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Norfolk Dumpling
Posted on 28 Mar 2012 5:19 pm

How on God's earth could the Hayes McKenzie Practice do an "independent report " for DECC when Hayes McKenzie were primarily responsible for ETSU-R-97? This is a disingenuous assertion by a technical illiterate.
Does Mr. Hendry take us for fools?
It is also noted that DECC personnel covered up knowledge from the public regarding noise from aero-generators [wind turbines], to give them their correct name.
Perhaps Mr. Hendry should lose a bit of sweat in researching the subjects for which he is a Minister.
Think Davis's of Lincolnshire, for a start and then go on the website of Nina Pierpont called Wind Turbine Syndrome. Also check what Dr. Chris Hanning has to say; he is the UK's sleep expert.

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