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Pete Johnson
Posted on 7 Sep 2012 2:01 pm

Hello, I would like all your Government Officials to know that Mr. Heslehurst is not correct with the statement about Biomerieux paying the police (Durham County Sheriff) 45,000 USD at all. As a matter of fact in his own writings we have documented proof he even changes this figure from time time time.
Mr. Heslehurst is correct in his statement that there is no legal issue here. His child was not abducted. His wife has offered on several occasions to bring his child to the UK to visit and stay with Mark. Mr. Heslehurst has refused however to let this happen as it would expose his fraud to the US and UK people. Mr. Heslehurst also fails to mention that he received many donations which he refuses to disclose for a walk in the United States. The walk never took place but what did take place was a two week beach vacation in Florida.
Now I ask, when will our Government investigate one of the biggest scandals against our people?

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