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David Kirkby
Posted on 8 May 2013 8:00 pm

Dear Mary Creagh,

The health advisor you're quoting is behind-the-times and in the dark-ages; with respect to nutritional advice.

Dr Terry Wahls gave a historic TED speech about how a hunter-gather diet of copious greens; mushrooms; onions; and colourful phytochemical vegetables and fruits; cured her of the incurable multiple sclerosis.

It was her United States processed food diet that presumably led to her tragic Western illness; a much rarer illness in the so-called poorer nations. She was a cross country skier and a taekwondo champion.

I have omitted her recommendations for eating kidneys; livers; and fish high in Omega 3 & 6; because you can source these nutrients from the Plantae group of life; which have a much lower ecological footprint than farmed animals (more biomass can be harnessed as nutrients with less water and resources; than from farmed cholesterol producing animals).

The vegan lifestyle has the lowest ecological footprint; and the greatest health benefits; Carl Lewis; the five-times Gold Medalist; was and still is; a super-healthy vegan.

Your recommendations for sugary treats; are setting children along the wrong path; with respect to future nutritional hygiene; and importing sugar cane (or any food item for that matter) is wasting time; effort and resources; with respect to our common ecological footprint responsibilities.

The current carrying capacity of Mother Earth; is currently 2.1 global hectares per person.

The United Kingdom average is 4.89; USA is 8.00; UAE is 10.64 (the greediest population); with Cuba tallying in at a gracious and sustainable 1.85.

We should be growing nutritionally dense vegan food in this temperate latitude; within the Commonwealth of this country; in order to achieve domestic and local food security; in the same way that the Permaculturists; Australia and New Zealand; helped Cuba become nutritionally independent; from the rest of the World.

We sourced nutrition domestically before the avaricious colonisation of the World.

We should recede the vines of exploitation; and return to our God-Given soil; with more space-time for our communities to enjoy the lush cornucopia of our Commonwealth Natural Habitat: in the Sunlight.

Yours sincerely,
David Robert Kirkby.

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