — League of Nations. (20 Feb 1919)

Mr George Balfour: ...(1) whether the composition of the proposed League of Nations will be such that no combination of small or recently hostile Powers therein shall be able to control British means of national defence or lawful commercial enterprise or expansion, and (2) whether care will be taken to prevent the proposed League of Nations from having power, by the votes of a majority of non-British members,...

Oral Answers to Questions — Courts of Law (Gratuitous Professional Assistance). (20 Feb 1919)

Mr Gordon Hewart: .... Member's question refers to criminal or to civil procedure. If it refers to the former, means exist whereby poor prisoners can obtain professional assistance gratuitously under the Poor Prisoners Defence Act, 1903, and, failing this, by the direct action of the judge trying the case. If it refers to the latter, a system was established some four years ago whereby poor persons can obtain...

Oral Answers to Questions — War Legislation (Orders Rescinded). (20 Feb 1919)

Mr Carlyon Bellairs: 72. asked the Prime Minister, in view of the multiplicity and complexity of the Orders which were issued under the Defence of the Realm Act and other war legislation, whether he will direct the Departments to issue explanations of the Orders rescinded, when such Orders are rescinded in order to assist the public?

Oral Answers to Questions — Capital Issues Committee (Reconstitution). (20 Feb 1919)

Mr Stanley Baldwin: ...the development of public utility services, an adequate share of the capital which is available for investment, and to prevent any avoidable drain upon the foreign exchanges. A Regulation under the Defence of the Realm Act will accordingly be made forthwith, prohibiting fresh issues, except under licence. The enlargement of the purpose for which it will be proper to allow fresh issues may...

Orders of the Day — Procedure Rules.: Standing Order 1. — (Sittings of the House.) (20 Feb 1919)

Mr T.P. O'Connor: ...remember, the night of 3rd August, 1914, when Sir EdwardGrey made the speech which was practically a declaration of War against Germany. Some people forget that the first speech that was made in defence of that policy was made from these benches by the late Mr. Redmond. He got very little thanks. The Prime Minister, I suppose, had brought to his attention the observation of Mr. Herbert...

Oral Answers to Questions — Housing.: Notices to Quit. (24 Feb 1919)

Major NEWMAN: 57. asked the Prime Minister whether he can give a pledge that, by legislation or regulation under the Defence of the Realm Act, the hardship now threatened to the middle classes by eviction from or sale of the houses they occupy will be dealt with before 25th March?

Oral Answers to Questions — Military Service.: India and Eastern Stations. (25 Feb 1919)

Mr Winston Churchill: the tropics during the hot weather. In India it is of vital importance that a sufficiently strong garrison shall be maintained to ensure the preservation of internal order and to provide for the defence of the frontier. The British garrison is now being reduced to what is considered to be a bare sufficiency for these purposes. This will enable some thousands ofmen to be withdrawn at...

Orders of the Day — Coal Industry Commission Bill.: Clause 4. — (Disclosure of Confidential Information.) (25 Feb 1919)

Mr Edward Shortt: ...." These words are necessary because there are other methods by which secrecy is obtained apart from those that are mentioned in the Clause. For example, there are certain regulations under the Defence of the Realm Regulations and so on. The intention of these words is to ensure that nothing which gives secrecy as a matter of right shall be omitted from the powers of this Commission. This...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence of the Realm Act (Regulations). (26 Feb 1919)

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence of the Realm Act (Regulations).

Oral Answers to Questions — Internment Regulations. (26 Feb 1919)

Mr Jeremiah MacVeagh: 63. asked the Lord Privy Seal whether, as there is no power to intern persons under the Defence of the Realm Act unless in cases of actual invasion or of urgent military necessity arising out of the late War, he will state under what authority subjects are still interned?

Orders of the Day — Ministry of Health Bill. (26 Feb 1919)

Mr Walter Elliot: ...Bill is a splendid thing and ought to have the hearty support of the House. Its greatest defect seems to be that it cuts out this Medical Research Committee and I should be very glad to hear some defence from the President of the Local Government Board, because as yet no adequate defence has been brought before the House.

Oral Answers to Questions — MR. Phillips Price. (27 Feb 1919)

...the "Manchester Guardian," now editing a Bolshevist newspaper for circulation among British troops, receives an income from his estate in Gloucestershire; and whether he will take steps under the Defence of the Realm Acts to prevent this money being transmitted abroad for the purpose, of inciting British troops to mutiny?

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