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John Leeson
Posted on 10 Jun 2011 12:02 pm

First of all the removal of CBD from cannabis (not that this is wholly true) has occurred because cannabis is unregulated there is no quality control on any cannabis in the UK. It would be pretty easy if cannabis was regulated and controlled to have cannabis for sale that does have an amount of CBD which would reduce the psychotic propensity of THC. The reason that we have high THC levels in street cannabis is purely because sucessive Governments have left the distribution and quality of cannabis in the hands of organized crime.

These stories are tragic I too lost a good friend to drug use he died from alcohol poisening. The risks to health from alcohol as the Governments chief scientist states is far greater than that of cannabis.The only way to reduce the risks to our young is by education and regulation and control.

What we do now by criminalising users is succinctly expressed by one of the above stories " will always have to fight to overcome his criminal convictions". This is what we do in our war on (some ) drugs which is really a war on our own citizens. Crimnalising particularly the young has no deterrant affect but it certainly means that there lives will more likely be one of underachievment and maybe criminality because there use has been treated as a criminal problem rather than a public health problem.

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