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Joyce Glasser
Posted on 18 Mar 2007 12:56 pm

It would be interesting to know how many people over 65 are working. I predict we would see a large drop from the number of people "over 60" working, primarily because of the pension age of 65, and now, the National Default Retirement Age of 65. In any event, 16% of any age group working is far too small. With poverty among the over 60s being a significant figure, and half the population estimated to have saved too little for retirement, we should see more than 16% over 60s working in some capacity.

The National Default Retirement Age will ensure the percentage of over 60s working remains at 16% if not lower. It will also ensure there are more forced retirements since the NDRA is all about forcing people to retire and then allowing employers legally to refuse to look at applications from candidates over 64.5 years of age.

The fact that 16% percent of the over 60 age group is working also indicates that these 2 million people are the group that will most likely suffer from the new Age Regulations. They will be denied almost all protection from claims of age discrimination in employment from people over 65. Once those between 60-64 turn 64.5, they have no right to sue for age discrimination as long as the dismissal procedure prescribed in the Age Regulations is followed. Nor will people over 64.5 have any right to sue on grounds of age discrimination if their application forms for a new job are tossed in the bin.

It is necessary in any event to have the figure of the number of people working over age 65 if the government is to attempt to monitor the effect of its Age Regulations and of the introduction of the discriminatory National Default Retirement Age. It is still not clear however how such an evaluation will be possible as the government will not know how many people over 65 would have been working had the government abolished fixed retirement ages.

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