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ej w
Posted on 27 Dec 2010 8:08 pm

I don't think Earl Howe's response answers the original question, since he has outlined what is CURRENTLY done to ensure awareness of this disease and not how the government plans to ensure greater awareness of it in the future.

I downloaded the Green-top Guideline from the RCOG website. I've briefly looked through it and, amoung other bits of information, found this:

" ...there is often a delay of up to 12 years between symptom onset and a definitive diagnosis." (top of page 3).

I speak from experience, and my experience tells me that it's not ok to suffer with endometriosis for this length of time before symptoms are even investigated; the impact on all aspects of life are too great. I know that I also speak for many other british women when I say this.

It's certainly a good thing that this guide exists, along with the patient information leaflets - although you have to be actively be looking for information to find them - but more needs to be done to increase awareness of this disease.

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