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George Morley
Posted on 2 Nov 2016 3:03 pm

My Lords, over the past 10 years the Government have delivered a number of radical changes to the pensions system that have transformed the way that people can save and access their pension savings.
But the FROZEN PENSIONERS have been forgotten ! Again.
We have also given people greater flexibility in relation to their pensions.
But the FROZEN PENSIONERS will still be forgotten ! Again.
The new freedoms mean they have more choice about what they do with their savings than ever before
Except for the FROZEN PENSIONERS who have been forgotten ! Again. NO FREEDOM FOR THEM
The Financial Conduct Authority and The Pension Regulator are both useless as they are seemingly barred from interfering with Government's unjustified discrimination so the FROZEN PENSIONERS are forgotten ! Again.
With regard to WASPI you say that we committed £1 billion to lessen the impact of the state pension changes on those who were affected, so that no one would experience a change of more than 18 months but it is to be noted that many will have their pension frozen if retiring to a country that is not of your choosing so joining the ranks of the FROZEN PENSIONERS.
And the FROZEN PENSIONERS have suffered for 70 yrs but are forgotten AGAIN !
"Unwinding past decisions would involve younger people having to bear an even greater share of the burden of getting this country back to living within its means. That is not a burden we are prepared to place on them" but it will continue to burden the Frozen pensioners destined for poverty if having no other means .
And of course, they will have their pensions frozen like the current FROZEN PENSIONERS when THEY RETIRE if going to a country where you choose to deny them any indexation thanks to section 20 of the Pensions Act.
So the FROZEN PENSIONERS remain abandoned and denied EQUALITY with their peers for all of your tinkering recently.
I beg to move. that the Government allow ALL pensioners their rightful pension indexation in retiring irrespective of their place of retirement and section 20 of the Pensions Act currently in force be removed in order to cease the discriminative, divisive and immoral aspect of the Pension Act thereby bringing the UK into line with all other developed democratic countries in the 21st century as those in the OECD.

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