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Linda McDermott
Posted on 10 May 2011 12:52 pm that is a good point you raise about other relevant departments reviewing what is going on in these courts. I would like our case to be investigated for benefit fraud.
It seems you can get away in these family courts with fraud .
As for Ofsted they do not inspect private contact centres whether these are Cafcass run or Coram based CC's

The DFE is useless as a department and Ofsted are not going to over see the maladministration concerning anything to do with a system which is making money out of removing children and warehousing them into fostercare industry - or forced adoption.
In my humble opinion they are all equally corrupt and allowed to make far to much money in both the public and private sector .
I am waiting to hear from the courts , when is it never benefit fraud?
When it is a dad lying in the family courts and claiming to be working , but not eligible for CSA payments as he is on DLA .
So much for experts and professionals hey?

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