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Energy White Paper - Question (28 Sep 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: One requirement in decarbonising the economy will be the replacement of current aviation fuels with hydrogen-based synthetic fuels, which will be produced by an energy-intensive process. Aero engines will also need to be adapted to consume such fuels. Small modular nuclear reactors, which Rolls-Royce is developing, would be a means of supplying the necessary energy. The company is also at the...

Energy: Hydrogen - Question (17 Sep 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: I understand that most of the hydrogen that is consumed in the UK is generated by the steam reformation of methane, whereby one molecule of methane and one of water produce three molecules of hydrogen and one of carbon monoxide, which rapidly becomes carbon dioxide. The process is therefore by no means carbon neutral. Moreover, it requires a substantial input of energy, which at present is...

Coronavirus Bill - Committee: Amendment 7 (25 Mar 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, my colleague and noble and learned friend Lord Falconer has provided a cue that enables me to talk briefly about Schedule 8 to the Bill, which would allow a patient to be detained in hospital—or sectioned, as the phrase is—under the provisions of the Mental Health Act, on the say-so of a single doctor. The Bill would also provide for a period of extension to be extended, if I...

Fisheries Bill [HL] - Committee (3rd Day): Amendment 77A ( 9 Mar 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, I apologise to my noble friend for jumping in here, but I would like to go on for a bit to address exactly what the noble Lord, Lord Krebs, has said. I could not concur more strongly with the aspersion that he made against the mantra of fishing at the level described as the maximum sustainable yield. I reiterate that it is absolutely perilous to do so. The MSY represents an unstable...

Fisheries Bill [HL] - Committee (2nd Day): Amendment 24 ( 4 Mar 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, I concur with the sentiments of the previous speaker. However, I fear that the amendments are misconceived in calling for the building of a fishing industry workforce. Even if one were to argue in favour of a substantial increase in the size of the UK catch, which would be utterly wrong in the current circumstances of depleted fish stocks, it would not require an increased...

Fisheries Bill [HL] - Second Reading (11 Feb 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, the Fisheries Bill has huge potential to cause trouble among the nations of the United Kingdom and with our European neighbours. What is written on the face of the Bill is, in the main, unexceptional. Indeed, the environmental precepts are laudable. In the words of a letter from the Minister, the Bill will be a major step forward in the Government’s vision “to build a...

Climate Change - Motion to Take Note ( 6 Feb 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: At this late stage of the debate, I am bound to repeat much of what has already been said. For a start, it must be said that unless, in a very short period, humans can forgo the activities that emit greenhouse gases, they will unleash forces beyond their control that will eventually overcome climate change. These would include the inundation of low-lying croplands, drought, famine, pandemic...

Gene Editing - Motion to Take Note (30 Jan 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, like other noble Lords, I will talk mainly about gene editing as it relates to human reproduction, which is a highly contentious issue at present. The UK recently completed a project to map the genomes of 100,000 individuals. When an individual’s genome has been mapped, therapies can be tailored to address their personal ailments, including cancers. An individual’s genetic...

Gene Editing - Motion to Take Note (30 Jan 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: I have now learned something. However, we must now ask where this leaves us. The first point to be made is that the existing methods of gene editing are of insufficient accuracy to be used in human reproduction without the accompaniment of a rigorous pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. In such circumstances, they have no advantage over the existing methods of embryo cultivation and...

Fisheries: EU Landing Obligation (European Union Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note (23 Jan 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: The global depletion of the fish stocks is a prime example of the environmental depredations that have been occurring throughout the 20th century and of which we are becoming increasingly conscious. Fish stock depletion is an example of the phenomenon that has come to be known as the tragedy of the commons. This refers to a circumstance where the self-interested pursuit of individual...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (3rd Day) ( 8 Jan 2020)

Viscount Hanworth: The exorbitant effulgence of the Prime Minister’s pomposity and waffle has served to conceal from many people the extent of his ignorance and carelessness. Doubts persist over whether his utterances are planned or simply haphazard. A case in point concerns the future trading relationship between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. The recent Brexit agreement has proposed a customs...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (4th Day) (17 Oct 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, the Queen’s Speech, which we are debating today, has been unprecedented in its vacuity. This gives us a licence to discuss what is not in the speech as much as the little that it does contain. I have ben pre-empted somewhat in what I intended to say by the powerful speech of the noble Lord, Lord Broers. However, I am glad to be able to emphasise the message. The Queen’s Speech...

Draft Heavy Commercial Vehicles in Kent (No. 1) Order 2019 - Motion to Approve ( 7 Oct 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: Are the Government confident that they will be able to recruit a sufficient number of officers, with a sufficient commitment to their duties, if they are going to offer only a three-month contract with a possible extension? It strikes me that rather few people would be prepared to accept those terms of employment.

Draft Heavy Commercial Vehicles in Kent (No. 1) Order 2019 - Motion to Approve ( 7 Oct 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, the regulations on custom safety and security, which we have already discussed, have arisen from HMRC’s assessment that the haulage industry and ferry operators will be unable to meet the new requirements that will be imposed on imports and exports in the event of our leaving the EU by 31 October. The regulations will give them leave to submit the necessary safety and security...

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Mistreatment - Question for Short Debate (27 Jun 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords I shall reiterate some things that have already been said in the excellent preceding speeches. In November 2013, Lawrence Tomlinson delivered his report on the practices of the global restructuring group at the Royal Bank of Scotland. The bank had been rescued from insolvency by the Government and was effectively in public ownership. Lawrence Tomlinson was the special adviser to...

Inequalities - Motion to Take Note (13 Jun 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, a stark appraisal of the state of the nation was provided in November 2018 by the report of the Australian economist Philip Alston, in his role as the United Nations special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. His critique was met with surprise and disbelief by leading Conservative politicians, who were unable to recognise the truth of his assertion that our inequalities...

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Motion to Take Note ( 2 May 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, in preparing for today’s debate, I looked at the text of a lecture on the subject of the atmosphere and the threat of global warming that I delivered exactly 25 years ago, and which remains on my academic website. It does not seem to be out of date, for the reason that, by 1994, the science of global warming was well established. However, there were uncertainties about the speed...

Corporate Governance - Question (29 Apr 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, our failure in corporate governance has enabled the City of London to consign many of our utilities and industries to foreign ownership. Are the Government doing anything to staunch this haemorrhage?

Corporate Governance - Question (29 Apr 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: I wonder if the noble Lord could answer my question more directly.

Brexit: Food Prices and Availability (EUC Report) - Motion to Take Note (25 Apr 2019)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, the difficulty of discussing the effect of Brexit on food prices and availability is that we do not yet know what form Brexit will take, if indeed it materialises. Nevertheless, I shall talk about some of the worst things that could happen. At present, we do not even know whether there will be a transition period to allow some of the outstanding matters to be settled in advance of a...

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