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john Feltham`
Posted on 10 Nov 2011 1:43 am

Andrew Robathan (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans) in his statement writes that "Approval is not normally given for foreign medals to be accepted if British recognition for the same campaign has already been presented."

The PJM period of service to be awarded this medal stretched from 31st August 1957 to 12 August 1966.

From 1 August 1960 to January 1963 no medals was presented by the UK.

So, for a period of twenty-nine (29) months no medal was issued by the UK.

Why didn't the service men and women who served during that period of time get permission to wear their PJM?

I'm sure that the Sir Humphreys of the UK civil service will come up with another improbable answer to this question, just like they have done for the last six and a half years.

John Feltham

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