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mark heslehurst
Posted on 19 Oct 2012 4:03 pm

Can I ask the post from peter Johnson who i believe does not really exist to be removed,however to correct a few points on his vindictive and uneducated rant.
1,NC sheriffs department informed me from one sheriff Biomerieux had paid $30 000 and another sheriff $40 000 to their department to watch me -rather than engage a lawyer .So they were paid to watch me .As stated by the F O themselves my son was adbducted and against the UK high court ruling made in 2008 during my fight under the hague convention.The fraud squad are currently investigating compliants made against me for fraud and will soon have finished their investigation and show absolutely no foundation to the complaint , as I have shown them I have in fact paid 95% of my own campaign-the same department are also investigating a very serious hate campaign against me led by a local councillor (I am sure Teesside police will confirm the above and give names ) you will find I am sure this Johnson is one of the people attacking me if he exists which I very much doubt-Mark Heslehurst.

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