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Bill Short
Posted on 6 Jul 2012 1:31 pm

This answer is helpful with a little calculation.
The 24-32TWh for on-shore wind equates to exactly 2738-3650MW average or at achievable load factor of 28% to an Installed Capacity of 10,000MW to 13,000MW.

That is very useful to compare with current planning data from DECC REPD.
Onshore wind - 11,237MW already with planning approval last month.
A further 6,397MW of on-shore applications in awaiting determination.

So we already will be well above the lower level as soon as the developers finish building them.
To even achieve the highest level, the 32TWh, we would only need about 1/4 of the current applications approved.

We can afford to be very selective - only the best with least damage to the rural communities and landscape now to be approved.
We certainly don't need more applications coming in.

Essential that Ministers apply the brakes now - otherwise we simply damage our UK rural environment by exceeding necessary targets.

We also damage the whole public perception of working together to lower emissions and reduce climate damage.
We unnecessarily cause antagonism and division.

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