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John Cooper
Posted on 16 Mar 2007 4:44 pm

Jack Straw refers thus:

"I assure my hon. Friend that my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister continues to take a close interest in the matter"

Really Mr Straw! I didn't think anyone in HMG is really interested in Foreign awards, all they appear to be interested in is obtaining their own medals. HMG has dug a huge hole for themselves with the Pingat Jasa Malaysia saga and has so much egg on their faces that they disgrace themselves.

We lost the Empire years ago unshaackle your own chains and get into the 21st Century, double meddling (medaling) and 5 year rules are from the 19th century, then get real amongst real people, you are so aloof from the real people that we are Poles apart

John Cooper PJM

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