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Michael Turberville
Posted on 1 Mar 2011 2:08 pm

Damian, tell me this is a typo?
I spend over two decades of my life trying to get full PARITY between the children of British Father's and children of British Mother's.
Birtish Women are NOT the property of their husbands or fathers in citizenship and Nationality matter's!
Sex discrimination is not only wrong it is illegal in the UK!
You should really be focusing on trying to end the last vestiges where the children of British Mother's do not have full Parity with the Children of British Father's - the dutch did it in 2010 and they changed their previous similar to our archaic legislation to full Parity!
I can not believe my eye's, After having twisted the arm of the Home Office, UKBA, the token woman in the cabinet and various other's to end the fee for UKM applicants, YOU are going to try to put them back.
Well so far Damian over 20,405 people have registered and PAID a fee and if you push this we will take a class action law suit against you and Parliament to get not only our fee's paid back but compensation for you deliberately and intentionally depriving we the UKM's our right to life and citizenship on Parity with that of the children of British Fathers.
Michael Turberville

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