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Roger Geffen
Posted on 5 Feb 2016 2:53 pm

To Chris: the £520m cycle spending figure can certainly be compared with the £15bn earmarked for national roads spending However it's not "out of " the £15bn.

The £15bn is central Government funding that the Department for Transport as allocated to Highways England for spending on the Strategic Road Network (SRN, i.e. motorways and trunk roads). The £520m is drawn from Local Growth Funds which are a combined pot granted to Local Enterprise Partnership (LEPs) by central Government - including the departments for Communities and Local Government and for Business , Innovation and Skills, as well as Transport. There are huge concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability of how LEPs decide their funding priorities. there are also concerns that even when the LEPs do allocate funding for cycling, much of it goes towards infrastructure which hinders cycling, rather than helping it to grow.

Meanwhile the fact that there are many different potential funding pots for cycling is itself a problem. Compare this with the clean, centrally directed decision-making on funding for the Strategic Road Network, and then you REALLY get a sense of what the Chancellor REALLY cares about!

Roger Geffen

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