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Chris Broscomb
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 9:59 pm

Who sent out Consultation documents for the Health Bill? The DoH
Who did they go to? The majority went to groups and individuals directly or indirectly funded by the DoH
Who provided most responses to the Consultation? Groups and individuals directly or indirectly funded by the DoH
Who Published the SCOTH Report? - The DoH.
Who promoted Anti-smoking evidence to the Committee? Individuals and groups dependent upon the DoH for employment, funding or promotion.
Who povided funds for ASH and Cancer Research to produce Surveys and Polls? Yes, the DoH.
And who believed outragous claims of 71% in favour of a total ban from a Poll commissioned by Cancer Research UK and ASH when the ONS prove it's only 33%?
The Health Committee, The Government and lots of MPs.
How much more mis-information do crusaders foist upon us?

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