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Andy Robertson-Fox
Posted on 3 Nov 2016 10:05 am

While this debate is mainly about the private pension schemes it is noticeable that Lord Freud introduced the State Retirement Pension into the discussion and specifically the case of WASPI women.
One really must question why this group has been singled out and to the exclusion of a group with much more to complain about.
Apart from a somewhat disproportionate transition period and poor DWP communications they will become entitled to whatever their NI contributions qualify them for on the date on which they become eligible.
The frozen pensioner, however, is denied equality, fairness and justice in comparison with all other UK pensioners world wide even though they met the same contribution conditions...for them no triple lock but 0% up-rating year after year...a situation that has lasted for over seventy years and which is an indictment of parliament and not one for government to seemingly proudly boast.

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