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Posted on 17 Jun 2011 11:07 pm

The Veteran's badge was based on plagiarism of the Canadian lapel pin and was hastily cobbled together to try and head off the legitimate demands by British Veterans for medallic parity with their counterparts and contemporaries overseas, in Europe, the Commonwealth and elsewhere. It is in reality a cheap and contemptible bauble that is manifestly inadequate in demonstrating appreciation and recognition for years of loyal Service to the Crown.

Today, just for an experiment, I purchased a medal, made of metal and quite well made too, for the princely sum of A$2.50, it even came with a red, white and blue ribbon. It is designed to be awarded to children that win a competition. Bearing in mind that this was a retail price, it begs the question of what possible reason the MoD's abominable NO men could have for their opposition to the NDM on the grounds of cost?

THe HMAFVB is NOT official, it is an MoD ploy and for as long as it remains unsupported by the NDM, it is an insult!


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