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Peter Kellard
Posted on 22 Dec 2010 11:45 pm

This ministers reply is technically correct because of the data the UKBA captures as part of the ICT visa application process and it's unwillingness to work with HMRC to cross check data.

When applying for a certificate of sponsorship under the points based system you can claim points for 'future expected earnings' for intra-company transfer visa applicants. It is not a requirement to provide the salary as ICT’s are exempt from the Resident Market test

However the expected earnings band is indicated. This information is captured as part of the online COS application process and will therefore be available for reporting.

The UKBA continues to hide behind a system designed with holes in like this. Perhaps the minister can come forward with details of enhancing data capture so these simple items like salary, skill and product combinations (eg programmer, MS Access £25K or programmer SAP ABAP £50K ) are recorded.

Another route to find this information is to use the NI number allocated to a migrant worker as this is recorded against the COS/Visa and can be used to cross reference PAYE data with the Inland Revenue. You would have thought the UKBA would want to be working closely with HMRC to ensure they had access to such data, however no such data sharing exists.

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