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George Morley
Posted on 25 Apr 2016 4:09 pm

If we think of the vital landmark in completing our journey to democracy when everyone over 21 was finally given the vote in 1928, it means that Her Majesty has presided over two thirds of our history as a full democracy.
But Mr Cameron this is not so because your Government condone discrimination against a minority of pensioners with an unjustified Frozen Pension policy simply because they retired to certain random countries abroad.
Worse still is that the majority of these pensioners are resident in Commonwealth countries to which the UK is supposed to have a special relationship especially as Her Majesty is the head of the Commonwealth which shows a lack of understanding and commitment by the present government to the embarrassment of our Queen who signed a Charter on behalf of the government which clearly opposes any form of discrimination.
Mr Cameron needs to ensure that all British citizens whether resident in the UK or abroad are treated equally and respectfully without fear or favour as to continue this policy which is plain theft in reality and unworthy of any British Government.
Her Majesty is the Queen of Canada and yet this Government continue to deny UK pensioners in Canada any pension uprating but see fit to allow it for her neighbour the USA ?

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