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Darryl Bickler
Posted on 10 Jun 2011 11:19 am

Really for the speaker to admit to not being an expert, and then to make a long speech about the subject is quite absurd. I appreciate genuine concern, but this contribution makes no attempt to understand the complexities of the issue. Whilst cannabis use may be a factor, this is so simplistic that I feel it necessary in the interests of balance to make a controversial point, but one which whilst being too simplistic itself, is less simplistic than what the speaker is offering here.

What happens to many young drug users is that a war of fear is waged against them, the war continues using the police and courts, the war using bad science - all these front load negative outcomes into vulnerable minds. You create the outcome of disapproval, of isolation, of illness, of being criminal, of being deviant - you load on stigma after stigma and then when you finally find what you are looking for, you say you were right all along. It is cannabis that is relevant, because as a user of cannabis you are seemingly fair game for society to destroy - and all of this to line the pockets of the drug companies and alcohol dealers and to satisfy the needs of some people to demonise others - cannabis users are the new whipping boys for some of those who previously felt better about themselves for hating gays or other minorities, until that was found to be discrimination.


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