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Hugh Bramwell
Posted on 5 Mar 2013 7:58 am

The formation of UTC's may well have a place in the UK education system, only time will tell on that issue, however the debate on their usefulness also needs extending to take account of what already exists in the local area of any proposed UTC. As tax payers we deserve to fully appreciate how and why monies spent by government create best value and not squandered through duplicating provision in the name of choice. There are a number of questionable UTC locations and clearly research on the location of UTC’s is not working in some cases. The Burnley UTC is less than 1 mile from the local college which is classed as Outstanding and ALL the UTC provision is already offered by the local College! We are told the UTC will recruit across Lancashire and yet Lancashire has the highest instances of Outstanding Colleges in England most offering just what the UTC proposes to bring.

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