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Andrew Reeves-Hall
Posted on 9 Dec 2014 9:48 am

Cycle routes?

The government spends a measley £1.27 per person per year on cycle infrastructure. The Netherlands is at £21.

To catch up, the UK must invest £3bn/year over the next 5 years. The Netherlands invests money from more than just their equivilent of the Department for Transport; they invest using Health budgets...

Installing dedicated space for cycling benefits not just those we see cycling today but would get more people with physical and mental issues moving about actively - removing the fear of cycling by having segregated routes would see many more people from 8 to 80 hop on two (or 1 or 3) wheels to get about.

Plus, note this from The Times, 13 June 2013 headline: "Going Dutch on cycling ‘could cut £1.6bn a year from health budget’"


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