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Andrew Avis
Posted on 13 Dec 2016 10:34 pm

The campaign video clearly showed a lorry overtaking a cyclist. The events of the video showing a cyclist getting crushed by a lorry while cutting to cartoon excerpts was considered by many to be in extremely poor taste as well as trivialising collision between cyclists and motor traffic. Knocking cyclists off is not funny despite the claims of the readers of the Daily Mail and a certain James Bond film.
I am also surprised at the comment that the number of cyclists killed on our roads has fallen to its lowest level. Normally we hear that cyclists killed and injured are increasing at a higher level than the number of cyclists taking to the road. Or that just a London thing.

And why we are at it, Jonathan Bound is quite correct. The design of cycle lanes encourage cyclists to adopt a dangerous position. If UKGOV want to be serious about cyclist safety they should perhaps reconsider the design and use of these cycle facilities. Perhaps we should call them cyclist death zones.

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